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I started the month fleeing from the God-forsaken city that is Ottawa, Ontario where career criminals have infiltrated every level of government and “social service” including, but not limited to, the Ottawa Police Services Board, the Crown Attorney’s Office and the Superior Court of Justice!


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A very cool thesaurus is viewable here

Flashback to January 5-7, 2021: Collected evidence against GSI-mal currently operating through Legal Aid Ontario, began a new evidence page for Cheryl Hess, Kiska’s new lawyer.

The were no activities posted since April 6, 2021 when I was re-arrested, charged with 5 additional bogus crimes by crooked cop OPS Cheryl Cross and released on the condition that I “remove from public view within 48 hours” as extorted by career criminal Crown Prosecutor Malcolm Savage.

August 17, 2022

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