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(Also note that Andeé asked me to do a cover of the 36-second lullaby she wrote for her children when they were infants; so, I’ll be doing my best to cover “Green Leaves” which she recorded in Mexico—while in hiding—May 2020.)

Meet Andeé

Following 10 years of collecting evidence against a massive network of white-, blue-, thug-collar criminals, I’ve reverse-engineered their sick & twisted Syndicate which is linked to multi-level local and international human trafficking operations.

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Anonymous tips? E-mail to or text to 613-848-6832 

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Topic? Organized Crime, Canadian Style

In a nutshell, it’s covert human trafficking and the entire, taxpayer-funded system supports it.

An Over-simplified Illustration of some of the entities Involved


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Details and evidence of their motivations, methods and actors/enablers is currently a work-in-progress* called SWIMLANES viewable here:

Brief voiced-over introduction on how to navigate the swimlanes page is here: _____

Any questions and/or anonymous tips can be sent to me directly at Just reference 202201DD_Ronnie and I’ll post them here when I am able.

This is the design for the cards that I intend to print and distribute in advance of Ronnie’s podcast to attempt to draw a larger audience.

CONTEST DETAILS: As I hope to produce a documentary at some point, I’ll be searching for a title from listeners: winning title will be selected via a Twitter poll on account @CaeJak and winner will receive a $100 gift card to a local shop of their choice!

*as I am constantly re-arrested, gag-ordered and/or in court


1. a) Why did the Newfoundland (“NL”) cops nearly arrest you on January 6th, 2023 at 14:45 e.s.t.?

1. b) Why did they decide not to arrest you?


a) NL Crown Attorney’s Office assistant Tina Moores accused me of violating my illegally-obtained, unlawful, child-abusing 20220524 ON Probation Order and my new, ridiculous-charges-based 20220804 NL Release Order.

b) I immediately waived my right to remain silent and walked both officers to my office where I could prove that the allegations were entirely FALSE (like every other allegation I’ve endured since 2019: 20 in total).

Parking Lot

A. Why do you think Tina Moores is involved #Gangstalking (a multi-faceted crime)?

B. How does the Syndicate use ISP addresses to organize both their cells and their lines of communication?

Many thanks to Ed the Jesting Philosopher for our introduction! ❤️