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S. Jones, boy

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Undated photograph of Ontario’s Premier Doug Ford

What is the Crown Corporation?” by Greg Scott

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What’s up with all the Unicorns?” a multi-contributor, work-in-progress exposé

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To my children,

No matter what, my Sean & my Cate, know lying is their thing.
To get you back, please always know:
your mummy sued the King.


Andeé Sea Cae Jak

Link to YouTube recording of Karaoke Cover> REPALCE LINKS> English … of “S. Jones, boy” (lyrics sheet).

Mills Brothers’ original “S. Jones, boy”

Well, who’s not talking about S. Jones, boy;
not with joy.
She’s so coy.
There’s something really quite wrong with Jones, boy:
She acts might peculiar now.
to be continued
Artists: ?Mills Brothers?. For non-commercial use only.


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intro … [soldier drums]


intro … [?circus theme but use poppet cover aka 202005 Seven Nation Army?] OR keep the “this is war” snare drums???

Verse 1

“The problem’s all inside your head”, they said to me.

“You’re simply paranoid, too ill; yes, just too ill to see. But we can help you, yes?

Just go to the pharmacy!

[We must have 50 ways to [***] you over.]”

Verse 2

They said, “we’re sorry this is happening to you.

It’s not uncommon at your age, so please don’t misconstrue; and, never question this: you’ll be quite sorry if you do.

[‘Cause, we’ve fifty ways to [***] you over.]”

🎶 Chorus

Just swallow this pill, Jill.
We call it a med, Ned.
Don’t ask how it’s made, Jade.
You’re in good company

Sit back and relax, Jax.
Don’t question our psyche facts!
Compliance is key, Leigh.
[Just trussst usss, you’ll sssee.]

🔁 Sing this twice for the full chorus OR create another eight lines. Add a chorus revealing how Sigmund Freud = Sick-mind Fraud

Verse 3

One day I realized their words had zero base.

I sat there and I listened (no expression on my face). I just stared right back:

unsure of where to place disgrace.

[They must have 50 ways to [***] us over.

Verse 4

Psychosis isn’t just a symptom as they said.

It’s actually “higher knowledge”: know that this is what they dread. They dread you learning that:

your IQ’s not what’s in your head.

[And, they have 50 ways to [***] you over: 50 ways to [***] you over.

🎶 Repeat Chorus

 My chorus will have musical accompaniment that is very simple upbeat chord transitions that can be strum, sang, whistled or …..

Karaoke lyrics, by Andeé Jak (& friends 😉), inspired by new Chair of Ottawa Police Services Board, Child Psychiatrist and Royal Ottawa MHC’s Chief of Staff Gail Yenta Beck and all of those involved in the satanic hoax that is the psychiatric industry. (Shoot, I forgot to mention ROMHC’s crooked psychiatrist Zeynep Selam[an] and Suroit Hospital’s Paule Kemgni.


intro … [something musical & ?francophone-ish?]

Verset 1

Bien sur, le problème est dans votre tête », m’ont-ils dit.

« Vous êtes tout simplement paranoïaque ; trop malade, trop malade ma pauvare cherie ; Mais, nous pouvons vous aider. Vas-y à la pharmacie : [nous avons cinquante façons que vous emmerder.]

Verset 2





🎶 Chœur

Mange la pilule, Jule.
C’est un médicament, Jean.
Demands-pas comment c’est fait, Mae
Vos gens sont bon. 

Relâchez-vous, Lou
Acceptez notre point de vu
La conformité est la clé
Faites-nous confiance, vous verrez

(Chantez deux foix ou écrivez un autre version.)

Verset 3


Verset 4



🎶 Répéter le refrain

Songwriter: So far, still just Andeé Jak (& friends 😉).


intro … [ooooh, guitar??]


Songwriter: Paul Simon. For non-commercial use only.