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Re-scheduled to January 17th, 2023 at 6:30 pm central (9:00 pm NL time)

After my interview with Holly Baglio on January 9th, Ronnie’s second YT account was deleted (without warning or explanation).

Meet Ronnie

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My other remaining YT channel is www.youtube.com/@ronnieyork

(Also note that Andeé asked me to do a cover of the 36-second lullaby she wrote for her children when they were infants; so, I’ll be doing my best to cover “Green Leaves” which she recorded in Mexico—while in hiding&#8212;May 2020.)

Meet Steve

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Co-host Steve Harloha’s YT channel is www.youtube.com/@SteveHarloha

Meet Andeé

Following 10 years of collecting evidence against a massive network of white-, blue-, thug-collar criminals, I’ve reverse-engineered their sick & twisted Syndicate which is linked to multi-level local and international human trafficking operations.

Twitter Account @CaeJak  || Instagram Accounts @ascjak & deirdre_pfi.ROCKS (where my mother’s sister, Ann Dunleavy in Ireland, follows me and cruelly places inappropriate likes from time to time.

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Link to About Us

Sadly, our interview didn’t swerve into how GSI-mal uses ISP addresses to both mark target individuals and facilitate communications. Here is my voiced-over, evidence-laden, 47-minute testimony: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oWIAxYwVfyQ&t=2540s 

Note that YouTube repeatedly deleted my 3-part comment which contained both a thank you and an apology to Ronnie. So, I posted it on Twitter here.



Topic? Organized Crime, Canadian Style

In a nutshell, it’s covert human targeting & trafficking and the entire, taxpayer-funded system supports it.

An over-simplified illustration of some of the entities involved


(click to enlarge)


Details and evidence of their motivations, methods and actors/enablers is currently a work-in-progress* called SWIMLANES viewable here: https://pfi.rocks/organized-crime/swimlanes

Brief voiced-over introduction on how to navigate the swimlanes page is here: _____

Any questions and/or anonymous tips can be sent to me directly at dmoore@pfi.rocks. Just reference “20230110_Ronnie & Steve” and I’ll post them here when I am able.


As I hope to produce a documentary at some point, I’ll be searching for a title from listeners; so, please submit one in the comment section. We’ll short-list it down to four and the winning title will be selected via a Twitter poll on account @CaeJak.

The winner will receive a $100 gift card to a local shop of their choice!

*as I am constantly re-arrested, gag-ordered and/or in court

Interview Questions/Discussion I

The language of “CANT”, gang-stalking, surviving financially as a target, malignant narcissism, characteristics of a sociopath, etymology of psyche-osis = higher knowledge/spiritual awareness … not a symptom of mental illness, psychotic breaks.


Q1> 00:11:30  Ronnie asks “Something big happened today: what was it?”

Q2> 00:16:10  Ronnie asks “What exactly do your mean by gang-stalking?”

Q3> 00:17:38  Ronnie asks “How do you make it [financially]?

Q4> 00:18:19  Ronnie says “Start us from the beginning.”

Q5> 00:22:00  Ronnie asks “What kind of narcissism?

Q6> 00:24:55  Steve introduces the psychopaths vs. sociopaths debate.

end of part I


A1> 00:11:37 – 00:16:09  Instead of first stating “I think I netted a hit-man manager who was bidding on a contract to torture/murder me”, Andeé tried to first provide context on how she knew. She mentioned the language of CANT and went off on multiple tangents from corruption to gang-stalking but not with enough explanation.

A2> 00:16:15 – 00:17:37  Andeé referred to a section on her site: https://pfi.rocks/gang-stalking and stated that it was a piranha-style way to get rid of a person. She should have also specifically referred to the files, videos and testimony available at https://pfi.rocks/gang-stalking/targeted-individuals/dave-atkin which completely explain gang-stalking. Instead, she named the Office of the Chief Information Office for NL as a possible enabler as she has evidence to support such an allegation.

A3> 00:17:46 – 00:18:18  Credit card and line of credit limits were increased to the maximum before leaving John Kiska for the 3rd and final time. (She forgot to mention that she purchased all of required furniture and appliances with their joint home equity line of credit before he knew she was leaving.) Her first to times trying to leave him she was not prepared financially to survive the legal battle that would ensue. She also had to sell her bungalow to use that equity to support Sean & Cate as Kiska committed fraud via family court in 2018. Finally, in 2022, she re-gained access to what was left of her corporate savings that she had been maliciously locked out of by Kiska in 2014.

A4> 00:18:26 – 00:21:54  Andeé attempted to explain how empaths are targeted by sociopaths and when off on a tangent about how boys are targeted in high school by narcissistic girls … truckers and trainers.

A5> 00:22:02 – 00:24:54  Malignant narcissism (aka a high-functioning sociopath). Steve mentioned that he took a course in psychology which is how he was aware of malignant narcissists. Andeé mentioned how Quora.com was filled with narcissists.

Andeé referred to a section on her site that listed the characteristics of sociopaths that she’s noticed: https://pfi.rocks/understanding-predators/characteristics

A6> 00:25:21 – 00:28:33  Andeé reveals that she has experienced multiple, abuse-induced psychotic breaks, etymology of psychosis is not a mental illness and that goal of the sociopaths involved in GSI-mal is to drive their target to suicide. 

end of part I



P1> 00:05:35 – 00:  Andeé rambles about how the functionality of MS Excel has been buried to the point that it’s very difficult to learn well.

P2> 00:11:10 – 00:11:29  Andeé briefly touches on how governments use temporary help agencies to skim money that should be paid directly to the consultants who have the talent.

P3> 00:22:38   Andeé incorrectly referred to Quora.com ( https://www.quora.com/profile/Deirdre-Moore-27 ) , a narcissist “shark tank”, as Quorum. 

end of part I




Interview Questions/Discussion II

5-eye nations are ruled by level-4 sociopaths; Northern Ireland? GUILTY; Ottawa politicians? GUILTY; All 5-eye nations ruled by the Crown; the brainwashing that is TV, MSM & “entertainment”; worldwide tyranny; D.U.M.B.s; California-based fraud/crime


Q1> 00:33:06  Ronnie asks “So, your mother believing your husband and all that other stuff?”

Q2> 00:33:18  Steve asks whereabouts in Canada Ottawa is: he’s only been as far as Toronto.

end of part II


A1> 00:33:11 – 00:33:16  Andeé replied: “Well, that’s where it gets complicated … my mother’s from Belfast. (She didn’t bring them to the “pfi.ROCKS Visitor Analysis!” section of her site which evidences how many ISP addresses were following her site throughout 2020 (insert link*), including one day when exactly four hours following a site hit, several gun shots were heard right outside Andeé’s bedroom window when she was in hiding in Anchorage Alaska (and Kevin Haggerty just admitted: “I know where you are”). Some details here; but, the links in this pdf no longer work as I was extorted via arrest into breaking them by Malcom Savage in April 2021.

*Northern Ireland? First-in/Best-assigned,   ps. xo

A2> 00:33:29 – 00:39:26  Andeé goes off on a tangent re: her dream to live on a USA/Cdn border town: specifically Windsor, ON and Detroit, MI; her 2019 Quebec arrest & theft/fraud as an incarcerated innocent person. Then, she mocks stupidity of Canadians who think there is no organized crime in Ottawa and alleges Ottawa Mayors and City Councillors are 100% complicit.

end of part II


P1> 00:28:35 – 00:30:59 Ronnie reminds/informs everyone that United States and Canada are both ruled by the Crown; along with Australia, [New Zealand and United Kingdom]. Andeé chimes to state that all 5-eye nations are governed by level-4 sociopaths and ruled by level-5s.

P2> 00:31:00 – 00:31:33  Andeé goes off on a tangent re: how she can recognize evil so easily: no TV for 30 years, no MSM consumption and no more restricted movies for past 10 years.

P3> 00:31:38 – 00:33:12  Andeé describes how knowing God was forbidden by her parents and how her mother didn’t inform her of her father’s passing until she phoned to check on him. (error: he had died the previous month, not the previous year)

P4> 00:39:34 – 00:42:13  Ronnie says: “We want to say hello to all of the tyrants all over the world”. Andeé tangents into how apathy is … everywhere (which makes it so easy for the tyrants to continue).

P5> 00:42:16 – 00:43:24  Ronnie describes that his home purchaser is “awake”; but, was not yet aware of the D.U.M.Bs (deep undergound military bases).

P6> 00:43:25  Ronnie can’t quit trying to raising awareness. This drifts into the reality of censorship in Canada. ❤️ 

P7> 00:47:45 – 00:49:35  Water-table drilling in the desert that is California to support an agriculture industry that uses Mexican migrant workers… as the Columbia River is dammed/diverted; effectively, destroying Mexico’s agriculture via droughts and floods.

end of part II

Interview Questions/Discussion III

The torture/death threat Andeé received earlier that day; crooked cops use ex-cons as gang-stalkers (not snitches); “vigilante” gang-stalkers have flipped to GSI-ben; filtering non-verbal communication as a hyper-vigilant TI (“Targeted Individual”); complicity of Canadian government in [swimlanes]; operating with spiritual awareness; skimming in the hospitality industry; Air BNB, Walmart; masking insanity; pfi.ROCKS Living Magazine; “I’m in the rat business”


Q1> 00:57:17   Ronnie asks: “What is the highest level that [gang-stalking] is going to in Canada?

Q2> 00:58:57  Steve states: “It’s probably harder to not find dirt on any cop or judge…..”

Q3> 00:59:26  Ronnie asks: “Who do you think, in Canada, is the #1 Good Guy?”

end of part III


A1> 00:57:28 – 00:58:57  Andeé’s netted six appellant-level Superior Court judges (Ontario only) and 30 judges in total … so far. Andeé thinks, however, that some of the lower court judges purposely broke the law and ruled against her to facilitate her exposure of higher-court judges. So, “sheep dressed as wolves” to move her forward in her pursuits. (She’s convinced that the same thing occurred in law enforcement, correctional services and the psychiatric industry.) 

A2> 00:59:17 – 00:59:25  Andeé doesn’t quite agree.

A3> 00:59:37 – 01:00:02  Even if she knew, Andeé wouldn’t say. Plus, she thinks it doesn’t matter.

end of part III


P1> 00:49:36 – 00:50:00  Andeé’s reveals that today was the first time she’s been made aware of, not just a death threat, but a torture threat (hence the use of alcohol during the interview to suppress her temporary fear and not cancel).

P2> 00:51:17 – 00:52:12  Andeé describes how crooked law enforcement now uses ex-cons as gang-stalkers to silence whistle-blowers and empaths; not as snitches to take out criminals.

P3> 00:52:36 – 00:55:20  Andeé attempts to describe how GSI-mal “vigilantes” have flipped into GSI-ben as they realize they were duped into targeting a victim and not anyone nasty. 

P4> 00:55:21 – 00:57:17  Andeé attempts to explain GSI-mal/GSI-ben non-verbal communication techniques and how she filters information to separate the “wheat” from the “tares”.

P5> 01:00:03  Andeé attempts to explain “operating on five levels”

P6> 01:04:54  Andeé attempts to explain “skimming” operations that are going on in the hospitality industry be it planes and hotels (Booking.com) and VIA Rail in Canada.

P7> 01:06:44  Steve explains Delta Airlines runs its so-called customer service

P8> 01:08:20 – 01:12:14  Steve brings up AirBNB and Andeé countered with Walmart & how both are used to destroy a city.

P9> 01:12:20 – 01:15:14  Ronnie noted how he never wore a mask during the plandemic except for once in a bank. Steve and Andeé concurred.

end of part III


Interview Questions IV

Dealing with the anger, rage, fear & guilt that will emerge when injection toxicity reaches MSM; character assassination as a Christian; End Times; Mega Churches & tax deductions; 


end of part IV


end of part IV


P1> 01:15:14 – 01:18:21  Andeé attempts to address how individuals will cope with the realization that people have poisoned themselves and/or their children: hate, rage, [fear] and guilt; dealing with being called every name in the book for trying to raise awareness. 

P2> 01:18:30 – 01:19:56 Andeé describes her Biblical illiteracy and how it helps her endure ongoing character assassination while following Christ (as best she can).

P3> 01:20:00 – 01:26:15   Eschatology becomes part of the conversation; as did Chrislam, the Roman Catholic Church

P4> 01:26:20 – 01:28:18   Andeé attempts to describe her www.pfi.ROCKS Living! magazine and pitch a new column … Dear Andeé.

P5> 01:30:30 – 01:30:31  Andeé makes it clear: “[She’s] in the rat business.” 

end of part IV

Interview Questions V

Starting up a new, “truther”, livestream channel; identifying covert Twitter followers, so-called “Alternative Media” & controlled counter narrative; …. (to be continued)


Q1> 01:47:26 – 01:47:37  Ronnie says “Over these last seven years, if something hasn’t caught your attention to wake your ass up then what’s it going to take?”

Q2> 00:00:00 

Q3> 00:00:00 

Q4> 00:00:00 

Q5> 00:00:00 


A1> 00:00:00

A2> 00:00:00

A3> 00:00:00

A4> 00:00:00

A5> 01:47:42



P1> 01:32:19 – 01:34:57  Andeé attempts to thank Ronnie, Steve & Ed for all of their help.

P2> 01:34:58 – 01:36:56  Andeé attempts to explain how to identity who is secretly following a Twitter account (i.e. FBI, National Guard, NDP, etc.)

P3> 01:39:47 – 01:43:55  Rebel News: a counter narrative distraction or a devoted truther? (Del Bigtree, Stew Peters, Tucker Carlson, Steve Bannon, InfoWars, Jack Posobeic, Whitney Webb, David Icke … drip-drip-drip) Meanwhile, the censorship Bills are getting jammed through.

P4> 01:xx:xx – 01:xx:xx  

P5> 01:xx:xx – 01:xx:xx  


    Chat room &/or Follow-up Questions


C/F Q1>  What are Swimlanes exactly?

C/F Q2>  Why exactly are they so obsessed with you?

C/F Q3>  If you can name anyone, who are they and how do you know them?

C/F Q4>  x

C/F Q5>  x


C/F A1>  In Ottawa, swimlanes are the path that you’re set upon … at a very young age … by the Syndicate.

C/F A2>  Why are they so obsessed with me? Because my ex, John Kiska, built out a “Dispose of the Spouse” (i.e. the Swimlane that I was funneled into) business model that he is selling to other narcissists worldwide. (See first image and description at https://pfi.rocks/organized-crime/swimlanes.) I was supposed to be “proof of concept”: that’s why they filmed me so much. They were effectively making a “snuf film” with me in the starring role—a psychological thriller, so to speak, where I would be driven to suicide. When I say that level 3 sociopaths are sick&twisted, I’m not exaggerating. They’ve been fully demonized: that’s why they do such much weird stuff with their tongues as noted at characteristics #18 & #19 here: https://pfi.rocks/understanding-predators/characteristics.

Also, they probably do not want me to begin sharing my suspicions about the nature of the “investments” being “managed” at PurInvesting.

C/F A3>  Omigosh, can I name names; over 200 hundred of them partially listed here: https://pfi.rocks/organized-crime/vis. Here is a 30-minute voiced-over video that provides an overview of some of Ontario’s Superior Court Judges that enable fraud, theft, child abuse and more; as well as demonstrates how they criminalized my fully evidencing their crimes.

C/F A4>   

C/F A5>  

Sample Questions

1. When did you first start getting arrested and why?

2. a) Why did the Newfoundland (“NL”) cops nearly arrest you on January 6th, 2023 at 14:45 e.s.t.?

2. b) Why did they decide not to arrest you?

2. c) Could they come back at any time to arrest you and deny you bail?

Sample Answers

2. a) NL Crown Attorney’s Office assistant Tina Moores accused me of violating my illegally-obtained, unlawful, child-abusing 20220524 ON Probation Order and my new, ridiculous-charges-based 20220804 NL Release Order viewable here.

2. b) I immediately waived my right to remain silent and walked both officers to my office where I could prove that the allegations were entirely FALSE (like every other allegation I’ve endured since 2019: twenty bogus charges in total).

2. c) Yes. In fact, I’ve already packed a bag for jail: you can only bring one. I usually get forewarned before being arrested. This morning I was “synchronicitied” to an 808 (i.e. the time) and e-mailed another 808. So, a bit of a mixed signal … twice. 🥴 (Maybe they haven’t quite decided yet?) Given the name and location of the NL RCMP officer to whom I must currently report, if I were an NL Crown employee, I’d be saying some prayers. ❤️✝️🙏 

Sample Parking Lot

A. Why do you think NL Crown attorney’s assistant Tina Moores is involved #Gangstalking (a multi-faceted crime)? Do you think that is why she tried to have your arrested on January 6th?

B. How does the Syndicate use ISP addresses to organize both their cells and their lines of communication?

C. When did they take your passport & why? Why won’t they release it? (Are you going to ask crooked OPS cop Cheryl Cross again?)

D. Do your children, Sean and Cate, have any idea what’s going on? Do they know what their dad, John Kiska, has done to you to completely remove you from their lives for nearly four years? Do they even know that you have an Instagram Account and that you were sending to them gifts until the Syndicate criminalized that too? Couldn’t you just send them flowers or something?

Many thanks to Ed the Jesting Philosopher for our introduction! ❤️