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Do court support orders and enforcement agencies perpetuate domestic violence?

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Here is the 20230705 e-mail thread to which there was no reply from NL’s CSSD.

by Andeé Sea Cae Jak (September 6, 2022)

How this scam works

Step 1: Alert the Syndicate that you’re ready to start the final discard: if children are involved, the Ottawa Carleton District School Board (“OCDSB”) with engage the Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa (“CAS”)

Step 2: Build a false history of “mental illness” by gaslighting your partner into a state of defensive dysregulation (aka a Psychotic Break) and have them misdiagnosed by The Ottawa Hospital* psychiatrist such as Daniel Saul or Deanna Mercer.  

Step 2: Hire a lawyer from Bell Baker LLP including but not limited to Wade Smith (now retired) or Cheryl Hess.

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

Step 7

(Insert fun comment for “top  ;)” Ottawa lawyers Michael Spratt and Paul Champ)!!

Michael Spratt

Paul Champ

“Why do Narcissists Destroy their own Families?” by Frank Gallagher

“Abuse in Marriage & Divorce: Warning. As Goes the Marriage, so Goes the Divorce” by Sharon Zarozny

What is Empathy? It falls somewhere between sympathy and compassion.” by Andeé Sea Cae Jak

(Link to Anne Kingston’s article “We are the Dead”:

Regarding romance and/or intimacy, narcissists want their victim to believe that they have finally met “the one”: someone with whom they can now build a beautiful life, grow old together and maintain a healthy, loving relationship.

(Insert link to RNC’s Glenn Cunningham & St. John’s Crown Attorney’s Office are Level 2 sociopaths whereas many of Ottawa’s Gang-stalkers are only Level 1 (First-in/Best-assigned)

I seriously do believe that these clowns are laughing as they manipulate their victims during the relationship and they laugh watching them suffer as the relationship or “loving family” is sabotaged. Narcissists are excellent illusionists and can create the illusion of having a functional family when in reality the family was probably dysfunctional as hell. They even have media-type companies that will assist them: the Ottawa Citizen, for example. And, let’s not forget Ottawa’s own Partner Assault “support  ;)” team, P.A.S.T.

Narcissists will betray you in the end and trust me the betrayal will be indescribable.

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“I’m Out of Liquor” Photograph from article posted by on 20140705—coincidentally, the day that John Kiska successfully gaslit me into another psychotic break in order to gain strategic advantage in his wicked, long-term divorce strategy.

* Gaslighting is a form of psychological abuse that can induce psychosis, especially if combined with emotional abuse, verbal abuse and/or the witnessing of continuous child abuse that cannot be stopped. See excellent article on gaslighting here.

Understanding the parasitic, predator class: sociopathy & psychiatry







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