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(20231201) Still in Ontario and still in the Niagara Region … and still trying to expose the front for organized crime that is Ontario’s legal-judicial system; but, now I am broke and homeless again due to being tossed out by the career criminals operating the YWCA Women’s Shelter.

Instead of providing assistance as I requested, I spent a couple of hours packing up my possessions. Just as I was finishing up, I was assaulted by NRPS’ Constable MacClaren and denied the ability to bring anything but one backpack with me. So, Team YWCA-NRPS successfully stole nearly everything I had left based on false allegations. How typical. I had the choice of going to a shelter that I’d heard horrible things about or seeking assistance from the Niagara General Hospital. I chose the latter. Then, someone formed me. I am waiting to find out who, when & why. As of 20231202 12:15 e.s.t., I am, once again, being unlawfully and/or illegally detained. In a nutshell:

  • Nov 30: Issued, served and PUBLISHED evidence-laden civil action against NRPS
  • Dec 01: Evicted from YWCA Women’s Shelter with NRPS assistance
  • Dec 02: Placed on a Form 42 by, I believe, Dr. Jung-Pin (Benjamin) Yeh with a recommendation that I be placed on a Form 1. Following a “zoom” appointment that was “interrupted several times” after I revealed key piece of information, St. Catharine’s psychiatrist, Dr. Uwaifo, allegedly agreed that I should not be admitted voluntarily; that I should be placed on a Form 1.

For those who haven’t yet had their “Charter-protected rights and freedoms” violated in this manner, when one is hospitalized involuntarily, they do not have access to their mobile phone or any technology. It’s another form of legalized crime where literally anything can happen as they remain answerable to no one; not unlike Children’s Aid Societies, Police Boards and Long-term Care facilities aka #TheMushSector




A very cool thesaurus is viewable here

Status of court-enabled Legal Quagmire*

12-Dec-23   Linked page on Dr. Van Kampen

11-Dec-23  ~07:40 Published first draft of St. Catharines General Hospital Exposé:



  • At some point, formed by Niagara Regional Hospital without my knowledge and prevented from leaving (see details at left).
  • As of 13:00, I am awaiting transport: I cannot leave & I cannot pay the $118 fee for my evidence-filled Dymon Storage unit because they do not accept debit cards over the phone or online (aka, more legalized theft as a business model).

01-Dec-23  Evicted by Team NRPS-YWCA from the YWCA Women’s Shelter in Niagara Falls, assaulted by Constable MacLaren, robbed of my computer, scanner, $2,000 in advocacy materials, my wardrobe and all of my personal possessions; charged with trespassing and dropped off at the Niagara Regional Hospital.

30-Nov-23  Daughter Cate’s Sweet 16: 5th-in-a-row without me being permitted to even send to her a card. (Welcome to the cesspool that is former Jim Watson’s/current Mark Sutcliffe’s Ottawa: a massive, covert, front for organized crime and human trafficking.)

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