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What is Gang-stalking?

Is it simply a branch of “MKUltra”? A slippery slope that paves the way to Hell? 

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Why are individuals gang-stalked?

In a nutshell? Because greed, cruelty and/or perversion has infiltrated every level of society. It used to be called organized crime; but, now that we know politicians, government, law enforcement, judiciary, corporate & citizenry are all complicit … let’s just call it DOG-EAT-DOG; or, #Gangstalking. For an excellent introduction to this perverted form of “community policing”—which is merely a sugary word #OrganizedCrime—here is a 30-minute video.

Who is chosen to be Targeted Individual (“TI”) deserving of gang-stalking (“GSI-mal”)?

Whistle-blowers, dissidents, protestors or anyone with an ethical agenda that raises awareness on systemic corruption such as that which is managed by Maximus Inc..

Who participants in gang-stalking?

A better question is who doesn’t participant: some types of Actors and Enablers that are compensated for gang-stalking (taxpayer-funded, privately retained, contracted, hourly wage, pyramid scheme &/or “acceptance/belonging” are listed in Columns E & F at Ottawa Swimlanes.

A good example of a “privately retained” gang-stalker is lawyer Cheryl Hess.

What is the purpose of gang-stalking?

The goal of Gang-stalk International* (“GSI-mal”) is to:

  • completely smear the TI so that all allies are converted into enemies,
  • steal/destroy their reputation, career, children, home and possessions,
  • ideally, drive the TI to suicide and
  • convert the date & time of predicted suicide into a contest where the pool grows the longer the TI survives

Where is gang-stalking done?


When does gang-stalking occur?

24/7, 365 days per year

Why is gang-stalking done?

Pleasure and profit: so many individuals have descended into sociopathy that they literally could not care less about anyone.


*GSI-mal is simply a term I devised

Gang-stalking and Social Media:

Other aspects/examples related to GSI-mal

(draft) Cell Structure: IP Addresses & How They’re Used 

(draft) What is the language of “CANT” and who uses it?

Dr. Katherine Horton re: How are Organizations Captured? (11:36 presentation)

(draft) Captured Police & City Hall: Introducing Canada’s Capital, the cesspool named Ottawa

(draft) Meet a TI: David Atkins

Gangstalking Apparel for Kids

How are individuals gang-stalked?

  1. Directed Conversion
  2. “Street Theatre”
  4. Technology-assisted Stalking & Harassment (“TASH”) including, but not limited to:
    1. Anonymous calls
    2. Anonymous texts
    3. Anonymous e-mails
    4. Subtle stalking via social media
  5. Home and car invasion
  6. 24/7 Surveillance for multiple purposes including, but not limited to:
    1. Gaslighting (to drive TI to the point of nervous breakdown/psychotic break)
    2. Create/perpetuate a state of heightened anxiety and hyper-vigilance
    3. To build a “smear campaign” file which is used to recruit new GSI-mal members who are duped into believing that they are “vigilantes” by removing a “bad person” from society.
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This is a dated, but excellent and accurate, article by OSI Organized Stalking Informers on many of the techniques employed by GSI-mal.

Samples of recorded GSI-mal:

    1. 20201108 Prank “mental wellness” check, likely by sick&twisted ex or one of his St. Pius X fellow demons: video is here (02:23) Note that the prior year on November 8th, the Syndicate illegally obtained their anti-Charter gag order against me as I was exposing too much evidence of their crimes on LinkedIn. (see details in progress at
    2. 20210307 06:05 Prank call from a US-based call centre designed to collect personal information: video is here (03:57)
    3. 20221129 23:19 Prank call to fabricate phone records that will support an allegation of Criminal Harassment and “support” my timely re-arrest so that I am unjustly detained early in 2023: video is here (02:23)

Why? See for starters. Then,

Note the time of the prank call: just before midnight & my stolen daughter Cate Kiska’s birthday is the next day, November 30th. They must have assumed that I would be [not sure what – they try to accuse me of many, many things]. Why wouldn’t they just put a bullet in my head? They’re demons: they need me to off myself. That won’t happen. (And, I wouldn’t trade places with any of these demonic creatures for anything.)