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So, you do not believe that gang-stalking exists?

Try denying this.

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(Re-print of Redditor end-gang-stalking’s 20210321 reply to retired, “mental health practitioner” by FName Lname | edited, formatted and published March 21, 2021)

The original post, “Gang-stalking is just paranoid schizophrenia manifesting reality”, and another incredibly ignorant comment motivated someone with excellent knowledge on the topic to invest a significant amount of time in their response. Here it is.

“No-touch” tactics are designed so that the victim “presents” as “mentally ill” (if they seek assistance) or, ideally, “mental illness” is actually induced. It is mental torture.

Please acknowledge that if one has experienced organized stalking and/or harassment then one’s mental fortitude and resilience is going to be severely compromised. Without specific knowledge of the threat, one cannot employ any coping skills and defense mechanisms will be triggered. If one has inadequate defense mechanisms, then psychosis (or, defense dysregulation) could occur; a pre-cursor of which may be delusion of reference.

Has the victim developed a mental illness? Or, has the victim simply succumbed to the mental torture?

Equally ridiculous is the “diagnosis” of Anxiety Disorder when a child no longer wants to attend school because of severe bullying.

99% of gang stalking victims are delusional? Nonsense. What is your source of information to make such a bold statement. Thousands of people worldwide are going through hell and unable to get help. Even if it is only 1%, as you suggest, that is still way too many people that are having their lives ruined and have little chance of getting any kind of help.

Gang-stalking forums are full of trolls: about half of the posts are not from sincere victims but individuals who like to play Targeted Individuals (“TI”s) for sport. Furthermore, all of the “mental health reports” done on gang-stalking admit that they only used small batches of forum posts for their analysis.

A thorough investigation on gang-stalking needs to be conducted wherein legitimate investigators:

  1. identify the most credible victims,
  2. investigate their claims and
  3. talk with them in person.

I would be one of the first to sign up for such an investigation. Unfortunately, the agencies from which we would most likely look for help are the true pioneers of this kind of activity; most notably, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (“FBI”) which almost certainly still conducts COINTELPRO type operations. While I do not believe that most TIs are victims of the FBI, it does not help that the agencies meant to protect us from such crimes have basically written the playbook on these activities themselves (research COINTELPRO).

Also, keep in mind that some 10,000 victims of zersetzung in East Germany were written off as paranoid/delusional: turns out they were all speaking the truth. (

Mental health “experts” have an incredibly poor track record of identifying victims of these kinds of crimes, going back to the 1950s. Virtually no COINTELPRO victims were taken seriously. Even Ernest Hemingway told his friends he was being stalked by the FBI and they unanimously thought he was delusional. Turns out he was right all along and that the FBI did stalk him for years.

Given today’s technology, a group or organization need not be sophisticated to conduct a harassment campaign. Gang-stalking “skeptics” also do not seem to realize that it has become a highly-profitable, growing industry of covert crime.

One need not be important nor a political activist to become a TI: one needs only to have something that someone else wants; be it a job, an inheritance or a family.

  • Means: these types of campaigns can be done with sophistication for relatively cheap prices, evidence of that is posted below.
  • Motive: Individuals that resort to the employment of gang-stalkers are wicked and sociopathic in nature: their reasoning would be difficult for non-sociopathic people to understand.

Link to the original Reddit post:

Work-in-progress Article, “What is a GSI-mal Syndicate?”

Andeé’s August 2020 Reddit post (just before she returned to Canada and was re-arrested within a month of being out of quarantine):

Another Targeted Individual: Alberta’s Minister of the Environment Shannon Phillips:

Even corrupt police get involved in some of these campaigns. Two notable incidents of this have happened in Canada in the last couple of years. Keep in mind that historically 99%+ of cases of covert harassment go unnoticed by law enforcement, so we can assume that these issues go much deeper than what has been reported.

Police have even done illegal activities against politicians, including illegal searches and some stalking:

Oh you don’t have to be a millionaire, corrupt cop, or a rich organization to fund these kinds of campaigns either! They can be done cheaply and effectively.

There’s a company on the surface web that will hire up to 8 people to harass and surveil you in real time 24/7 for weeks or months.

They have countless dirty tricks they will use to gaslight you, ruin your reputation and credibility, and generally make your life hell. They are able to dodge stalking laws and keep the prices low by sourcing most of the work overseas. Anyone that has a few grand to spare can covertly ruin someone’s life. Notice how they advertise that severe psychological damage is likely.

That is just what operates openly on the surface web as well. There are dark web/criminal elements that do this kind of shit, which is what I believe was the source of my harassment.

Consider what you would think if a victim of a nefarious jobs harassment campaign came and spoke to you?

  • They would not have any idea who or what was behind it,
  • They would not have a trace of evidence
  • You would find it highly unlikely that eight individuals were tracking them for months.
  • You would conclude that they must be delusional.
  • You would diagnose them with Delusional Disorder or Schizophrenia.
  • You would prescribe a psychotropic treatment for a mentally healthy person that, in most cases, would bring serious side effects.
  • The victim would feel completely disorientated and hopeless.

This can be done for a few thousand dollars with a few clicks of a button! Imagine how easy it would be to completely destroy a person if one is a sociopathic criminal with plenty of money in need of laundering.

As a victim myself, and responding to a “mental health professional”, I hope that I shed some light on this issue for you. Please, educate your colleagues.

Organized stalking and harassment is a widespread, growing problem in today’s society.

A dated primer on gang-stalking that discusses street theatre, directed conversation and other stalking/harassment techniques:

Think of gang-stalking as “bullying-on-steroids” … which often ends in suicide.

Photograph: HuffPost, “Teens bullying nerd”

… which is most definitely not limited to the playground. 

A good example of this is when eBay spent tens of thousands of dollars on a harassment campaign against a blogger that wrote something negative about eBay. Part of their plot was to eventually come to the aid of the very people they were harassing. It was sinister, senseless and revealing of the mentality of people in the upper management of elite companies:

3-minute video primer on gang-stalking:

(Link to The Sociopath Next Door:

* See excellent description of the narcissistic cycle of abuse (idealization, devaluation, discard)  here .

(Discuss sociopaths and link to work-in-progress philosophy page:

This issue is dedicated to Kurt Cobain, one of our artists lost.

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