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  1. Negligent parenting: sun exposure, a third degree burn
  2. Negligent parenting: junk food, sugar sandwiches without oral hygiene (mercury fillings)
  3. Negligent parenting: abandonment
  4. Refusal to participate in therapy
  5. Unforgettable memories on important dates (missing Becky Cross*’s birthday party, being told “You don’t deserve a 16th birthday present.)
  6. Social Isolation (Jason Paradis was forbidden because his family was Jehovah Witness, Derek Wyslouzil’s family suddenly moved, Tammy Dunn was nearly killed when struck by a car)
  7. Constant criticism
  8. False accusations
  9. Although I cannot prove this, I believe that she stole my father’s pistol (they met while working for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police) so that should could eventually frame me for murder.
  10. Although I cannot prove this, I believe that she may have arranged to have my best friend (male), Glenn Wood, murdered in high school. (He “fell down a mine shaft” during his summer job.)
  11. Although I cannot prove this, I believe that she may have arranged to have my other best friend (female), Carole Kisch, seduce me into beginning to shoplift. I was eventually caught and attempted suicide that night due to utter shame.
  12. Given a first name like Deirdre and a set of initials that spell DAM.
  13. And of course, “I cannot wait until you turn 18 so we can kick you out of the house. (I simply left the next day.)

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Sociopathic Parenting

How to recognize, document and report it

Sunday, August 7, 2020 by Andeé Sea Cae Jak, SAQOTU Inc.

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(discuss emotional and psychological abuse gaslighting: link to articles by others)

List impact on my personality, character, ethics … morality. (Being raised by beer commercials, etcetera)

  • truency
  • forgery
  • homelessness
  • shoplifting
  • substance abuse
  • eating disorders
  • suicidal thoughts

* The name “Becky Cross” to a sociopathic parent is quite a fun name. Specifically “kiss kiss”: “bec” being the french word for kiss and “X” being the symbol for the word kiss. Yes, my mother intentionally planned for me to missed Becky Cross’s ?8th? birthday party. Plus, she blamed my father for it; claiming that he chose to golf an extra round. Other characteristics of sociopaths are listed here: https://….understanding-predators/characteristics/
(discuss characteristics of narcissism, spectrum: link to articles by others)

(Ask question re: sterilization of sociopaths, ?stevia?)

(Discuss sociopaths and link to work-in-progress philosophy page:

This issue is dedicated to Kurt Cobain, one of our artists lost.

Regarding my rough notes, mental scribbles, article ideas, outlines and research-in-progress: feel free to take the ball and run with it!

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