RCMP’s Matt Pegg

20230917 My attempt to update Matt Pegg by phone: 03:50-minute chat with someone who doesn’t like working on a Sunday and my follow-up e-mail. (But, who knows who’s screening his e-mails. Fun Fact: institutional gatekeepers hold more power than you could possibly imagine.) Previous chat with ?someone? from Superintendent Pegg’s office on 20230713 is here.

Niagara Regional Police Service / Niagara Shelters

20200909  Attempt to report the Syndicate to NRPS (to do: note how this arrest occurred ie. unlawfully by circumvented the 2020033x John Howard SocietyOttawa Police Services orchestrated malicious warrant 400 km limit to warrant) 

20230915  Oral testimony to NRPS: 22-minute interview

  • 211 Outreach meeting: 32-minutes (with self-initiated, witness protection plan proposed/revealed at 23:46)

20230917  No investigators + no shelters; so, only safe option for tonight (Sunday) is re-arrest > 10-minute call with NRPS

20230917 09:11  Zero shelter space for Deirdre in St. Catharines + she must use her Ontario Works emergency funds to pay to a for-profit storage facility > 04:30-minute call with YWCA St. Catharines*

20230917 09:41  Zero shelter space for Deirdre + she received the classic “you tried”/”good luck”/whatever kiss off > 04:20-minute call with YWCA Niagara*

20230922 14:00  Re-arrest for self-initiated Witness Protection avoided! Short-term shelter space available until something opens up.

20230927 xx:00  Now waiting on two endorsements from Marie T. Fortier#Mummygate & #TwoShysters–preparing to move to a new shelter. (So, far, the floor plan that I find most appealing for The Healing Centre is the one being built next to The Gathering Place in St. John’s, NL: four-storeys with approximately ?6,000? s.f. per floor)


*Many shelters are used to provide free food (delivered by food banks) and cheap housing (funding/donors) for hookers and dealers not unlike Elizabeth Fry’s Ottawa-based bail house: Lotus House on Russell Road

Royal Newfoundland Constabulary


20230221 (Fraud via Family Court) reported to the RNC (and then transferred to Ottawa and closed as they deemed court-enabled Fraud … “a civil matter”)

20230413 (Fraud via Civil Court) reported to the RNC

20230710 (Torture, Domestic Terrorism, Human Trafficking +++) reported to the RNC

20230727 (Forgery, False Sworn Statement, Fraud via Gardiner Roberts LLP) reported to the RNC

20230816 >> REFUSAL BY RNC’s Sgt. Glenn Cunningham to investigate any of my open files or ask for further evidence: all files closed despite the irrefutable evidence stored at #Mummygate.

202309xx >> REFUSAL BY RNC to open fraud/theft file > traffic Moore over to civil court (ie. small claims); jut like OPSB

20230904 In summary, since arriving in Newfoundland and Labrador, I’ve experienced, not assistance; but:

  1. malicious prosecution by St. John’s Crown Attorney’s office,
  2. ongoing financial abuse due to “Accessory to Fraud” committed by NL’s CSSD and
  3. multiple crimes committed by the RNC due to their refusal to investigate my reports of court-enabled Torture, Trafficking and Terrorism to the appropriate jurisdiction: the RCMP in Ontario.
  4. harbouring of thief/fraudster & possible GSI-mal participant: Shelene Crawley

202309xx Return call from RNC’s Inspector Chris Knight + my 20230917 return call.

Ottawa Police Services Board: What .. A .. Racket

2022 Attempts to report the Syndicate to OPSB

2019 Attempt to report part of the Syndicate to OPSB

2015  Attempt to seek protection from OPSB

2014  Attempt to seek protection from OPSB