last updated on November 18, 2020: This section is still under wraps:

Please be patient: it is such a personal exercise that, possibly, it is better left private than public due to the many different ways that one can interpret and/or exploit the feelings that you have about art (including music).

An Introduction to Introspection-based Therapy (“IBT”) developed by people with lived experience who know how to experience living.

  • Book
  • Workbook
  • Guide for Therapists
  • IBT Kit
    • Music Therapy: link to personalized, compilation vinyl demo: 8 LPs pressed at ?Third Man Records and sent by mail? (It would be helpful if there were local options; however, currently, there are not.)
    • Art Therapy: intro to evidence collage photography, cartooning, drawing, painting, colouring, collage, etcetera
    • Literary Therapy: poetry, investigative reporting, journaling, reading aloud, etcetera

S A M P L E R    K I T


RELAX with Passion Pit

I’ve got your number


CHANNEL RAGE with Eminem while watching the evening news with the volume off


I’m Shakin’ to CELEBRATE with Jack White

Tropicalia to RAGE/CELEBRATE with Beck

Why? Grrrr. (redo, correct errors, pay Reuters for photo)

Freestyle Radio Pheonix to VENT* with Orelson


Smells like Teen Spirit to VENT with Kurt Cobain after watching:

  • California drilling water tables to support agriculture in a desert.
  • Nevada is testing ?not-salt?.
    1. We know that Nevada has a lot of lithium.
    2. Helium is number 2 and lithium is number 3 in the periodic table of elements.
    3. We wonder what is floating around near the Dugway Proving Grounds and why?
  • Meanwhile, water has either been diverted from up North or totally mismanaged to flood New York to Ohio (insert) and Missouri down to Kansas City (insert) as Montana’s rivers are very thirsty (insert) and San Diego? Parched. (insert)
  • On June 28th, just before the long weekend, Niagara Falls, U.S. was mostly boarded up. Four-bedroom houses sell for $25,000.


Based on what I saw in California, it was almost hard to detect my nausea when I arrived back in Ottawa. Almost, but not quite.

Think that taxpayer-funded violence against women and children is bananas? So does Gwen Stefani with Hollaback Girl!

Self Esteem to VENT with The Offspring in recognition of the cycle that feeds itself and Come Out & Play to KEEP VENTING


Thunder to STRATEGIZE and Believer to PRIORITIZE with Imagine Dragons


… to be MOTIVATED … with Eminem and (insert evening news)


The entire No. 5 Collaborations Project – Extended Play to SURVIVE with Ed Sheeran


Bohemian Rhapsody to APPRECIATE the fact that brilliantly-theatrical, musically-gifted, boundary-pushing vocalists like Freddie Mercury were here.


Over and Over to APPRECIATE the fact that brilliantly-poetic, lightning-fast, boundary-pushing guitarists like  Jack White are here.**


Mondo Bondo to CHILL with Joe Strummer (of The Clash)

I’m a Creep to CHILL with Radiohead

The Sweater Song to CHILL with Weezer

Ball and Biscuit to CHILL with The White Stripes

… to CHILL with Metallica


Flower Duet to be MESMERIZED during the operatic chorus by Anna Netrebko and Elina Garanca (Lakmé de Delibes).

versus the soundwave chaos (insert) by ….


Morning to REJUVENATE to Beck and then GET READY FOR THE DAY with Brain Stew / Jaded.


IMPORTANT: We are not pro-singles: we are pro-albums. However, when it comes to anxiety management we are pro-compilations. We only use music that we have purchased. We do not stream or steal music and we do not support companies that rip off our musical artists by streaming music for prices so low that royalties (intended to compensate our musical artists for their investment of time, money and heart) are virtually non-existent.

  • Amazon? We have to agree with John Oliver on this one. Amazon is a monster company that is out of control. We are trying to “Think Twice”.
  • Apple? A is for Apple … and Aggravating : Assumes, All, Artists, And, Audiences, Are, Always, Accepting, Awful, Anti-trust***, Activities, Ad infinitum. Anyone, Agree? Avoid?
  • Google? (re-format and link article re shareholder abuse and corporate toxicity)

*Sometimes, we need to vent with a different language: that way we can “share” anger in general without arguing over which specific part of society is the most horrific.


Music therapy and Art Therapy can be healthy supplements to treatment plans prescribed for mental exhaustion:

American Music Therapy Association

Anxiety Panda


To Do: Sample compilation for children? Little Dicky and others like? Leonardo DiCaprio

And those who promote environmentalist ambitions and may be lesser known in North America, such as: Xavier Rudd from Australia, a friend of Leonardo DiCaprio: listen here