Girl Named Dee

Inspired by: (a) my 20230812 conscience-free, clueless Twitter trolls south of the border: & (b) two Ottawa-based Shysters: Gonen Snir & Joe Addelman


More karaoke ideas? See Mummygate Rolling Credits

Work-in-progress Mummygate Soundtrack

Interested in Sociopathy & Psychiatry?

Some resources being developed and added here:

Who’s Andeé Sea Cae Jak?

A work-in-progress … viewable here:

Dedicated to harbourers of court-enabled organized crime, Borden Ladner Gervais LLP

Take One is now available here: and the Karaoke version & sheet music is now available here.


I’ve already confirmed the dates and time

of my five-province tour, so sublime;

public transit-enabled: sorry, but hope you see.


The #Mummygate Awareness Tour

has been on hold ( 🙄  that’s for sure):

We’d like to see it happen in 2023.


Systemic harassment in Newfoundland*

really helped me to comprehend,

how Sick&Twisted Canada truly is.


At the end of the day, some might say,

It’s all Smoke&Mirrors (a satanic play):

focus on money, YOLO, it’s all “biz”.


While I’d love to join you on the 8th,

Sorry the timing’s really isn’t great:

We’ll have to set another, after that.


Hope capital of Canada, Ottawa

can understand there is no law

that says I must agree: Eh? How ‘bout that?


September 19? That will do.

(I’ll have more evidence, unlike you,

who continues to be blind; and just roll the dice.)


See I’ve been blessed and in the know,

(despite Doug Ford’s Ontario)

it’s time for me to leave this Paradise.


So let me know if you’re OK

with Fortier’s hearing (oooh, can’t wait 🤞)

to find out how she’ll break the law with glee.


Acknowledge this in your sweet time:

my schedule’s set without a dime.

God Bless,