2022 “Pre-sentencing Package”

Why Justice Jonathan Brunet needs to recuse himself from my criminal proceedings? His facilitation of ongoing malicious prosecution (a violation of S. 465(1)(b) in the CCC) on 20210521 given the evidence filed with the court: see “The Smoking Gun of ’21” at He denied my request for Third-party Records that were required for my full defense.

20210721 letter written by new so-called criminal defence attorney, Alyssa Jervis: “[Moore] … could not have been causing mischief … or unlawfully in a dwelling …

20220524 transcript: Alyssa Jervis, Crown’s Mike Boyce, OCJ’s Jonathan Brunet … and me.

20220509 Cover Letter to pre-Sentencing Package prepared by Social Worker Catherine Sullivan which referred to my documents contained in this massive, evidence-laden Motion Record:(viewable here: and being re-published[1] below for your convenience:

20220505 Factum with links to 33 tabs

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  • 20220407 Affidavit #1 with list of 22 exhibits (A-V)

    Ex A – 
    Ex B – 
    Ex C – 
    Ex D – 
    Ex E – 
    Ex F – 
    Ex G – 
    Ex H – 
    Ex I – 
    Ex J – 
    Ex K – 
    Ex L – 
    Ex M – 
    Ex N – 
    Ex O – 
    Ex P – 
    Ex Q – 
    Ex R – 
    Ex S – 
    Ex T – 
    Ex U – 
    Ex V –

[1] 2023 Attempts to communicate with the former defence attorney, Crown prosecutors, court and Ministry of the Attorney General regarding above 2022 “Pre-sentencing Package” are evidenced in this 20231024 evidence-laden e-mail here: