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What is the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank?

How involved is China in Canadian Policy?

“Canada’s” 2030 Agenda “National” Strategy

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The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (“AIIB”) is a multilateral development bank based in Beijing, China. Its goal is to invest in sustainable infrastructure in Asian countries and others around the world with the help of national members and private sector partners.[1]

It was first proposed by China in 2013 and finally held its first general meeting in January of 2016[2]. It is seen as a potential rival to the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (“IMF”)[3].

In 2014, Jin Liqun (“Liqun”) became the Secretary General of the Multilateral Interim Secretariat that was established to create the bank and was elected president of the AIIB in 2016[4] [5].

Liqun has held positions within the Chinese Ministry of Finance and the World Bank, as well as the Asian Development Bank, the Chinese Investment Corporation and the China International Capital Corporation. He is also an agenda contributor at the World Economic Forum.[6] [7]

AIIB has 106 regional and non-regional members around the world, including 14 prospective members; however, neither the United States nor Japan are members.[8] [9]

On June 14, 2023, Canadian Bob Pickard  (“Pickard”) submitted his resignation as Chief of Global Communications for the AIIB. He stated that the bank was dominated by the Chinese Communist Party and was one of the most toxic cultures imaginable[10] [11].

Pickard’s resignation immediately prompted Canada’s Deputy Prime Minister, Chrystia Freeland (“Freeland”), to halt all Canadian government-led activity at the AIIB and instruct the Department of Finance to lead an immediate review of Pickard’s allegations.[12] [13][14]

Reader comment:

“[Didn’t we already know China’s infiltrated every party? In 2019, under Andrew Sheer, Conservatives advertised UN’s SDGs and Agenda 2030 in their Governing Documents. Now Pierre’s “Leader” of the “opposition” in the House.”
                                    ~ Canadian Mama

Not only is Freeland the Canadian Minister of Finance, she is also the Governor of the Canadian delegation of the AIIB. This appears to be a massive conflict of interest on her part.[15]  [16]

Furthermore, Martin Tabi is a Director at the AIIB as well as a sitting member of the Finance Department.[17] [18]

In October 2015, the United Nations (“UN”) Human Rights Office of the High Commissioner wrote to Liqun praising the AIIB’s Environmental and Social Framework (“ESF”). It went on to say that the AIIB could “play a pivotal role” in adopting the newly formulated Sustainable Development Goals (“SDG”).[19] [20]

In 2018, the AIIB was granted permanent observer status within the UN. This was done in recognition of AIIB’s “close relevance and contribution to the UN’s development mandate.”[21] [22]

More specifically, the UN recognized the potential for AIIB to ramp financing for sustainable development and “improve” global economic governance. Liqun reiterated this opportunity to enhance AIIB contributions to the SDGs.[23] [24]

The 2021 AIIB Sustainable Development Bonds Impact Report mentioned their alignment with the Paris Agreement, “further development of Covid-19” and their Sustainable Development Bond Framework.[25] [26]

It went into much greater detail about their financing initiatives for the Sustainable Development Agenda, including how they relate to ESF/ESG and “Covid-19 recovery”.[27]

China is a major player when it comes to the implementation of the Sustainable Development Agenda, but we can now see how much further their efforts go in the pursuit of financing global infrastructure projects in the name of sustainable development.[28] [29]

In the midst of an already ongoing investigation surrounding Chinese election interface in Canada, it appears as though a new scandal is emerging relating to Canada’s involvement in the allocation of funds through China in order to subsidize Agenda 2030.[30] [31] [32] [33]

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