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Meet Andeé

Following 10 years of collecting evidence against a massive network of white-, blue-, thug-collar criminals, I’ve reverse-engineered their sick & twisted Syndicate which is linked to multi-level local and international human targeting and trafficking operations. Along the way, I learned just how sick & twisted Health Canada and other 🇨🇦 government departments/agencies are too.

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Anonymous tips? E-mail to dmoore@pfi.rocks or text to 613-848-6832 

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Note: Andeé Jak is only Deirdre Moore’s pen name until she can finally get a divorce. Yo, David Lametti? Think that’s possible? Like, ever? How many more 100’s of thousands of dollars must taxpayers spend on Pump & Dump divorce?

Meet Matt

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Topic? Fully Informed Consent

In a nutshell, it is lawfully required prior to participation in any medical experiment and it was and remains technically impossible to provide as there was/is no accurate short-, medium- or long-term data available on safety or efficacy.

An Over-simplified Illustration of some of the players involved:

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Meet WEF founder and parasitic predator, Klaus Schwab

Meet long-time mass murderer, Anthony Fauci

Details and evidence of their motivations, methods and actors/enablers is currently a work-in-progress* called PLANDEMIC viewable here: https://pfi.rocks/ww3

Any questions and/or anonymous tips can be sent to me directly at dmoore@pfi.rocks. Just reference 202302xx_Matt and I’ll post them here when I am able.

This is the draft design for the hand-out cards (Staples: Avery #8371) that I intend to print and distribute in advance of our interview in attempts to draw a larger audience.

CONTEST DETAILS: As others will likely embrace Matt’s methodology for raising awareness, I think we should name it! I’ll be searching for a “best suggested campaign name” from listeners: the winning suggestion will be selected via a short-listed Twitter poll at account @CaeJak and the winner will receive a $100 GIFT CARD to a local shop of their choice!

*as this is only one of many of Andeé’s whistle-blowing initiatives and she keeps getting falsely accused, arrested, detained, gag-ordered and robbed.


1. a) What motivated you to visit the injection sites in 2021?

1. b) You did another round in 2022: what sparked that second initiative?

2. What material did you prepare and how?

3. As far as resource requirements, what was required from a time, money and people perspective?

4. Did you record these events? How did it go?



7. If you were to do this again, what would you do differently?


1. a)

1. b)








Parking Lot

1. The 20230111 sample letter of caution to Australian physicians posted by Twitter user Ian McDermott (@ianmcdermottLSO) is here.







Many thanks to @ToBronin for my introduction to Matt “we’re-on-to-you-Tam” McInnis on Twitter! 

PS. To all of those involved in #Gangstalking throughout #Ottawa—who prevented me from earning any income/revenue* via employment or consulting contracts through either of my two, federally-incorporated companies, AdvisorOnTrack Inc. and SAQOTU Inc. since December 2016 in an attempt to drive me to poverty, homelessness and suicide—thanks to you too!   *despite producing a pretty awesome project plan 🤣 

PPS. John Kiska isn’t a partner: he’s just a sick & twisted, impossible-to-divorce, liar & fraudster involved in organized crime