Newfoundland RNC Police Report #4

27-JUL-2023 (last updated 20230727 09:51 NL)

Gardiner Roberts, Snir, Addelman et al.: Fraud, Theft, False Sworn Statement, Forgery, Disobey a Statute & much, much more.

PDF version of this RNC #4 at time of 20230727 filing (redacted) || RNC Police Complaint #3 OPSB et al. re Torture, Human Trafficking, Domestic Terrorism – redacted || ||  RNC Police Complaint #2 Fraud (via Civil court) – redacted || RNC Police Complaint #1 Fraud (via Family court) 

Organized crime enabled by law firms:  Borden Ladner Gervais, Nelligan Law, McCarthy Law, Bell Baker , Cavanagh & Victor Vallance Blais & more. Seriously, who’s not involved? 

A.  INTRODUCTION (edited to fit 5,000 word, RNC online submission limit)

  1. I’ve lost everything including my children, career, wardrobe, art/jewellery, furniture, car, cat & dog. This is RNC complaint #4: an extension to the 3-part exposure of the Ottawa-based crime syndicate I call the #TDVCA Syndicate (“Syndicate”) that involves 200+ Taxpayer-funded/enabled individuals who perpetuate Domestic Violence and Child Abuse:
    1. RNC Complaint #3 (redacted) #2023-39068 is here:; and on 20230714 I was informed by Cst. C. Conroy that I would be contacted once the file was assigned.
    2. RNC Complaint #2 (redacted) is here:; however, it has yet to be assigned and I have more evidence to add as Kemgni’s lawyer, Celéste Perrault-Levésque of Montreal, Quebec knowingly lied in its Statement of Defence to avoid civil liability.
    3. RNC Complaint #1 (redacted) is here: It was assigned RNC #2023-12441 and transferred to OPS Const. Stephanie Glenn on 20230523 by RNC’s Lisa Pyke. I had additional evidence to add to this file too; however, on 20230711, I was advised by Const. Glenn at (613) 236-1222 x4157 that her supervisor “Matt Renic” told her to close the file (relabelled OPS #23-161630) and deem it “a civil matter”.
  1. Details of above and how this Syndicate is tied to an international human trafficking operation are available here:; but, I have much more evidence and testimony to provide.
  2. Also, RCMP Ontario has been informed of my ever-growing body of evidence being added to www.pfi.ROCKS via Superintendent Matt Peggs’ office who returned my calls on 20230713 is aware.


  1. To attempt to put an ended to the malicious prosecution by the Ottawa’s Crown (“OCA”) Attorney’s Office and the malicious persecution by the Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa (“CAS”) and my impossible-to-divorce husband John Kiska (“Kiska”), I retained two lawyers:
    1. Defence Attorney Joe Addelman and
    2. Family/CAS lawyer Gonen Snir.
  1. Instead of helping me, however, Addelman assisted the OCA to maliciously prosecute me and Snir assisted the CAS and Kiska to permanently rip my children from my life and bury me financially.
  2. They did this while placing a $250,000 lien on my matrimonial home worth $1M+ and even though I fired both of them, they refused to remove this lien even though I face poverty and homelessness.


  1. Accordingly, before fleeing Ottawa for safety 20220801, I sued them for damages that included the value of my property (that they effectively stole) and pecuniary damages due to their court-enabled torts and crimes: $3.5M plus costs. Aside:
    1. The Ontario-based, Superior Court of Justice (“SCJ”) judiciary officials that assisted Addelman and Snir in the crimes of theft, fraud, torture, human trafficking and domestic terrorism included: Pamela MacEachern, Catherine Aitken, Mark Shelston and Marc Smith (following crime committed by Julie Audet, Tracy Engelking, Calum MacLeod, J.P. Paul Harris and others.
    2. The OCA-positioned member that worked most closely with Addelman was Malcolm Savage; however, Mike Boyce, Moiz Karimjee and John Ramsay also helped to “set the stage” before Addelman was retained.
    3. Several Ottawa Police Services Board (“OSDB”)-positioned Syndicate members also helped to “set the stage” that I was a criminal and mentally ill—both demonstrably false and merely orchestrated/fabricated by Kiska and his Syndicate-positioned allies.
  1. In 2023—following service of a Fresh Claim—Addelman and Snir hired two law firms to represent them; namely, Nelligan O’Brien Payne LLP (“Nelligan”) and Gardiner Roberts LLP (“Gardiner Roberts”), respectively.
  2. This new group of legal pianhas (Ottawa-based Craig O’Brien, Nathan Wichers-Schreur et al. and Toronto-based James Cook, Delila Bicik, Neesa Craven et al.) have already committed multiple counts of multiple crimes including, but not limited to:
    1. 134(2) False Sworn Statement
    2. 366(1) Forgery and
    3. those ascribed to them pursuant to S. 21(1) Parties to Offense or S. 23(1) Accessory after the fact as noted at para. 7 above.
  1. The judiciary officials who have assisted this group in delaying my civil action—while OPSB prepares to have me shut out of Civil court via a vexatious Application as described in RNC complaint #2023-39068 described at para. 1 a) above—include SCJ’s associate judge Marie T. Fortier and judge Sylvia Corthorn.
  2. A Motion for this matter is scheduled to be heard virtually via Zoom at 10:00 a.m. on 20230801 and partial evidence/details of crimes alleged are available:
    2. and

however, I have much, much more.

Deirdre Moore

(613) 848-6832

20230727 Confirmation of receipt from: