Say a Prayer for Sharon

Inspired by: (a) my 20230812 conscience-free, clueless Twitter trolls south of the border: & (b) two Ottawa-based Shysters: Gonen Snir & Joe Addelman


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Dedicated to the OPSB’s Cheryl Cross & Sharon Jefferson

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Verse 1

Well I was shocked, when I did see
some cop said they had queried me.
We never spoke: thanks Sharon.

I googled and I tried to find
some details: was she out of line?
Just Sunshine list: thanks Sharon.

(chorus 1)

Bribery or extortion, why did she choose to lie
and pad the police file; not just hold her head up high.
That brought FIVE more charges
That I had to deny, thanks Sharon.

Sharon? Say some Prayers for Sharon.

Eleven long years trying to leave a sociopath,
if I worked at her precinct I would try to hide the math
of how much has been spent to
enable Kiska’s wrath, thanks Sharon.

Sharon? Say some Prayers for Sharon.

Verse 2

She probably meant their database;
not speaking to me, face-to-face.
She did not much, thanks Sharon.

Relying on the previous lies
the case grew larger; no surprise.
Just ticked the box, thanks Sharon.

(chorus 2)

Maybe she’s just lazy, didn’t see all my reports.
Pleas for help recorded; but, just ended up as torts.
I’m still tied up in this mess that’s in every single court, thanks Sharon.

Sharon? Say some Prayers for Sharon.

Next time when she’s writing maybe she can be more clear;
state she checked the files, just relied upon a peer,
Would be nice if somone called me, maybe next year?


Thanks Cheryl. 😐