Rocking Swimlanes w/ Deirdre Moore & Ed Henn (20230111)

2+ hour interview is here:

Meet Holly

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Meet Andeé / Deirdre

Following 10 years of collecting evidence against a massive network of white-, blue-, thug-collar criminals, I’ve reverse-engineered their sick & twisted Syndicate which is linked to multi-level local and international human trafficking operations.

Twitter Account @CaeJak  || Instagram Accounts @ascjak & deirdre_pfi.ROCKS (where my mother’s sister, Ann Dunleavy in Ireland, follows me and cruelly places inappropriate likes from time to time.

Anonymous tips? E-mail to or text to 613-848-6832 

Link to About Us

Topic? Organized Crime, Canadian Style

In a nutshell, it’s covert human trafficking and the entire, taxpayer-funded system supports it.

An over-simplified illustration of some of the entities involved

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Details and evidence of their motivations, methods and actors/enablers is currently a work-in-progress* called SWIMLANES viewable here:

Brief voiced-over introduction on how to navigate the swimlanes page is here: _____

Any questions and/or anonymous tips can be sent to me directly at Just reference “20230109_Holly Baglio” and I’ll post them here when I am able.

*as I am constantly re-arrested, gag-ordered and/or in court



1. (hh:mm:ss)

2. Did you used to have a normal life?

3. Can you speak to some of your criminal charges? 

4. Wow. You’re a heavy hitter. You’re even naming names.

5. (hh:mm:ss)

6. (hh:mm:ss)



1. (00:00:00 – hh:mm:ss)

2. (00:00:00 – hh:mm:ss) Yes, … sort of …   (Also, I incorporated AdvisorOnTrack Inc. in 2003 and used to earn $125/hour as a successful consultant in multiple industries as well as a promoted writer in the financial services industry. 

3. (00:00:00 – hh:mm:ss) Absolutely! …

4. (00:56:50 – 01:06:10) Description of pimp, Lorie Fuentes, who was managing Elizabeth Fry’s Lotus Bail House.

5. (00:00:00 – hh:mm:ss)

6. (01:17:15 – hh:mm:ss) Description of how ISP addresses are used to organize gangstalking cells as well as the Syndicates communications.

7. (01:23:15 – hh:mm:ss) 

8. (01:28:43 – hh:mm:ss) More description of how ISP Addresses are utilized (see sample at Parking Lot item B).



Parking Lot

A. Graphic illustration of ownership of media is here.

B. Sample Analysis of ISP addresses who were following pfi.ROCKS during August 2020 is here.


Sample Section

Sample Questions

1. a) Why did the Newfoundland (“NL”) cops nearly arrest you on January 6th, 2023 at 14:45 e.s.t.?

1. b) Why did they decide not to arrest you?

1. c) Could they come back at any time to arrest you and deny you bail?

Sample Answers

a) NL Crown Attorney’s Office assistant Tina Moores accused me of violating my illegally-obtained, unlawful, child-abusing 20220524 ON Probation Order and my new, ridiculous-charges-based 20220804 NL Release Order viewable here.

b) I immediately waived my right to remain silent and walked both officers to my office where I could prove that the allegations were entirely FALSE (like every other allegation I’ve endured since 2019: twenty bogus charges in total).

c) Yes. In fact, I’ve already packed a bag for jail: you can only bring one. I usually get forewarned before being arrested. This morning I was “synchronicitied” to an 808 (i.e. the time) and e-mailed another 808. So, a bit of a mixed signal … twice. 🥴 (Maybe they haven’t quite decided yet?) Given the name and location of the NL RCMP officer to whom I must currently report, if I were an NL Crown employee, I’d be saying some prayers. ❤️✝️🙏 

Sample Parking Lot

A. Why do you think NL Crown attorney’s assistant Tina Moores is involved #Gangstalking (a multi-faceted crime)? Do you think that is why she tried to have your arrested on January 6th?

B. How does the Syndicate use ISP addresses to organize both their cells and their lines of communication?

C. When did they take your passport & why? Why won’t they release it? (Are you going to ask crooked OPS cop Cheryl Cross again?)

D. Do your children, Sean and Cate, have any idea what’s going on? Do they know what their dad, John Kiska, has done to you to completely remove you from their lives for nearly four years? Do they even know that you have an Instagram Account and that you were sending to them gifts until the Syndicate criminalized that too? Couldn’t you just send them flowers or something?

Many thanks to Ed the Jesting Philosopher for our introduction! ❤️