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As requested by Twitter user, @cappsie, here is my work-in-progress answer to:

“Which god do you believe in and why?”

First, a little bit about me …

I. As of March 2020, I knew:

  • much about gang-stalkinga,
  • much about the heartlessness/cruelty of sociopathsb,
  • that all of government was corruptc,
  • that “law enforcement” + “judicial services” = a front for organized crimed,
  • that “Child Protection Services” and “Family Court” was a front for human traffickinge and
  • that the global pandemic was a hoaxf.

II. However, at that time I:

  • knew nothing of WEF1/NWO2/OWG3/OWR4
  • was unaware of God5,
  • knew nothing of Satanism6, Luciferianism7 or the Occult8
  • knew nothing of FE9 and
  • knew nothing of EGI10.
  • (or chemtrails)

III. I am not an expert, an academic nor an auto-didact: I feel blessed to be an inquisitive, “educated”, generalist who managed to retain some morals (despite the Syndicate’s best efforts). This is my somewhat diverse résumé.

IV. I remain fairly Bible-illiterate as I’m not familiar with any of the history or terminology: accordingly, reading/studying/retaining His Word is pretty slow going for me.

Answer: The One in the Bible because I am simply not smart enough to know what I know nor strong enough to have survived what I have … on my own. AKA, I recognize Divine Intervention.

Videos/series that helped to shape my worldview11 post-April 2021 are:

# Title Author Link Duration 1-3 4 5 6-8 9 10 Other
1 X Factor Winner Reveals World’s Secret Religion Altiyan Childs 5:17 hrs            
2 You are Exiles Jonathan Kleck (whom I no longer follow) 3:40 hrs          
2 The Sequel to the Fall of the Cabal Janet Ossebaard Cannot find original source: this is a copy 10 hrs +            
3 How Should We Then Live? Francis Schaeffer 4:34 hrs            
4 The Protoevangelium and the days of Noah unknown 30 hrs+          
5 WEF Interactive Tool Voiceover unknown video deleted but recorded: TikTok is here 04:23 min            
6 Deagal Population Forecast Voiceover unknown video deleted & not recorded: only this summary saved              
7 Why Would They Lie? Andeé Jak (me) work-in-progress collection of material re: shape of the Earth n/a            
8 God and Ancient China [& the formation of Chinese characters] Senior Pastor Kong Hee 59:50 min            
9 Genesis Session 01 [& letter sequencing/codes in the Bible] Chuck Missler (RIP) 1:30 hrs            
10 What are Chemtrails? Andeé Jak (me) 1:30 hrs            
11 Not Yet Read >> Pedophelia & Empire: Satan, Sodomy & the Deep State Joachim Hagopian 2,000 pgs            
12 Project Camelot: Above & Beyond Project Looking Glass whistle-blower Bill Wood 2:30 hrs            
13 Overview as of 2022 year-end Brendon Lee O’Connell 2:09 hrs            

Experiences &/or related testimony/evidence that helped to shape my worldview pre-April 2021 are:

# Title Author Link Duration a b c d e f Other
1 “New Age” Domestic Terrorism SAQOTU Inc./Deirdre Moore (me) n/a      

Other Questions:

  1. x
  2. x
  3. x
  4. x

1 WEF: World Economic Forum

2 NWO: New World Order

3 OWG: One World Government

4 OWR: One World Religion

5 I realized that something was guiding me; but, I wasn’t sure what. Raised by atheists, I had only reached awareness of some, for lack of a better term, “Cosmic Consciousness” as I still believed in the hoax that is evolution and Dr. Bucke’s theories re: precepts-to-concepts resonated.

6, 7, 8 I only know enough about the occult to know that I am not remotely interested in knowing any more.

9 FE: Flat Earth; or, better described as a stationary, level plane vs. a wet, spinning ball zooming through an infinite vacuum.

10 EGI: Elite Gender Inversion

11 Approximately, but not exactly, in the correct order; also, many I did not store.