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Coles’ Notes 

  1. OPS: Paradis
  2. SCJ: Audet –> illegal, fraudulent order enforceable by the FRO
  3. Crown: Release Order vs. Probation Order
  4. CAS-OCL-SCJ: MacLeod vs. Divorce Act
  5. Appeal #1 Insanity: 3-judge panel complicit
  6. Appeal #2 Insanity: 3-judge panel complicit
  7. Welfare due to attempt to defraud via FRO
  8. “Community Policing” = Gang-stalking = Taxpayer-funded Organized Crime (Tina Moores > CIO)  ||  unemployable despite CV
  9. NCRs x two: one to empty house (theft) & force psychotropics; one to assist with PA/CA & force psychotropics 
  10. Ottawa Police: front for organized crime > extortion, fraud, theft, obstruction of justice, etc.

The Brick: A Walk through the “Ottawa Swimlanes

  1. Media cover up for the capital city of one of the largest, resource-rich, G7 nations in the world with …. zero organized crime? How complicit and/or naive are Ottawans?
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