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August 17, 2022

Fairly busy with other matters since fleeing the Province of Ontario on August 1st. However:


From April 6, 2021 Archives (Is this why I was re-arrested??) >> I tripped over an article a couple of weeks ago and thought I might have a new way to expose the Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa. It turned out to be a complete waster of time, other than re-establishing the fact that there is ZERO real oversight of the beasts that operate it. Today’s related posts were:

  • (03:13) After reading that MPP Jill Dunlop requested a third-party investigation of the York Region Children’s Aid Society, I wrote to her requesting that she order a third-party investigation of the Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa whose activity actually meets the definition of terrorist activities in the Criminal Code of Canada. I supplied her office with an abundance of evidence of its torts and crimes …
  • (03:30) … and most of my correspondence was ignored. I received this “we could care less, now go away” letter from the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services. I may be new to this; however, by virtue of S. 21(1) of the Criminal Code of Canada, if this Ministry has knowledge, or ought to have knowledge, of crimes and torts being committed against children and chooses to do nothing, are they not accomplices/accessories after the fact? It is challenging to understand why the word “children” is actually in this Ministry’s name. It is my view that we should have a new Ministry called the Ministry of Children … and I would like to apply for the job as its Minister because I actually CARE about them. (Mr. Trudeau, would you please remove the number of sociopaths that have infested many of your ministries?)

(12:00) Just another evidence-laden e-mail

(12:30) My plea for help to the MPPs across Ontario

April 6, 2021 (prior to another malicious re-arrest)  < || >  August 18, 2022

Today’s minutes—of pfi.ROCKS Archives!—are dedicated to my beautiful children, Sean & Cate Kiska, who have been denied my love and protection for three years, six months and 17 days as I enter my TENTH year attempting to divorce their father … an undiagnosed malignant narcissist/sociopath who is connected to a massive white-, blue-, thug-collar crime syndicate with ties to international human trafficking.