Civil Action #3: The 2019 $500,000 Eviction Scam

Deirdre Moore and Khaldoon Habib-Allah et al.

Moore’s Motion Record for June 7, 2022 Hearing

Doc# Description/Nature Date Ref/Link
1 2017 MPAC assessment and deed of Moore’s matrimonial home 2017xxxx


Aff#1 Ex-V
2 OPSB files excerpt re: how sexual assault allegations are investigated 20151015 Factum T-17
3 Interim Shared Parenting Agreement 20161213 Factum T-4
4 Excerpt from corporate website re: evidence of bank-assisted fraud re RBC 20171021 Aff#2 ex-G
5 Precedent-setting decision of Madam Justice D. Summers re Amended Answer 20171116 Factum T-6
6 Letter of support for Moore from multiple sources 20180224 –


Factum T-22
7 Office of the Children’s Lawyer Report – excerpt only 20180718 Factum T-5
8 Sample Covert Fraud Strategy used by a spouse who intends to go for jugular 20180816 Aff#1 ex-E
9 Testimony: Kiska stated he would “go for the jugular”/“spend his last dollar 20180816 Factum T-8
10 Moore’s SCJ Submission to Justice Tracy Engelking 20181231 Factum T-9
11 E-mail 10 of 10 to CAS re: Submission to Engelking 20181231 Factum T-10
12 Two CYFSA Orders against Moore despite their evidence of ongoing domestic violence 20190206


Aff#1 ex-A
13 CYFSA endorsement, order and unserved/late-filed affidavit 20190408 Factum T-11
14 NCR opinion based entirely of lies of Kiska and companion sister 20190408 Factum T-12
15 RTA eviction of Moore from her home without her knowledge; theft of $500,000 in property 20190408 Factum T-13
16 Kiska’s e-mail to eviction paralegal Stoll 20190515 Aff#1 ex-B
17 Unanswered May to June 2019 correspondence with RBC’s David McDonald 20190603 Aff#2 ex-F
18 Unanswered correspondence with supposed landlord “Allah” 20190624




Aff#1 ex-D
19 Suzanne Sviergula’s Draft Discovery Plan re: Moore’s Civil Action against Victor Vallance Blais LLP 20190701 Aff#1 ex-R
20 E-mail from Kiska to CAS Executive Director Kelly Raymond looking for “guidance” 20190715 Factum T-14
21 Excerpts from Kiska’s interview with OPSB re: criminal harassment 20190726 Factum T-15
22 OPSB charge sheet, defamatory police report and interview transcript 20190726/27 Factum T-16
23 Non-Communication Order preventing Moore from contacting children 20190727 Factum T-18
24 E-mail from CAS to Kiska’s lawyer Smith celebrating Moore’s arrest 20190730 Factum T-19
25 Justice Engelking reduces support order and cancels September divorce 20190809 Factum T-23
26 OPSB’s Ottawa Police Victim Crisis Unit number, file and complaint 20191104 Aff#1 ex-C
27 Notice of Application served on Moore by OCA’s Savage to obtain an anti-Charter gag order for Kiska 20191106 Factum T-27
28 Response to OCA’s Malcolm Savage’s Notice of Application for an anti-Charter gag order 20191107 Factum T-26a

Factum T-26b

29 Edited release order (i.e. gag order) granted against Moore using “broad judicial powers” 20191108 Factum T-25
30 Order of Justice J. Audet — evidence of court-assisted fraud 20191120 Factum T-7
31 Sample of Kiska’s mockery via e-transfer related to S. 300 of the Criminal Code 20191128 Aff#2 ex-C
32 $250,000 lien against Moore’s matrimonial home placed by lawyers Gonrn Snir & Joseph Addelman who work “working” for the CAS & the Crown, respectively, for Kiska’s benefit & my demise 20191128 Factum T-32
33 E-mail from OPS Sgt. Alex Bender 20191220 Doc033
34 Threat of legal action by RBC 20200121 Aff#2 ex-D
35 E-mail to RBC re: its threat of legal action, threat of legal action 20200202 Aff#1 ex-Q
36 Screenshot of SAQOTU Inc.’s website: pfi.ROCKS Archives! for the year 2020 20200330 Aff#2 ex-B
37 February to March 2020 correspondence with RBC’s lawyer, Michael Cassone 20200330 Aff#2 ex-E
38 Orders resulting from scandalous CYFSA Summary Judgment Motion against Moore 20201214


Factum T-20
39 Moore’s cost submission which evidenced that Sviergula lied to the court 20210321 Aff#1 ex-S
40 E-mail thread re: Moore’s attempts to obtain the eviction documents 20210322 Factum T-30
41 Excerpt from my 202204 Release Order (following the Crown’s new anti-Charter conditions) 20210409 Aff#1 ex-F
42 Endorsement dismissing defendants’ Rule 2.1.01 Requisitions 20210510 Aff#1 ex-G
43 E-mail from civil lawyer re: guidance on how to improve claim 20210521 Aff#1 ex-H
44 First invoice (redacted) from new defence attorney who is not “working” for Kiska 20210616 Aff#1 ex-J
45 Fresh Amended Statement of Claim 20210924 Aff#1 ex-I
46 Extract from SCJ’s scandalous dismissal of my CYFSA Appeal 20211220 Aff#1 ex-U
47 Excerpt from SCJ Divisional courts scandalous dismissal of Moore’s CYFSA appeal 20211220 Factum T-28
48 E-mail from VVB’s lawyer Susanne Sviergula to Allah’s lawyer Moore re: unpaid costs awarded for an illegally-brought/deceptively argued Rule 21 Motion (w cost award) 20220117 Factum T-24
49 Decision-free endorsement from another SCJ panel denying me leave to appeal Justice Pamela MacEachern’s scandalous 20210609 Family court order 20220121 Aff#1 ex-T
50 Scandalous dismissal of Moore’s Family court appeal without reasons but with some arbitrary cost award. 20220121 Factum T-29
51 Affidavit of OPSB: false statements of fact, refusal to investigate 20220223 Factum T-33
52 Endorsement scheduling the dates for my materials and requesting Reply Affidavits and Reply Factums from the Moving Parties 20220328 Aff#1 ex-L
53 Decision to Adjourn Rule 21 20220308 Motion due to inadequate scheduling 20220328 Factum T-2
54 Endorsement of Justice H.J. Williams staying Kemgni’s Action one week before it becomes statute-barred in the Province of Quebec 20220401 Aff#1 ex-M
55 Letter from Moore’s defence attorney stating that most charges withdrawn 20220401 Factum T-21
56 Letter from defence attorney re: status of criminal proceedings 20220405 Aff#1 ex-K
57 Retainer agreement with Quebec civil lawyer 20220406 Aff#1 ex-N
58 Draft Amended Statement of Claim against Kiska re: collusion with Quebec-based psychiatrist prior to my house being emptied 20220406 Aff#1 ex-O
59 Affidavit #1 of Moore 20220407 Aff#1 and list of exhibits
60 List of Rules being used to terminate this claim by defendant 20220407 Aff#1 ex-P
61 Illustrative Overview of Ottawa’s Organized Crime Syndicate re: The Ottawa Ticket 20220408 Factum T-1
62 Originating document against Dr. Paule Kemgni in the Quebec 20220408 Factum T-31
63 Affidavit of Service for Affidavit #1 20220419 Aff1 Aff of Service
64 Supplemental Affidavit of Moore 20220419 Aff#2 and list of exhibits
65 Affidavit of Service for April 7th Affidavit 20220419 Aff#2 Ex-A
66 Transcript from previous 20220308 hearing adjourning the Rule 21 Motion to June 7, 2022 20220422 Factum T-3
66.1 Factum with list to tabs (not linked) 20220505  Factum and list
67 Excerpt: Cost Submission re: Kemgni 20220506 Doc067
68 Letter to sentencing judge from social worker Catherine Sullivan 20220509 Doc068
69 Correspondence with Civil Desk 20220511 Doc069
70 Threat from OPSB re: vexatious litigant 20220519 Doc070
71 Letter re: Conditional Discharge 20220525 Doc071
72 Revised Factum for inclusion in Motion Record 20220531 Revised Factum w links
73 Invitation to Caselines day before deadline with stark warning: “You must follow the rules” (see Doc #13 and tell that to Calum MacLeod) 20220531 Doc073
74 Affidavit of Service (Revised Factum) w proof of filing nonsense 20220601 Doc074
75 Affidavit of Service (re-service of Affidavits, original Factum) with evidence of labelling/filing nonsense 20220601 Doc075
76 Affidavit of service on “landlord” missed in e-mail thread 20220601 Doc076
77 Revised Affidavit #1 with hyperlinks for inclusion in Motion Record 20220601 Revised Aff#1 w Links
78 Revised Affidavit #2 with hyperlinks for inclusion in Motion Record 20220601 Revised Aff#2 w Links