Why should non-Sociopaths leave Ottawa?*

It’s completely infested with organized crime, domestic terrorism & human trafficking.

July 26, 2019 Photograph of John Kiska sticking out his tongue and giving his ex-wife, Deirdre Moore,
the finger as he phones his friends at Ottawa Police Services to arrange for her criminalization.

by Deirdre Moore, (former) CFA, BBA (20221010)

(Insert introduction re: Twitter friend who DMs me about one of their followers who is also a TI and so now I am attempting to help him: Dave Atkins)

Dear Dave,

Perhaps a few TikToks that evidence what they’ve done to you? Here’s a 10-minute example:

  1. TikTok Video #1 (01:23)
  2. TikTok Video #2 (01:39)
  3. TikTok Video #3 (01:58)
  4. TikTok Video #4 (01:47)
  5. TikTok Video #5 (01:40)
  6. TikTok Video #6 (01:40)



Insert documents/videos referred to: PhISH overview video , Royal Ottawa




(Describe TDVCA) & link to illustration provided at www.pfi.ROCKS/organized-crime/vis


Select a few of the crooked judges & demonstrate criminal activity

*Arguably Ontario … and even Canada?

Other evidence of gang-stalking:

1. Apple’s iPhone: Exhibit A

Note: When I stated that John Kiska was not paying any support, that wasn’t quite true: he paid so little support and next none of Sean and Cate’s expenses that it may as well have been zero. Details soon at pfi.ROCKS/organized-crime/vis/Julie-Audet

Excerpt from Deirdre Moore’s TOH hospital file evidencing how it relied on sociopath John Kiska’s lies to unlawfully, detain her for two months and for daily ingestion of poison for a disease she did not have; all so #JohnKiska could gain strategic advantage in his wicked, long-term, divorce strategy: the “Pump & Dump”.

2. Apple’s iPhone: Exhibit B

  • x


Insert details

3. Apple’s iPhone: Exhibit C

  • x


Insert details