(20200828 16:02 E.S.T.) Part 1 of 2 || Don’t feel too badly, [Minnesota]. I knew zero about GSI-ben 18 months ago.
I don’t do too many things that don’t feel right. About 75% of the time I only move to places/leave on a dime/post things/stir things up … that make sense to me: the other 25% of the time I decide that whatever is a low risk “event” and that it must be “above my pay grade”: such as e-mailing an old acquaintance that I had no interest in e-mailing at the end of July 2020. (I think it somehow led to a chain of events that produced evidence of a crooked cop. All pre-planned, I was part of it and I had only a teensy inclination of what might be going on because of the total weirdness that was my childhood/youth/high school).
I was a little peeved when I felt forced to leave Mexico on a dime: as it turned out, I ended up being only about 30 minutes ahead of Tropical Storm Cristobol of which I had no idea due to a lack of television/english radio.
I firmly believe that both GSI-mal and GSI-ben “roll with the punches”; however, GSI-ben has a far more unbelievably, incredibly more talented pool of resources at its disposal. (I shall leave it at that … and I am not talking about me. I just annoy GSI-mal, sociopaths and career criminals, document as much evidence as I can and hope that I will get my kids back soon. Others are far more talented.) Noteworthy: borrowed from Brooklyn Ninety-nine, I avoid the use of contractions so that I can save them for use if I believe that I am in “trouble”.)
So, I might get 5-20 ideas on what to focus on, on any given day, and I then decide on which 3-5 make the most sense and do what I can. If I am way off, then all of a sudden I have no internet or whatever. (I kept a journal of ideas: now, I feel too swamped to even do that because I am also managing multiple court cases with crooked you-name-its.) One of my best journals was stolen by someone at the Laval prison where GSI-mal and GSI-ben both resided: I am not sure which side ended up with it. There was some great economic, think-tankish brainstorming in there. That is part of it too: GSI-ben is a diverse information loop. Unlike sociopaths which simply travel in packs likes wolves; “les loups” in French. (It is for this reason that I toss this song into my Archives section now and then, just to rub a great day in their rodent-like faces: https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=Johnny+Thunder+Loop+de+Loup&view=detail&mid=373C90F2077BF58DDAFF373C90F2077BF58DDAFF&FORM=VIRE0&ru=%2fsearch%3fq%3dJohnny%2520Thunder%2520Loop%2520de%2520Loup%26qs%3dn%26form%3dQBRE%26sp%3d-1%26ghc%3d1%26pq%3djohnny%2520thunder%2520loop%2520de%2520loup%26sc%3d3-27%26sk%3d%26cvid%3d4503BABD5305491A8A0951513BCFD2F5.)
I annoy them. They make mistakes. I document it to be used as evidence at their future criminal trials. This is what I have chosen to believe and there is nothing that I have seen or experienced which indicates that I am wrong.

(20200828 16:08) Part 2 of 2 ||
Anyhow, sometimes the same ideas will come from several different sources all within a short period of time and that helps with the problem of prioritization: for example, a t-shirt passing me in the grocery store, an obvious license plate message drives by, an anonymous email, some “special offer” from store x, a Netflix ad for movie y and directed conversation that all have to do with the same “project”/”person”/”idea”. It is much easier if your computer is being GSI-ben hacked and really tricky just prior to reaching that point. (I have no idea on how it happened: it just did.)
GSI-ben communication is mosaic-y and multi-dimensional. I have never received anything this obvious: https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=orlando+bloom+kirsten+dunst&docid=607994179004204707&mid=67B6F6AB1105309598BB67B6F6AB1105309598BB&view=detail&FORM=VIRE
It is not unlike a learned “language”, such as CANT … https://www.earlyamericancrime.com/dictionary/cant-language (note that I think that this might actually be a GSI-mal site .. but it taught me so I do not care.)
However, it is more complex and relies on logic, intuition and – I would argue – a shared core value system. (i.e. no lying: I get my knuckles wrapped (virtually) for an over-exaggeration.) If one is more visual, they may receive more visual cues. If more audial, the opposite. Being very sheltered for decades (dedicated professional come dedicated mother), I often notice “weird” pretty quickly. So, when a woman slammed a Korean newspaper into the garbage can beside me in the AmTrak station washroom in ?L.A.?, I had to pick it up and try to read it later. Sure enough, wasn’t there a ton of advertisements for large new sub-divisions along the coast. Along the coast? I ask. Where the heck is there any room left for new subdivisions along the California coastline? Gulp. Later, as I headed up north riding by rail was there not a lumber yard with ?hundreds? of what looked a lot like coffins for families of four. There is more; however, suffice it to say that I believe that there is/was something very nasty planned for somewhere in California … where there are a TON of sweat shops, by the way. (Is the clothing that claims it was made in China/India even coming from China/India? Think about those distribution costs for that $2 t-shirt. I digress.) A lot can be learned by training across the United States with an open mind, a couple of questions and decent storage on your camera.
Surviving GSI-mal is good basic training because one gets so acclimatized to hearing everything and then learning to ignore everything. Next is learning how to filter; an ongoing work-in-progress that seems to get easier over time. I still get GSI-mal’d but they seem so remedial to me now. I can usually differentiate the ones who are brand new versus the ones who have been at it a while.
By the end of 2018, I had built a small database on the various emotional buttons that GSI-mal attempted to push and the strategies that they used to push them. I have no idea where the file is but the model is not complicated: fear, loneliness/need for belonging*, sadness, emptiness, etcetera along the x-axis and directed conversation, stalking-by-license-plate, stalking-by-T-shirt, whatever along the y-axis. Once those are established, envision a database/table. That is how they are likely deployed.
*it is one of the ways that they recruit empaths into GSI-mal
For no reason whatsoever, I started labelling them Barneys, Bowlers and Hybrids:
– Barneys being the run-in-the-mill, insulting, nasty low-lifes,
– Bowlers attempting to befriend me, as in “Hey, I am working under cover and so are you!”
– Hybrids being those who could not make up their minds and tried to do both.
It got pretty intense once I started doing that* .. which led to a psychotic break. That is when sociopathic ex (who is part of the whole thing) attempted to convince me to kill myself multiple times while I was in a state of psychosis. He made the mistake of dropping his mask, however, and since then, he has had ZERO power. I finally saw him for the piece of pure evil that he truly is. My laser focus has never been clearer. The “that which does not kill you makes you stronger”, I suppose.
*it is possible that the dental implant that I received in 2016 is ?not sure?
I believe that many GSI-mal franchised “operations”** have actually been sold once the owner realized that “I” was just studying them, learning and documenting. The reason that I believe this is the “buyer”‘s new recruits were attempting to stalk me with poor and/or backdated information that did nothing other than help me to identify them. For example, early day stalkers wore a lot of red plaid as I am a big Joe Strummer fan and love my red plaid high-tops/leggings/whatever. Well, being stalked by red plaid two years after I had already begun categorizing the types of stalkers whom were approaching me was just plain, ahem, uninformed. (We are also attempting to reacquire proper language skills.)
Feel free to e-mail me at dmoore@pfi.ROCKS. My life is an open book. All feedback, criticism, debate, etcetera very welcome even though I may be swamped with something else for a few days.
**I believe there to be several different business models: pyramid scheme, contract services, “dividend-payment” participation, profit-sharing, etcetera (I am a former Chartered Financial Analyst but dropped the designation because I was disgusted by the investment industry and the company that it keeps; including, but not limited to, the banking industry.)

20200830 21:41 Not an easy read because it is not written yet; however, in case my spontaneous Reddit responses to the Targeted Individuals help, here are some notes which will eventually form the basis of my book:“From Victim to Target to Whistle-blower: (Note that most links don’t work as I need to mover them back over from twb.rocks) how I survived a sociopathic ex involved in human trafficking and gang-stalking”, an auto-biography by Andeé Sea Cae Jak (with proceeds used to directly support victims and not the pieces-of-crap services that currently exist in Ontario)

(20200829 00:10 E.S.T.)
RIP Chadwick Boseman
So, I have not been to the dentist in over two years because I know that at least one of my dental hygienists is sociopathic GSI-mal and I am worried that I could be infected with whatever. I no longer agree to medical tests and I would be very careful to agree to inoculations for me or my children. (I still have shared custody of my children; though the entire system pretends that this is not the case as they claim that I am mentally incompetent and require an appointed guardian (read: prevented from speaking in court).)
An informed opinion: sociopaths may be “sterilizing” empaths to force “fertility clinics” for reproduction. https://twb.rocks/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/06hb-Draft-20190714-LinkedIn-Article-Would-you-like-to-terminate-YOUR-pregnancy.pdf. Let us not forget that DNA can now be bought and sold on kijiji.

(20200903 06:43) My answer to: How do I manage the anxiety of 24/7 Surveillance & Stalking
I eventually embraced the dark comedy that was my life. That is about the best advice that I can give to you at this point. Being a target is horrible and unfair and until you gather enough evidence there is likely little that you will be able to do about it.

If your stalkers are like my stalkers were, they will attempt to wear you down bit by bit until:
(a) you join them and begin stalking others,
(b) you end up on some debilitating pharmaceutical cocktail and/or
(c) you commit suicide.

Have you taken a picture of the surveillance camera yet? I would. I would start a journal: a binder with lined-paper where you can document everything. Photocopy & photograph the binder at the end of every week and store copies of your evidence elsewhere in case your binder is stolen. I used safety deposit boxes and secure storage facilities; USBs on a necklace and keychain as well as externa hard drives. Here is one of my journal pages: https://twb.rocks/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/000066KJ_20200715_exhibit-_Q_Document_20171007_TASH_Steak01_SAQOTU_Andee-Sea-Cae-Jak.pdf
Most of my evidence is not “typed-up”; however, much of it IS documented. I purchased an HP Sprocket (a tiny wireless printer) so that I would not fall behind in documenting the evidence.
In court, “notes” are better than “no notes” and your stalkers are not keeping notes. Stalkers are lazy, not that bright and travel in packs. Their power comes from their ability to intimidate and instill fear because they travel in packs and believe that they will never be caught because “there is not enough evidence”.

“I am building a mosaic of evidence” was one of my mantras and it almost became therapeutic as I would create a “collage” of evidence and photograph it. Here is some of the evidence that I have against a massive crime ring in my home town which literally stole the children from my home https://twb.rocks/wp-admin/post.php?post=6647&action=edit in a collage format as I worked on my mail campaign where I contacted ?1,000? “mental health professionals” throughout North America to raise awareness on what was going on in Ottawa, Ontario.
As I said, I fully embraced the dark comedy that became my life: I had no choice as they were not going to stop any time soon. I engaged them when their directed conversation became to loud: “Hey, would you mind keeping that down? I could care less about your directed conversation and I am trying to read!” They would then speak more quietly.

I photographed them. I recorded them. For three-and-a-half years, I have been building my mosaic of evidence against them. I now have enough evidence to have at least 100 of them arrested and firmly believe that it is just a matter of time. They are “friends”, family, neighbours, bartenders, waitresses, patrons, cashiers, teachers, principals, police officers, lawyers, prosecutors, judges, physicians and psychiatrists.

“Sting” operations are carried out methodically over time so that law enforcement can gather enough evidence and establish “beyond reasonable doubt”. I believe that my stalkers have been under surveillance for quite some time in order to gather more information on the international components of the entire operation. Individual gang-stalking is part of a much larger system.

If you feel that anxiety is going to threaten your ability to cope, then you should develop a plan that helps you to manage that. Develop a list of go-to’s that will help you to reduce your anxiety or else you will find yourself heading towards a psychotic break (another of their goals: I have had about eight over the past seven years). My go-to list of anxiety management tools is:
– a long hot shower with aromatherapy
– hot yoga
– power-walking
– weight-training
– evidence-based collage photography
– housekeeping to spotlessness, impromptu small home renovation or some other “physical” project that requires focus
– sipping high-quality tequila with headphones

On the headphone: they can be VERY useful. They enable you to take a break from the directed conversation or other noise campaigns. They need to be wired, though, because stalkers can/will “bluejack”/”bluephish” wireless headphones.

I stopped wearing sunglasses; preferring to glare them straight in the eye when I non-verbally “called them out”. I only started to wear sunglasses again when the threatened/recruited empathetic stalkers began to provide survival hints/tips … so as not to make eye contact and expose the fact that they have converted from malevolent stalkers to benevolent stalkers.

You are likely much smarter than your opponents. Currently outnumbered, perhaps, but you have an imagination and they do not. They can only use ideas that someone has given them or follow someone else’s instructions. They need to follow “rules”. In my case, all of the maim/death threats against me and my children were just that: threats to instill fear made by a pack of wolves that lack imagination or the capacity for free thought.

I will leave it at that for now. Do any of those suggestions resonate with you?

I am here to help so feel free to ask me anything. Also, you should know that I am being harassed by some moderators here at Reddit and they are threatening to ban me. There are a few of us that are brainstorming solutions via e-mail so that, if I get kicked out, we can keep communicating. Accordingly, feel free to send to me e-mails at dmoore@pfi.rocks but know that because I am also involved in five different court cases, I cannot always respond right away.

Finally, you might want to consider starting your own website. It is not that expensive, you get to learn how to code html PLUS helping other victims is very cathartic.
20200903 from SolomonSoldier
Your evidence collection can be magnified by the use of an android app called WIGLE WARDRIVING. You use this app to scan all broadcasting devices in range. The scan even picks up the car Bluetooth broadcasts and time stamps their location on every scan. You can match these with your photos. Which also contain metadata. Get it. Study it. You’ll get good with it.

(20200806 12:54) Thank you. You reminded me of another method. There used to be dozens of devices logged in to my or my daughter’s AppleID. I used to log in to Apple periodically and take a screenshot of whomever was there before “kicking them out of the pool” (even if only for a couple of minutes).

20200903 Reply re: binary nature of GSI
Quote from my post: “I only started to wear sunglasses again when the threatened/recruited empathetic stalkers began to provide survival hints/tips … so as not to make eye contact and expose the fact that they have converted from malevolent stalkers to benevolent stalkers.”

Comment: Do you actually believe this? The good/bad binary they have instilled in you is part of their theater and is intended to create fantasy in your head. There’s no teamplay. Just you vs. them.

(20200903 13:11) You are correct that in the early-mid days as a TI that GSI employs that “good/bad binary” strategy of which you write. 100%. You are incorrect, however, in believing that gang-stalkers are currently unopposed and that every single one of their wicked little strategies has not been fully embraced, improved upon and utilized to assist victims whom have undergone some of the most challenging “basic training” possible.
I have already written about this before elsewhere. If you are interested, the Reddit notes are viewable at pfi.rocks/minnesota/ and if not, so be it.
As many converted stalkers remain threatened and are watched constantly, I need to be very careful. I have made a couple of mistakes and felt horribly about it; which makes me even more careful the next time that someone helps me. Otherwise, people will be too afraid to help. I cannot really acknowledge anything.
Please know that this explanation is not for you, by the way. It is for other TIs who may read this and know that I know exactly what I am talking about.

(20200904 10:56)
On another note, you have reminded me of another one of their “in-your-face punchlines”: “Radio Frequency”.
I have already posted elsewhere how Sigmund Freud = Sick Mind Fraud and that the entire DSM is a massive gaslight.
I have already discussed how much GSI loves anagrams, twisting language to “laugh” at its victims and unbelievably revealing street names/village names.
I have already stated my belief that the only divisor of today’s population is not race, religion, colour, sex or anything other than whether or not one is a sociopath or an empath[+].
The English language is fascinating .. Radio Frequency: Ready?
The Latin “cre” = the english “it”
The French “brisser” = the englsh “to break”
The Latin “crebris” means “frequent”. See?
@ Kaniela, I saw MASSIVE mounds of covered dirt on the property of a major steel factory situated on the shore-line yesterday. Plus, what appeared to be ?recently-deserted vineyards? with their ?abandoned production facilities?
@ all of my haters, go at me. I look forward to it.
*adore being the French word for love, both of which sociopaths are incapable: love, adoration, remorse and other emotions that require empathy

Question: typsy85 || 1 day ago
Just out of curiosity since you seem to be able to manage the anxiety, are you currently employed? If yes, what type of work can you do?

Answer: (20200907 06:05) I have worked for myself since 2003 as a management consultant/professional writer primarily in financial services. In 2013, I began transitioning into healthcare in an attempt to be “part of the solution”. (Little did I know.) Since I announced that I would be divorcing what I now know is an undiagnosed sociopath (2013) whom is connected to a massive crime ring as well as GSI (“Gang-stalk International”), everything that I own has been stolen … including my teen-aged children, my dog and my cat.
I am currently a self-represented litigant in five court cases (two criminal, two family and one civil) with many more civil actions commencing over the next four weeks.
All that to say, I do not have enough time for employment. I have just settled into a women’s shelter and have zero income. I have had no income since February 2020 and have been ducking COVID restrictions internationally for safety and to build my evidence files against ex and GSI while living off fumes in cheap housing.
What type of work can I do? It seems that one of my new strengths is to antagonize GSI participants so that they produce more self-incriminating evidence that I collect, organize and post on my advocacy site to raise awareness on, among other things, sociopaths and GSI. Such evidence will also support my civil actions against them. It is helpful that most of the GSI in my world (judges, lawyers, police) are pathological liars and disobey the law with reckless abandon. If we do survive GSI, my children and I should have no financial worries and will plow the money back into some sort of victim services initiative. Having travelled extensively, however, concern for me is the least of my worries: the environmental sabotage that I have witnessed is nothing short of horrific. GSI is not at the top of the sociopath food chain, in my opinion.

(20200910 12:07) New Post: Evidence-supported allegations regarding the business models that support Gang Stalking International (“GSI”)
For some who may be confused about the possible motivations of gang-stalkers, here is a draft overview of one of Group’s business models which I have labelled “The Ottawa Ticket”: https://twb.rocks/the-ottawa-ticket/. This one (bury the spouse) is simply one of many: Group will also take out a valedictorian, a VP of Marketing (if someone wants his/her job), co-participants in a Group RESP plan (so that remaining students get a larger slice of the savings pie), anyone who has or is about to have something/someone that GSI-connected sociopath wants.

(20200912 15:20) Reply to Post by u/AshliDun032 on explaining gang-stalking to others.
I can confirm demonspawns_ghost’s statement: “They are either recruited as stalkers themselves or are threatened to keep silent and play dumb.” 110%.

Example A: One of the math tutors that I hired for my daughter was quickly recruited. (I could tell because the tutoring went from smart to a further deterioration of my daughter’s skills through overt+covert confusion of basic math principals. Plus, she dropped her mask with that evil-grin-that-they-do. (Tutor works for a primary school: horrific) Example B: I have e-mailed 100’s (if not 1,000’s) of lawyers throughout the province of Ontario and not a single one will assist me with family matters, criminal matters or multi-million dollar civil matters where my case is a slam dunk. Some are involved in Group, some are sociopaths and have no interest in helping me and others, likely, are too fearful to help me and my children in any way, shape or form.

Sadly, this third group does not realize that their time will come once the lower hanging fruit, ?such as myself?, has been eliminated. Group takes … from everyone whom is not Group, eventually.

However, it is my belief that COVID-19 is proving quite useful in assisting the upper echelons of international terrorism law enforcement to identify GSI participants.

(20200912 15:49) Reply to post by u/QuickFly633 2 days ago || What religion do you guys follow? If you are religious that is.
I do not follow any formal religion but consider myself to be “spiritual” (which I cannot define). I have chosen to remain ignorant of most religions: mostly, I do not have the time. I identify with what I know of stoicism (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stoicism) and if I had the opportunity to study philosophy, I would. I would not, however, study philosophy at Detroit, Michigan’s Wayne State University for fear that GSI’s psychiatric core is hiding their research and experimentation there as they did last year: https://twb.rocks/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/000053KJ_20200701_UC_University-College-Scoring-System_SAQOTU_Andeé-Sea-Cae-Jak-002.pdf.

(20200912 16:44) My response to post by u/fueledforjustice 28 minutes ago || Has anyone tried to expose their culprits???? Looking to bring awareness to my community because I may not be the only target. I’d really like to know if anyone has had any progress with this and what you did. Thanks!

My progress is difficult to quantify at the moment; however:

– I built an advocacy/awareness website,

– I had “public service announcement” post-cards printed ( https://twb.rocks/entity/mhcc/ and https://twb.rocks/entity/oca-0001/) which I both mailed, e-mailed and handed out personally at shopping malls, on public transit and elsewhere,

– I had buttons and matchbooks printed which would drive traffic to my website and

– I had self-inking stamps made that I use to stamp the matchbooks with various messages and decorate paper airplanes with.

You are very likely NOT the only target in your community. GSI is a system which takes from targets until targets have nothing left … and then GSI moves on to the next level of targets (which may or may not include previous GSI participants). GSI is a food-chain; however, lower-level GSI is not aware of this. (More information is available on my Reddit profile)

(20200913 09:45 e.s.t.) Private Message to demonspawns_ghost re https://www.reddit.com/r/Gangstalking/comments/irnpp6/something_interesting_about_the_city_in_which_i/

For over 25 minutes, my reply to your antenna post is not being processed. I took a screen shot which is viewable here: https://twb.rocks/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/000126KJ_20200913_Cannot-post-reply-to-SubReddit-Gangstalking_SAQOTU.jpg
I have been banned from LinkedIn, Quora.com, Sub-reddit narcissism (where another TI was posting) and I have been threatened here. Feel free to e-mail me at dmoore@pfi.rocks as I may soon be banned from Reddit.
Deirdre Moore / Andeé Sea Cae Jak
SAQOTU Inc. || www.pfi.rocks

(20200913 10:19) For some reason, my reply is not posting. I print-screened my reply and private messaged it to you with this link to the jpg: https://twb.rocks/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/000126KJ_20200913_Cannot-post-reply-to-SubReddit-Gangstalking_SAQOTU.jpg

Posted by u/TuhUlaUla 18 hours ago
Any thoughts about this in regards to gangstalking?

What do you think about this post in regards to gangstalking?

I want to mention that I am not responsible for the way this is written. Since I believe that there is something to learn from everyone and from their perspectives, I like to view things with more respect. Which can be a problem though, if it is not done the other way around. So I understand the anger people have and why it has been put this way.

>>>> My reply to TuhUlaUla (20200913 11:48) Generally, I love it and I believe it to be exceptionally accurate. As a very visual person, I think that using a diagram to support the descriptive text is a spectacular idea. Defining all of the various “players”? Also, a spectacular idea. I would build upon it: this is an excellent draft outline for a book/documentary/course textbook. The only issues that I currently have with the piece (which, admittedly, I only quickly read once) are:

  1. the use of the words “master” and “slave” and
  2. the term “psychotic loser”: psychosis (i.e. a psychotic break) is a defence mechanism and nothing evil.

In my opinion, the sociopaths whom are responsible for today’s psychology/psychiatry terms have duped everyone into believing that a psychopath is some sort of evil when, more likely, a psychopath is an empath with a higher Emotional Quotient and/or Communication Quotient as pontificated here and possibly implied by Dr. Maurice Richard Bucke in his book “Cosmic Consciousness” (1905) as I mentioned here.
Thank you very much for posting this. I am going to try to meet the author.

>>>> Reply from TuhUlaUla 10 minutes ago
As I said, I am not really happy about the way that article was written. I don’t think anyone is necessarely evil, everyone is different. Even with a lack of empathy. (there are two kinds of empathy and then on top, you got the theory of mind)

Are you aware of Aspergers, which often gets mixed up with the “conditions” you mentioned?

>>>> 13:57 My (20200913 13:39) sub-Reddit reply to TuhUlaUla regarding comments about “conditions” and “Asperger’s Syndrom” || Respectfully, there are absolutely MANY truly-wicked, evil individuals inhabiting this planet. My estimate is 40-60% which is the reason why both society and the environment are approaching the “tipping point”. I do not refer to them as people as they behave like wild animals.

I did not “mention” any “conditions”:

  1. I referred to psychosis as a state of mind which is adopted by a person experiencing severe trauma.
  2. I revealed my belief that sociopaths, empaths, psychopaths and telepaths are likely different homo sapiens sub-species*.

It is my firm opinion that those whom have been labelled as someone on the Asperger spectrum were born truly brilliant with exceptionally high IQs, EQs and, possibly, CQs. Their “behaviour” is likely due to the fact that, to be blunt, they find the rest of us frustratingly stupid, at a very young age.

I reached out to the author, Conner Wood, regarding collaboration on a project. As I am already approaching companies/human resource departments regarding my provision of “lunch & learn” type seminars on malignant narcissism/sociopathy, embracing his work is a “no-brainer”. As, like me, he is not attempting to claim any copyright or intellectual property rights to his materials, however, there is no need for anyone reading this to wait for me to roll out the book/documentary/seminar series. Anyone(s) can take the ball and run with it and be part of the solution (versus those whom continue to look the other way, state “it’s not my role” and/or continue to be a huge part of the problem).

*Obviously not a topic that the sociopaths whom have infiltrated Ivy League and other leading academic/media/propaganda industries want us to think too much about.

>>>> Replies from TuhUlaUla TuhUlaUla

13 minutes ago
What if these “subspecies” are simply the same people who learned to be more aware and trained in focusing on specific things in the world or other humans? I wonder if you could kind of learn the traits of another if you are able to find a translation and explanation to how they do it. Thats why I always like to listen to each and every person and their views, because I believe there must be something that different people see what another might not sees. Also the reason for why I like to view everyone with respect and why it makes me angry not to get that back. I rarely viewed anyone as stupid but now that I see all these misunderstandings and hate about the way I am, I am more and more thinking about those people not being able to understand my view must make them rather blind to it while it seems to be simply explained the other way around in regards to understandin them .. dont know what to believe anymore

1 minute ago
Well, most people seemed to view me as rather dumb due to misundertandings in social constructs but I often got weird looks about for example explaining maths in front of the class or sharing my ideas “i never think about that kind of stuff” Due to the harassing, bullying and also poisoning and depression later on, my mind seems to be completely slowed down though and is mostly filled with doubts and thought loops. My mind has been racing, now that i got drugged, poisoned, mindcontrolled and even seemed to have a stroke on purpose, i feel a lot of my strengths were disabled. Even my once overextrended emotions seem completely numb .. I feel lost. I can’t even trust anyone anymore, so as well I feel pretty lonely on top. Not sure how to find a purpose anymore. I always thought I deserved a lot of shit in my life, now with the gangstalking on top I finally wake up to who I am but all this harassing even by loved ones over my life leaves me heartbroken.. I’ve been so stuck in understanding whats going on that I didnt have time to work on my strengths and now I really feel pretty much useless. Every time smearing with lies or sabotage when I tried to reach goals for myself.. it is hard to find motivation to even really hope for anything and to put work in it

>>>> My reply to TuhUlaUla (20200913 14:29) Brilliant people are pegged very early by their sociopathic parent(s) and/or the “education” (c-a-u-t-i-o-n-e-d) system and funneled into one of several covert destruction/torture models. You can read more at www.pfi.rocks/minnesota/ where I have posted conversations with a couple of other TIs. Feel free to send to me an e-mail at dmoore@pfi.rocks: perhaps, we can draft some sort of recovery plan for you or, at least, brainstorm the idea of what your recovery plan might look like if one were possible.

(20200913 13:05) How many here have been forced onto the poison lithium (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lithium) as some point in their lives? What were the circumstances under which this occurred?

>>>> Reply from RNMtarget edited 43 minutes ago
I’ve never taken lithium, but these fockers want to put lithium in drinking water:

>>>> My reply to RNMtarget (20200913 14:47) Terrifying. I think they are also trying to figure out how to add it to our “air” (perhaps through HVAC systems). This is what I saw last summer as I was driving to Salt Lake City from San Francisco (https://www.dropbox.com/s/a16arhwqldntzjo/IMG_2024.MOV?dl=0) near the Dugway Proving Ground (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dugway_Proving_Ground). There is a massive lithium mine in Nevada (https://www.necn.com/lx/is-a-proposed-lithium-mine-in-nevada-the-future-of-renewable-energy/2263346/) and since Lithium is number 3 on the periodic table of elements (https://www.bing.com/images/search?view=detailV2&ccid=k0UTOht1&id=EBEB6F5B574E77F7457C3E4889CF513BA08A2217&thid=OIP.k0UTOht1Fw3cE_eELcWzZQHaFM&mediaurl=https%3a%2f%2fcdn.britannica.com%2f45%2f7445-050-CA28EA33%2fversion-periodic-table-elements.jpg&exph=1121&expw=1600&q=elemental+periodic+table&simid=608033748555270082&ck=96B762F0A1658535EA6392BB16F853B3&selectedIndex=0&FORM=IRPRST&ajaxhist=0) and Helium is number 2, I figured that someone is attempting to figure out how to get Lithium to float.

>>>> Reply from RNMtarget It’s possible. I was thinking that one of the reasons that they may want to add it to drinking water is that because of the increased mining of lithium for batteries, cellphones, etc, they will have to find a way to dispose of it without having to pay environmental costs. It’s kind of what they did for fluoride (which is a byproduct of fertilizer manufacturing). By saying these chemicals are good for our health, they can dump it in our water and not have to worry about environmental fines. https://fluoridealert.org/articles/phosphate01/

>>>> My reply to RNMtarget (20200913 15:23) I can definitely see how they would see that as a win-win. There is also whatever these beasts have planned for those vaping cartridges (https://twb.rocks/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/05bb-Preparing-for-a-Future-Class-Action-against-Vaping-Magnates-LinkedIn-Copy-20190722.pdf)

Posted by u/callmenono 8 hours ago || Eventually they’ll make you lose everything
Friends, family, prospects, fucking sleep, physical comfort in general… list goes on. They want to break you down, no doubt. What’s worse is there’s nothing to do about it. It feels like too much right now. Strength to all.

>>>> My reply to callmenono (20200913 18:07) How are you? What are your plans for tomorrow?

I will be going to the courthouse library to research legislation and case law in order to improve my chances of beating what I firmly believe is a sociopathic, gang-stalking Crown prosecutor as well as provide assistance to those who remain in jail due to this wicked beast as alluded to here: https://twb.rocks/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/000126KJ_20200913_1833_EmailTo_Ottawa-Carleton-Detention-Centre_Ashley-Dicintio_Bail-Reviews_OCA_Crown-Corruption_Career-criminal-lawyers_SAQOTU.pdf.

When someone recently asked me how I have survived the mental torture of my children and me, I told them: “I third-partied it a long time ago.” While I do occasionally relapse, the strategy seems to work for me. That is, my efforts to beat GSI (“Gang Stalk International”) is to help other targets and not me and my children. Thinking about my situation typically leads to some version of misery so I avoid it at all costs. I consider my children and me to be trail-blazers; bleeding-edge warriors who will make up for lost time once we are safely re-united and healed from the trauma. My approach is a healthy use of a “mind-set” that falls somewhere between optimism and delusion. (I say “grrrrrrr” out loud often. My fake friends and family thankfully now long exposed, I have many grrrrrr-friends: we are very busy doing whatever we can.)

My second approach is to appreciate the degree of environmental sabotage which is actively in progress: it makes my problems seem infinitesimally small.

I shared a few of my other strategies for reversing the powerful downward spiral of feeling helplessly victimized by this despicable group here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Gangstalking/comments/ilr2q1/my_response_to_a_private_message_how_do_i_manage/ in case some of those ideas help.

Please post your draft agenda for tomorrow so that I do not worry about you. I am still worrying about Minnesota who I created a page for (www.pfi.rocks/minnesota/) in case I get banned from Reddit (I am banned from LinkedIn) and I need to focus on my current five court cases.

Posted by u/stickynoted05 17 hours ago || Looking for Support
Hi, I’ve been a longtime lurker of this sub-reddit and am posting looking for some support and to generate some discussion. I believe I am a ‘targeted individual’, and I’ve never felt so alone and so hopeless. It started with street theatre, directed conversation, having my internet compromised and my devices hacked into. Then, things progressed to V2K and what I believe to be Remote Neural Monitoring (mind-reading from a distance). You know the story, sounds totally insane and I don’t fault anyone for dismissing it altogether. I could go into detail about how I came to these conclusions/why it’s all happening to me specifically, but since I can’t make anyone believe what’s happening to me, I won’t try to. I think when you know you know, and having done extensive research/comparing my situation to many others, I am certain these techniques are being used on me.

The street theatre and directed conversations were depressing enough as it is but when the V2K started, life really became a nightmare. I don’t really have a firm grasp on how these things work but I presume it’s being anchored by some pretty otherworldly technology, possibly involving satellites and/or cell phone towers. Hearing non-stop, harassing chatter all day that cannot be perceived by others is so debilitating. If anyone has insight into how this technology works or how to shield oneself from it, I would love to hear about it. In my opinion, it has nothing to do with ‘spiritual elements’, the ‘demonic or the possessed’, or anything of that nature – this can all somehow be explained by next-level technology that is being grossly misused.

The misuse of this technology leads me to think that the world as we know it is being changed drastically for the worse. For instance, what if people were to use this kind of technology on politicians they don’t want getting into power – sending threatening voices into their heads, or using neural monitoring on them to predict their every move, thus thwarting their campaign altogether? Or people trying to expose the use of these technologies – they would have a hard time gaining traction if their every step, their every decision could be monitored in real-time and efforts to dissuade them could be made easier by knowing all of their potential actions before they even occur. Is is so frightening to think about.

I used to think the world was a beautiful place to live in; I laughed, rejoiced and loved people the best I could. I no longer think or feel these things much at all anymore. It may be for some, but for those suffering from these kinds of attacks, it is anything but. A future in this world with these kinds of technologies at play leaves me wondering how we will all end up.

I understand how some people get recruited into this kind of thing – maybe they’re bribed, maybe they’re given misinformation about the target. But it truly baffles my mind how many people go along with it. Like, are people just approached and told “this person is _______________ and you need to do ___________________.” It’s so strange to think that so many people go “okay! I’m down with the plan” without truly questioning any of it, or even asking “why?”, or saying “no thanks, it’s really weird you’re even asking me to do this and I’m not sure if I believe anything you’re saying.” How do they get so many people to blindly follow orders?

Anyway, I just wanted to vent because I’m really struggling these days. I hope to potentially communicate with some people who are going through the same thing, and am looking for some words of support. To anyone who is truly going through this, my heart goes out to you. You’re stronger than you even realize, the suffering you’re facing is real, and I wholeheartedly believe you.

>>>> My reply to TigermoonRose refuting the statement that gang-stalking involves few individuals and it is entirely “hypnosis”-based.
(20200915 18:14) There are massive numbers of people involved.
Some believe that they are vigilantes because they have been fed snippets of video that “prove” TI deserves to be terrorized. (“GSI” (i.e. Gang Stalk International) will acquire whatever footage they require with any means possible* to recruit individuals to participate in the take-down of a target.) Some are threatened: they must participate or they will become a target. Some are cold-hearted, empty people whom will do anything for a fee. Some are sick, twisted sociopaths whom participate for free.

I have never been hypnotized. I am 7 1/2 years a target and 1 1/2 years a whistle-blower.

I have collected most of my posts at www.pfi.rocks/minnesota/ so you know that though you may feel alone, there is a chance that you may not be. Start documenting as much evidence (your written testimony counts) as possible would be my advice if asked for it.

Congratulations on un-lurking. Feel free to contact me anytime; although, it may take me a while to respond as I am swamped trying to expose over 100 of these beasts which includes my husband, parents and many others.

*Just one example: they tortured my children’s pets off-camera to leave me with impossible choices so that they could make me appear to be cruel to animals. I was under 24/7 surveillance: home, car, everywhere.

>>>> My reply to FirefighterExcellent
(20200915 18:28) You wrote “… there will be no justice for us ”
I agree that we are currently enduring an evolutionary battle; however, as I still have two beautiful children that I am trying to rescue, I choose stoicism over defeatism.

>>>> My reply to Worldly_Ad_5
(20200915 18:37) You wrote: “Considering that this [gang-stalking] phenomenon is purely psychological …”

This page, https://twb.rocks/enterprise_archives_202009/saqotu_20200915_andee-sea-cae-jak-002/, should provide enough evidence to prove to you that your beliefs are 100% false. If it does not, feel free to ask me for more.

Please read this article https://twb.rocks/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/02ag-Organized-Gang-Stalking-article-found-on-Facebook.pdf and please stop providing terrible “advice” to people that are being tortured.

>>>> Hello, I’m also from Ottawa and would like more information about this crime ring you’re speaking about
📷ascJak02:40 PM(20200915 14:36) It is massive. You can start here: https://twb.rocks/enterprise_archives_202009/ and work your way back to May 2020. This is an overview: www.pfi.rocks/careers/ as is this: https://twb.rocks/living/exposes/0000001_the-ottawa-pipeline-taxpayer-funded_saqotu-002/ and this: https://twb.rocks/the-ottawa-ticket/.📷Atypex03:48 PM
>>>> Are you on any sort of psychiatric medication?
📷ascJak05:49 PM No. Why would I be?
>>>> Just curious … Have you ever considered it?
📷ascJak07:25 PM (20200915 19:25) Accused of mental illness, prior to learning that psychosis is a defence mechanism when one is enduring severe abuse, I was forced onto and voluntarily tried many. The only ones that assisted with anxiety (which always prefaced the psychotic break of which I have had about eight) were immovane (addictive) and clonazepam (linked to early-onset Alzheimer’s). My go-to CNS is high quality tequila: ?zero? side effects and not addictive. This should not be a private conversation as others have asked me similar questions. I am going to post it but remove the reference to your username. Feel free to ask me anything: my life is an open book and I am here to try to help.
>>>> According to the Consent and Capacity Board hearing though, your symptoms improved with Seroquel during your March 2013 hospitalization right? And they seemed to improve with Lithium during your April/May hospitalization the same year
📷ascJak07:56 PM Entirely false. Due to the hospital practice of relying on “Collateral Information” in order to arrive at a diagnosis (which is a process of “ruling out”, in case you are not familiar with psychiatric diagnostic practices) the doctors were duped into believing that my psychosis was caused by a manic episode due to bi-polar disorder … magically acquired somehow at the age of 47. (Abusive spouses do not like to tell the truth.) It was not. My psychosis was caused by severe anxiety brought on by severe emotional/psychological and verbal abuse. The anti-psychotic Seroquel … which is also used as an off-label sleep medication … did nothing but deprive me of sleep [read: REM deprivation]. (Important: I am resistant to most sleep medications and they have an adverse effect on me.)
During April/May, they fed me olanzapine for several week[s] which I cheeked and only endured a couple of “shots in the butt” of Ativan/Haldol when they wanted to knock me out for half a day. By the time they forced me onto the lithium, my psychosis had completely dissipated as I managed (somehow) to Socratic Question my way out of it. I moved from Ontario to get out of the Community Treatment Order immediately upon release from the hospital and never took lithium (which had zero effect on me) again.
The Consent and Capacity Board of Ontario is just as much an atrocity as the Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee. The latter worries me most as it has control over the “Right-to-Die” decision and the corruptibility of THAT model as spouses compete with offspring for pension/insurance versus inheritance is positively TERRIFYING. The Ontario “system” is horrifying: I could create a cradle-to-grave diagram if you like.
P.S. I would like to post our discussion publicly in our Gangstalking Sub-Reddit: are you ok with that?
>>>> Without my username sure I would be okay with that
📷ascJak07:59 PM Thank you.
>>>> Are you aware of late-onset bipolar disorder? BPD can definitely appear spontaneously later on in life
📷ascJak08:00 PM I have heard that term. I have never exhibited any of the symptoms of mania or depression. I have only experienced psychosis.
>>>> Lots of the writing on the website you linked me seems like it was written during a manic episode though[. ] Would you not agree? I was interested in reading about the Ottawa crime ring but a lot of the writing seemed all over the place
📷ascJak08:02 PM The only “symptom” of mania that I had was “speaking quickly”. I also “listen quickly” and it drives me bonkers when people take to[o] long to say something.
That I am multi-tasking is an under-statement.
>>>> I understand
📷ascJak08:04 PM My website should be viewed as a skeleton that is being added to depending upon whatever is important on any given day.
>>>> Right Is your ex-husband aware of your youtube channel?
📷ascJak08:05 PM While in Mexico, I spent a significant amount of time brainstorming how Mexicans could survive COVID-19 as all of their businesses were being shut down while Walmart continued to operate.
My ex-husband and each of his accomplices are 100% aware of everything that I do online.
Many of them are insane and have no capacity to experience what I refer to as “intellectual fear”.
While in Alaska, I analyzed the pfi.rocks website traffic, which is conspicuously international, as I expose Ottawa’s human-trafficking crime ring (and stopped writing about Mexico).
Now back in Canada, I need to re-focus on upcoming court cases and expose more of Ottawa’s legal/law enforcement/judicial system.
>>>> Do you have a copy of your husbands victim impact statement?
📷ascJak08:10 PM There is nothing manic about that which I do: I am freaking busy. I am a self-represented litigant against corrupt sharks and html-ing all of the evidence at the same time.
If they stole your beautiful children, you would do this too.
Yes. It is another of his performances of which I have an abundance of evidence readily available to refute it. Give me a couple of minutes.
>>>> Okay
📷ascJak08:17 PM Here it is: https://twb.rocks/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/02cg-201907-OPS-Gervais-Kiska-Interview-6-pages.pdf He failed to mention how he violated the illegally-obtained court order for five months and participated in the theft of everything that I own.
>>>> Do you have the one from 2013?
📷ascJak08:36 PM Sorry. What are you looking for?
>>>> I’m curious about additional documents from 2013 || I’m trying to dig deeper into how this all started
📷ascJak08:40 PM I am in a public space on public Wi-Fi. I will expose my laptop’s hard drive to hacking, but not my external hard drives. By all means, send to me a list of the documents of which you appear to need and I will do my best to provide them for you.
Dig deeper? I informed a malignant narcissist (sociopath) that me and the kids were leaving. He is plugged into a crime ring. They picked the wrong mum to screw over. It is not complex. Is there some specific reason why you are looking for documented evidence? If so, what is it? If not, why are you oh-so-interested in engaging me in the chat? Take your time.
>>>> It seems quite complex if you don’t mind me saying so
Does it not seem very unlikely to you that your husband would be plugged into a crime ring? I believe the much more likely explanation is that in 2013 you experienced an onset of bipolar disorder or some other schizoaffective disorder. I wanted to read more of your ex-husbands side of the story because he seems fairly rational in his impact statement
📷ascJak08:54 PM(20200915 20:54) Fill your boots: here is some of his “rational” story here: www.pfi.rocks/kiska-lies/
Would you please tell me: with which how many of the characteristics listed here: https://twb.rocks/website-content/understanding-predators/characteristics/ do you self-identify?
Also, why are you so intrigued by me? Do you like to study human behaviour? We have been “chatting” for hours.
>>>> Yes I do like to study human behaviour
And the “gangstalking” phenomenon really intrigues me as well
I don’t self identify with any of the characteristicsbut
I’m not sure that sticking your tongue out or asking questions during a video recording is sociopathic behaviour same with freudian slips
📷ascJak09:05 PM Why does human behaviour intrigue you? What else intrigues you? I am intrigued by philosophy.
>>>> I just find it inherently fascinating
psychology in general
my cousin had similar symptoms to you in terms of feeling like he was being ganged up on by the legal system and his family
📷ascJak09:11 PM The term for which you seek is “evidence” and not “symptoms”. Where is your cousin now?
UPDATE || (20200915 21:45) I shall now check my chat line to see if this thing is still conversing with me. As I have said before, sociopaths are not that bright. In my opinion, they have zero imagination. They have knowledge which has been acquired by siphoning from others, but no intelligence. They are incredible actors because they have been mimicking people since BIRTH in order to survive. Their communication skills are neolithic and they desperately attempt to reduce us to their level with lol, ur, and other “grunts” that they would prefer to use.
PS. Reddit Mods who defy uss*: good luck.
*that would be us, pluralized

(20200916 19:33) Part II > Real Live Chat with someone whom is 100% insane, in my opinion
Part I of the this chat which was initiated by a non-Gangstalking Redditor* was posted yesterday (albeit with an incorrect date which should have stated 20200915) here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Gangstalking/comments/itmg3n/20200912_2115_real_live_chat_with_someone_whom_is/. The initiator has requested anonymity which I am doing my best to respect.


>>>> I don’t really see too much compelling evidence

He’s doing pretty well now, he’s in a treatment program near Toronto, on medication and he is on his way back to living a fulfilling life

📷ascJak10:10 PM What is his name? Where is he? I intend to devote time and resources to his release. Meet Andeé Sea Cae Jak.

>>>> 11:51 PM I’m not comfortable giving out his name but he doesn’t need to be released, he’s voluntarily staying there I appreciate the intention though

Today📷ascJak11:06 AM (20200916 11:06) I was busy helping another TI last night and did not have the time to ask: would you please articulate what you believe to be my “psychosomatic symptoms”? Thank you.

>>>> 01:01 PM Psychosomatic was not the right word Sorry i meant psychological symptoms in general

>>>> I saw the post you made about me, I just wanted to let you know that I am not a sociopath as you claimed i am

I happened upon the gangstalking subreddit and found it interesting, then I found your case and fell down that rabbit hole since it occurred in Ottawa, which is where I’ve lived for my entire life

Sorry if I offended you in any way, I just wanted to help

You always talk about how important your kids are to you, but reading the court statements it’s clear that until you undergo psychiatric treatment you won’t be able to see them

My cousin wasn’t able to see any of our family prior to treatment due to various court orders, etc. I just wanted to make sure you were aware that it might not seem like it, but I think professional help would be the best choice in order for you to return to living a fulfilling and happy life with your kids!!

📷ascJak05:33 PM (20200916 17:27) As you have zero capacity to empathize with that which has been done to my children and me, that lands you firmly in sociopath territory as far as I am concerned. Your insistence that I and others have some sort of mental deficiency is also a common characteristic. You are most likely a pathological liar and enjoy gaslighting. I have a few questions for you.

Do you believe that sociopaths should be permitted to serve on a jury?

>>>> 05:34 PM if someone is determined by a medical professional to be a sociopath then they should not be serving on a jury

📷ascJak05:35 PM

2. Do you believe that sociopaths should be prevented from holding certain positions including, but not limited to, psychology/psychiatry-related professions, police officers and judicial officials?

3. Do you believe that sociopaths should be permitted to vote?

4. Do you believe that sociopaths should be permitted to procreate?

>>>> 05:36 PM yes of course, everyone should be allowed to procreate and vote

sociopathy is just a manifestation of antisocial personality disorder you need a psychiatrist to diagnose it

i believe that employers should be allowed to discriminate against sociopaths in hiring processes, especially for certain jobs

what are you trying to get at with these questions?

📷ascJak05:53 PM What am I trying to get at? I simply do research, whenever provided with the opportunity, to further develop my evidence-based recommendations on what to do with these beasts once they are arrested, charged and found guilty.

5. Do you believe that sociopaths should be forced to pay for their own incarcerations?

📷ascJak06:05 PM (20200916 18:05) I do not always have the time, you see, to finish the articles that I will be posting to the pfi.ROCKS Living! magazine. Accordingly, I prepare an outline (https://twb.rocks/living/opinion/20200012_make-them-pay_a-suggestion-worth-considering-for-prison-reform_saqotu-002/), post it as a draft so that others can start to think about the idea and then finish the article when I can based on opinions that I have received from others.

I find it to be an effective research method. Quora.com reaped some fascinating results: https://www.quora.com/Should-a-convict-be-forced-to-fund-its-own-10-year-incarceration-1-825-000-If-so-how-should-its-assets-be-distributed-amongst-its-victim-s-restitution-damages-taxpayers-and-innocent-dependents-How-could-deficiencies

>>>> 06:11 PM But why are you researching what to do with the people after they’re found guilty?Shouldn’t you first gather some evidence indicating that they ARE guilty? and I don’t think anyone should have to fund their own incarceration

📷ascJak06:34 PM (20200916 18:30) If a sociopathic Crown prosecutor has earned $200,000/year persecuting innocent people for sport for years and has been sentenced to 20 years in prison, why should taxpayers (which have already had to fund court time, Legal Aid lawyers and hundreds of unlawful incarcerations) have to pay more to contain this beast? Do you not agree that those tax dollars should be spent supporting the victims and not the criminal? If not, why not?

(18:35) I do not need to collect any more evidence. Your inability to connect the dots is your issue, not mine.

>>>> 06:54 PM Taxpayers wouldn’t have to pay any more

there’s a set budget for corrective services

but let’s back up a little bit

has this crown prosecutor been diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder by a psychiatric professional?

or is his mental state pure speculation

📷ascJak07:09 PM (20200916 19:09) Tell me more about this “set budget for corrective services” and I will tell you more about the Crown prosecutor and how psychiatrists operate.

*”Chat Initiator” (“Chat-I”) lurks here to study prey, in my opinion, but Chat-I hides elsewhere on Reddit and likes psychedelic drugs. Chat-I is very interested in me for some reason.

(20200917 07:07 e.s.t) Part III > Real Live Chat with someone whom is 100% insane, in my opinion

Part I of the this chat which was initiated by a non-Gangstalking Redditor* was posted (albeit with an incorrect date which should have stated 20200915) here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Gangstalking/comments/itmg3n/20200912_2115_real_live_chat_with_someone_whom_is/.
Part II of the this chat is here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Gangstalking/comments/iu7jnv/20200916_1933_part_ii_real_live_chat_with_someone/
The initiator has requested anonymity which I am doing my best to respect.
>>>> Chat-I 08:09 PM It would be impossible for you to find a job if they were able to discriminate based on mental health Since you were subjected to multiple involuntary holds
Thank you for respecting my anonymity, but please either stop posting these messages now or refrain from making baseless accusations like calling me sociopathic
📷ascJak08:12 PM (20200916 20:11) Please utilize proper language skills so that I do not need to rephrase your comments in order to verify that I have interpreted your remarks correctly.
>>>> Chat-I 08:13 PM I’m using proper language skills, just let me know if you’re having trouble understanding anything
📷ascJak08:13 PM
1. You do not believe that Canada’s hiring/firing practices which essentially harbour the criminal activities of sociopaths, undiagnosed or otherwise, is not a problem?
>>>> Chat-I 08:14 PM No I don’t see how it is a problem
The vast majority of sociopaths are undiagnosed, how would we ever stop them from being hired anywhere? The ones who are diagnosed would be in therapy and would be prescribed medication to help them
📷ascJak08:16 PM (20200916 20:16) How do you know that the vast majority of sociopaths are diagnosed? Sorry, how do you know that the vast majority of sociopaths are UNdiagnosed?
(20200916 20:18) What prescription “helps” a sociopath (i.e. malignant narcissist) which is devoid of most human emotions?
(20200916 20:20) Sociopathy is not a mental disorder. I understand the reasons why you will have trouble accepting this fact.
(20200916 20:22) Perhaps this draft outline will help you: https://twb.rocks/website-content/understanding-predators/psychology-terms/
(20200916 20:23) There is a reason that you are drawn to psychedelic drugs; however, they likely will not help you because you are not “wired” “properly”. There are some fascinating theories presented here: https://cartageous.ca/product-details/?auth=rM11R&prodDetFId=0143113100&prodDetUrl=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%3D%3D&psid=10708&subid=Mzk1NzQ2OTU5fDExNTk5ODUzMzI4NjczMzN8YjBiNzk0YTRiMWUxMWQ2NDIzNzdjYmM2MWQwYzNjZTR8b3xjfDcyNDk5MTg2MTY4NDAxfHBsYS00NTc2MDk4Njg2MTI3NjA3fG98bw%3D%3D
(20200916 20:30) I may not have evidence; however, I have done enough research to entertain the idea that some sociopaths can “level up” to become an empath or more.
>>>> Chat-I 08:36 PM the rate of sociopaths in the general population is a lot higher than the rate at which potential sociopaths are tested/diagnosed so logically it follows that there are many undiagnosed sociopaths out there
📷ascJak08:38 PM (20200916 20:32) Please stop padding your answer. I consider our exchange too valuable to not post it both on Reddit and in my pfi.rocks/minnnesota/ section. Simply stop responding and there will be no more comments to post. Or, document your awareness through me. (You would not be my first undeserved sociopath to “meet” online. Stick around and you will only be my second whom is willing to explore becoming an empath.)
(20200916 20:39) Sociopaths represent 40-60% of society. You know it and I know it. Planet Earth is pretty freaking aware of it too.
(20200916 20:40) You are a science guy. Can you do something useful?
>>>> Chat-I 08:46 PM Yes I studied science including psychology, which is how I know the sociopathy rate is nowhere near 40-60%
sociopathy is the manifestation of antisocial personality disorder
it can be treated with psychotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, and medication
📷ascJak09:04 PM (20200916 21:01) You previously stated that “the vast majority of sociopaths are undiagnosed”: if so, how do you know anything that relates to any “sociopathy rate”? Furthermore, who do you think wrote all of those books which you feverishly studied in your attempt to understand human behaviour?
(20200916 21:05) Teaching sociopaths how to better mimic empaths through psychotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy and medication is not “treatment”: it is a systemic provision to sociopaths by sociopaths of tools to remain undetected.
📷ascJak09:20 PM (20200916 21:20) I will soon be posting this third segment of our chat. Do you have any response before I do? I would like to offer to you a fair chance to respond. Either way, my intention is to post our updated conversation as of 21:30 e.s.t.
PS. In high school, I dropped biology and opted for physics. Were you a biology major?
>>>> Chat-I 09:26 PM Medicinal chemistry major
Why all this talk about sociopaths? how did this even start
I asked for any evidence of the ottawa crime ring and all I got was pretty good evidence that you developed bipolar disorder and schizoaffective tendencies in 2013
you were diagnosed by a team of medical professionals
ironically you are calling people sociopaths without them having a valid diagnosis, while at the same time denying YOUR valid diagnosis
📷ascJak09:36 PM (20200916 21:30) Thank you for your participation. That no one advised you to stop corresponding with me and that you had no cognitive ability to recognize that you should have stopped corresponding with me is revealing. You are alone and lack basic human emotions. You are alone, possibly, because you are not even fully self-aware. This is why you are so attracted to psychedelic drugs, science and lurking.
(20200916 21:38) I have other things to which I must attend and I may not be in a position to respond to your comments for some time.
>>>> Chat-I 12:34 AM You taking my every comment as a personal attack as well as your baseless insults towards me are very telling signs that you have some sort of personality disorder
>>>> Chat-I 12:39 AM I will stop messaging you now. I hope that one day you will seek psychiatric help, because Sean and Cate deserve to have a sane mother in their lives. Best of luck with the court cases.
📷ascJak05:19 AM (20200917 5:19) You accuse me of insanity and you frame it as you are trying to “help me”. I accuse you of insanity and you frame it as me “insulting you”. That is quite the double-standard that you have going there. Regardless, I will point out two facts for you:
(1) I was never diagnosed by any team of medical professionals. I was labelled as bi-polar due to false information provided by sociopathic ex as detailed here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/g8es5qo3kqevjb0/AAAweNonguSn0bVwQGa7InTYa?dl=0
(2) Some members of Ottawa Police Services is also involved in this crime ring as detailed here: https://twb.rocks/ops1/
(20200917 08:20) You know little about psychology, the Criminal Code of Canada or gang-stalking and should probably stick to your own sub-Reddit or go back into lurk mode if you lack the emotional maturity (another characteristic of sociopathy) to converse with an educated, experienced victim.
📷ascJak06:36 AM (20200917 06:36) By the way, this is the closest thing to a “diagnosis” that I have ever received (https://twb.rocks/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/000054KJ_20170327_Letter_Psychologist_Iris-Jackson_SAQOTU_Andee-Sea-Cae-Jak-002.pdf); although, I would argue that being emotionally, verbally and psychologically abused into a psychotic break is not a “disorder”. Alas, the DSM is prepared by the psychiatry/pharmaceutical industry which likes things just the way they are.

Another Gangtalking sub-Reddit whacked-out conversation:
—->>>> BlackWomynMatter (20200916) Hi, as a black woman of color I have to say that you sound mentally unwell. That guy just wanted to help ya ma kween 🤦🏿‍♀️

—->>>> ascJak (20200916 11:58) As a female, albino negro (https://www.stewartsynopsis.com/origin-of-caucasian-race-and-albinism), I would have to say that I have more mental fortitude than most of the people you likely know.

—->>>> BlackWomynMatter Hi, no

ascJak —->>>> (20200916 18:00) Really? How many people do you know whom have been targeted since birth (versus discriminated against since birth)? I would love an opportunity to meet them so that we can develop a healing model that can be used by other victims. Please let them know that they can send an e-mail to me directly at dmoore@pfi.rocks with the subject line: Healing from the Trauma of Parental Alienation and/or Child Alienation || Ideas for Children, Youths and Young Adults.

(Then, this user claimed that I was an imposter and asked the moderator to delete my original post.)

>>>>Then, this user replies to my post with a new strategy to dis-credit me:
My post (20200917 11:11) Why am I being prevented from posting a response to moderator vteead who chose to delete two of my informative posts; specifically, …

BlackWomynMatter post via /user/ascJak sent 6 hours ago > Hi, you are an impostor. Leave deidre alone

Another whacked-out Gangstalking sub-Reddit conversation:
—->>>> ChildishDoritos (20200916) Hello, as young man who has gone looking around strange places on the internet and ended up here, I would like to say that from reading this post, I feel you’ve expressed either an unwillingness or inability to connect with and empathize with people who are either skeptical of your own perspectives, or possibly share traits with a person who has abused you. I have no intimate knowledge of your situation and have no opinion to give, but I hope that you get the help you need.

We are all just humans trying to get through our lives as well as we know how.

—->>>> ascJak (20200917 05:39 e.s.t.) Good morning ChildishDoritos.

  1. I am building a company to help victims of sociopaths while you spend your time looking around strange places on the internet. Hopefully, your “strange places” help you to find something meaningful to do with your life.
  2. You have chosen to simultaneously remain ignorant of my situation while publicly state your opinion of me. (Your motivations for doing that might interest me if you would like to share that information.)
  3. Your comment “We are all just humans trying to get through our lives as well as we know how” is one of the most ridiculous statements that I have ever read. Here is a dose of reality for you: https://twb.rocks/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/06ax.2-20190811-Highways-to-hell-Human-traffickers-John-Campbell.pdf
  4. I believe that I am getting the help that I need: it is called law enforcement.

—->>>> ChildishDoritos Wow, you’re so certain that your own views are the only correct ones it’s actually really terrifying.

—->>>> ascJak (20200917 10:49) What is it about my research-based convictions terrifies you? The degree of human-trafficking that is currently enabled by taxpayer-funded, “legalized” terrorists is that which terrifies me; that and the degree of environmental sabotage currently plaguing the planet.

—->>>> ChildishDoritos It is simply that to me you have come off as dehumanizing at times and unwilling to consider other possibilities. I 100% agree with you that there are human being in political power that are deeply connected to human trafficking, and I take as many steps as I can each day to make sure I’m harming the planet as little as I can control. When reading through some of your material, it’s most immediately occurs to me that you have ignored Occam’s razor and Occam’s broom.

September 17, 2020 seemed to be a day when many of Reddits sociopaths became a tad miffed with me.

DETAILS OF MY GANGSTALKING SUB-REDDIT BAN BY PRO-SOCIOPATH MODERATOR vteead whom has no problem permitting users to attack me but chooses to ban/mute me. Revealing? 100% This is how a Q&A forum becomes a propaganda website: moderators with wicked ulterior motives. (I do not think that mod was paid as I have had trouble with this one in the past.)

(20200917 11:11) Why am I being prevented from posting a response to moderator vteead who chose to delete two of my informative posts; specifically,
– Part II: https://www.reddit.com/r/Gangstalking/comments/iu7jnv/20200916_1933_part_ii_real_live_chat_with_someone/ and
– Part III https://www.reddit.com/r/Gangstalking/comments/iuhbzl/20200917_0707_est_part_iii_real_live_chat_with/ ?
I am just receiving a “you aren’t allowed to post there” message when I attempt to post my response to his question:
vteead Mod just now || I have removed your posts on this topic.
How does this fit this sub?
(20200917 10:58) Many sociopaths hire gang-stalkers to do their dirty work for them. When TIs are attempting to understand why they have become a target, it would be helpful if they understood how covert sociopaths operate. I have experience with both.
Kindly re-post my very relevant Part II and Part III to my discussion with Chat-I so that people can refer to them and ask me questions privately if required. Or, I can re-post them for you if you like as they were copied to the bottom of www.pfi.rocks/minnesota/
Thank you

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Note from the moderators:

Two day ban.

I removed your posts on chat. It does not seem to be about the topics of this sub.

They are long and difficult to read.

It is laudable that you removed the account name of the one that you chatted with.

Take some time to consider how you want to use this sub.

THe ban is short. If you message that it is unfair it will be increased.

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re: You’ve been temporarily banned from participating in r/Gangstalking

to /r/Gangstalking sent just now
(20200917 11:42) Why, specifically, was I banned when many sociopaths hire gang-stalkers to do their dirty work for them? When TIs are attempting to understand why they have become a target, it would be helpful if they understood how covert sociopaths operate. I have experience with both.

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(20201108 08:39) Absolutely. I am currently in court to do just this. Our local child protection agency is essentially a terrorist organization that kidnaps children. They illegally apprehended mine and delivered them to the sociopathic ex whom I have been attempting for divorce for EIGHT years. Ex has:

  • leveraged the CAS,
  • exploited the cracks in our law enforcement (aka gang-stalkers (“GSI-mal”))
  • benefitted from, at a minimum, gross negligence in our Crown Attorney’s Office and the Superior Court of Justice and
  • utilized general GSI-mal in an attempt to destroy me.

On Tuesday, I will be using a piece of Canadian case law, Kiska v. Moore, 2017 ONSC 6872 (https://www.canlii.org/en/on/onsc/doc/2017/2017onsc6872/2017onsc6872.pdf), to support my order for compensatory, aggravated and pecuniary damages in the amount of $10,000,000 for, among other things, the intentional infliction of emotional suffering and mental harm. If successful, I intend to use a large portion of any award to assist other victims of the CAS until they are bankrupt and the government steps in to set up legitimate child protection services with accountability and oversight.

In Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, GSI-mal operates what I have labelled The Ottawa Ticket (which targets adults) and The Ottawa Pipeline https://twb.rocks/website-content/human-trafficking-pipeline/ (which targets children). I was born and raised in a sick, sick town and never realized it until I announced to ex that I intended to divorce him with grounds: cruelty.

level 2
5 hours ago

(20201108 19:06 e.s.t.) Thank you so incredibly much. That is the sweetest compliment that I have EVER received and I have already found a way to ensure that you are with me in spirit on Tuesday. (Your spirit can piggy-back the picture of my kids that I will bring with me: I used to purchase a new bangle/bracelet for each person whom* supported me (https://twb.rocks/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/000008KJ_pfiROCKS_20200518_Photograph_Hand-Gestures_W_SAQOTU_Andee-Sea-Cae-Jak-002.jpg); however, I am a tad broke; accordingly*, I cannot buy any more jewelry at the moment. Here is a 3:33-minute audio-visual primer that I am now “distributing” in Ottawa to raise awareness on organized stalking and harassment (“GSI-mal”): https://www.dropbox.com/s/vakckjsvh7qhrrj/000184KJ_20201108_ROH_CMHA_Anonymous-Call_GSI-Mal_Ottawa_SAQOTU.mp4?dl=0

When I say “distribute”, it is because I received an unsolicited call about a week ago from someone whom* is currently in hiding; however,* has many connections in Ottawa. For the past few days I have left, at a specific location, 10 Ziplocs bags each containing 10 “carded” pfi.ROCKS buttons (https://twb.rocks/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/000184KJ_20201108_pfi.ROCKS_Button-drop_SAQOTU.jpg) that I had made in February along with 5,000 matchbooks and several self-inking stamps that I used to stamp messages such as “STOP Organized Stalking & Harassment” (https://twb.rocks/contact/). We discussed the possibility of arranging for youth to collect the buttons and “sprinkle” them around other known victims of Ottawa’s CAS because he is “quietly” working on a class action lawsuit against the Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa; in my view, a terrorist organization. Deirdre / Andeé

PS. Please know that “the good guys” took ALL of the “gang-stalking” techniques, improved upon them and used them to help me/us survive: we are empaths+, which is why we are targeted individuals (“TIs”) Directed conversation? You bet. Anonymous e-mails? Absolutely. (How else could I have possibly found a place to live in Alaska for TWO months that did not charge me ANY rent!! I flew first class from Atlanta to Alaska (just after the murder of George Floyd) on an expired, coach ticket with Delta Airlines? (Ryan Airlines permitted me to purchase a ticket when Ireland was shutting down in March.)

PPS. I also have case law under my belt for being fully acquitted after being charged with “Flight from Peace Officer” because I was simply waiting for a safe place to stop instead of yielding to whomever had managed to place a flashing light on their roof at 4:00 in the morning.

PPPS. My current defence attorney now knows that I am as much about producing citable case law as I am about rescuing my children. The logic is simple: there is ZERO point in getting my children back if these BEASTS can just do it to us OVER & OVER again. On that note, I shall leave you with this: https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=jack+white+over+and+over&view=detail&mid=AED275B62645E8090ED2AED275B62645E8090ED2&FORM=VIRE0&ru=%2fsearch%3fq%3djack%2bwhite%2bover%2band%2bover%26cvid%3db3c788edc6fc4408a616c0eb959d27e6%26pglt%3d547%26FORM%3dANNTA1%26PC%3dHCTS


*I receive comments from people learning English as their second language; therefore, I attempt to utilize proper language, grammar and punctuation when I post anything online.

vteead Mod What response have you got about the article so far from those you want to send this to (healthcare service providers, counsellors, therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists and academics).

(20201111 15:48) Why would you like to know? Or, would like some help connecting the dots? If so, here are three more:





What response have you got from those you have already sent this article to that are counselors, therapists, psychologists, psychiatrist and academics that are english speaking.

This is the question I should have asked before, as it is more clear.

If it is found useful by those you have already sent it to, then it might get translated into other languages by the organizations that employs those you have sent it to if you authorize it.

(20201111 19:05) As you can see from this e-mail: https://twb.rocks/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/000121KJ_FC-19-CP08-1_Vol01Tab02_20190801_Affidavit_wEx-E_Mohammed-Said_Photo-of-Said-and-Kiskas-weird-tongue-gesture_10_SAQOTU.pdf, I was never quiet about what was happening. I do not believe that all of the City Councillors in Ottawa are bad, just half of them. And, when I was illegally imprisoned for three months in 2019*, I had a mail campaign going that rivalled that portrayed in the movie by the late Pete Postlethwaite and Daniel Day-Lewis “In the Name of the Father”. (trailer viewable here: https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=in+the+name+of+the+father&view=detail&mid=C586EFB896A3EC5F230BC586EFB896A3EC5F230B&FORM=VIRE0&mmscn=tpvh&ru=%2fsearch%3fq%3din%2bthe%2bname%2bof%2bthe%2bfather%26cvid%3d7dd84959f0114e1d911a38a48e925da0%26pglt%3d547%26FORM%3dANNTA1%26PC%3dHCTS)

Following my 20191108 anti-Charter gag order granted by Justice Kevin B. Phillips (former Crown prosecutor, tsk-tsk) for my ex’s friend (Crown prosecutor Malcolm Savage), I had over 750 followers on one of my LinkedIn profiles before I was kicked out of there in November 2019: by January 17, 2020 I converted to another mail campaign, viewable here: https://twb.rocks/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/06bv-20200117-PFI-Mail-Campaign-to-750-LinkedIn-Followers-other-1.pdf.

If these BEASTS were determined to take me out, I was NOT going to go out quietly.

If they “win”, I will exit via hunger strike which I already began to prepare for** after celebrating my 54th birthday in jail with a peanut butter and jam sandwich (ten days no food, three days no water in order to get transferred from the “Lindsay Lockdown” … which should be shut down by public health due to the degree of SEWAGE and FILTH and DAYS of ZERO access to showers/phones/etcetera as guards call in “sick” on rotation so one is locked in their cell 24/7 for four-to-? days at a time. || I have not even been convicted of anything yet for #$%&’s sakes! No record, no priors, no nothing. Just a target.)

*I try to always keep at least $800 in my wallet so that when I am next arrested I will be able to purchase stamped envelopes, paper and coffee from prison canteen. ($60/week maximum permitted)

**Regarding food: Day #3 was the most difficult and then it was super easy. (Sudoku and spy novels help; so does the “quality” of prison food. If not hunger-striking, ask for a kosher diet to obtain real fool.) ||Regarding water, you start to get really thirsty by day three; but, your blood pressure drops through the floor by then so they need to either transport you to a hospital for an IV or “help” by transferring you to wherever it is that you want to go. I was transferred back to Ottawa as requested.

(20201111 17:56) Think of it as a modern-day “Think Tank”. Like-minded individuals recognize that PEOPLE need PROTECTION, INFORMATION and SOLUTIONS … NOW. Society is in a state of emergency. Anyone who “knows” me would know that I could care less about copyright. The information in the article is already being consumed and multi-purposed.

I have written about “GSI-ben*” before on Reddit: it utilizes the same techniques as “GSI-mal**” except for information sharing and support instead stalking and harassment.

I receive anonymous texts, e-mails, calls and lately a lot of kudos via directed conversation-type events which is AWESOME because I had to survive on my own for five years with zero support. GSI-ben picked me up at the end of 2018.

*GSI-ben = Gang Stalk International – Benevolent

**GSI-mal = Gang Stalk International – Malevolent

(15:56) vteead: it has already BEEN translated. Do I need to explain?