Newfoundland RNC Police Report #2

submitted 13-APR-2023

(pre-2019 to present) Court-enabled+ Fraud (Civil)

This NL Police #2 Complaint  redacted PDF version  ||  20230221 NL Police Complaint #1  ||  202304xx draft NL Police Complaint #3   ||  Malicious 2022 NL Crown Charges (until exposed)  ||  (insert link)  ||  30-minute introduction to judicial corruption



  1. Please sections A and C of 20230221 RNC complaint #2023-12441 also viewable here: for additional context/testimony/evidence. (Also, RNC Officer Rossiter re: file #0403857)


  1. On March 14, 2019, Moore was falsely accused by Quebec Provincial Police for “Flight from Peace Officer” while en route to an important Family court hearing in Ontario and denied bail. Forced to undergo a “fitness to stand trial” psychiatric assessment by Quebec Crown prosecutor Patrick Cardinal, she was sent to Suroit Hospital in Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, Quebec and assigned to Dr. Paule Kemgi.
  2. Instead of doing any “psychiatric assessment”, Kemgni ignored Moore’s testimony and evidence of severe domestic violence; instead, she chose to document Kiska’s malicious lies about her mental health and create a defamatory “Not Criminally Responsible” opinion that could be leveraged by Kiska for further gaslighting of her children and court-enabled crime.
  3. Specifically, Kemgni intentionally detained Moore for a full three weeks unnecessarily so that:
    1. her well-appointed 3-bedroom home could be emptied without her knowledge via an Eviction Scam while everyone knew she was detained (some details here: ),
    2. Kiska could continue to alienate her from her children via ANOTHER cruel, illegally-obtained, unlawful court order (all of the evidence is contained in this massive appeal file:[REDACTED,due to illegally-obtained, unlawful 20220524 Probation Order viewable here: So, contact me if you’d like the link]; however, it would be easier if I could assist a detective with respect to which laws have been broken, how and why) and
    3. she could date her scandalous “Not Criminally Responsible” opinion for April 8, 2019; the same date as the orchestrated “Eviction Order” and illegally obtained “Custody/Access/Restraining Order”. 3 x 2019-0408 …. what a coincidence.


  1. On April 6 2021, Moore initiated a civil action against Kemgni and Kiska for their collusion and sought multiple damages. Justice Heather Williams (“Williams”) ignored her evidence of collusion and converted Moore’s valid claim into a $10,000 cost award for Kemgni’s lawyers (Anne Tardif et al.) at Gowling WLG and forced Moore to re-issue new claims against Kemgni and Kiska separately (causing additional costs to her, further delay justice &, effectively, shelving the obvious issue of malicious collusion). Evidence that was available to Williams is available here: [REDACTED,due to illegally-obtained, unlawful 20220524 Probation Order viewable here: So, contact me if you’d like the link]
  2. Other testimony evidence is being linked here: &
    (François Guay-Racine of Gowling WLG, Charlotte Watson of Bell Baker LLP are simply other lawyers who are Accessories after the fact. Many more Accessories are listed on a draft page here:


  1. By April 8 2022, Moore managed to re-issue the claim against Kemgni who re-retained McCarthy Tétrault (“McCarthy”)(where Alain Tardif practices): their multiple crimes given S. 21(1) of the Criminal Code of Canada (“CCC”), Parties to Offence continued.
  2. On April 6 2023, following months of unnecessarily delay and ongoing legal bullying, McCarthy contacted Moore regarding their request for delay.
  3. On April 10 2023, Moore responded with an evidence-laden, revised Application as theirs contained a level of error, omission and malicious obfuscation that one could only describe it as a total lie designed to further harbour the crimes committed by Kemgni and Kiska. Details are viewable here:
  4. On April 11, 2023, McCarthy chose to reject Moore’s revisions and submitted this Application to the court: “swearing” that its statements were “true”. Their participation in organized crime is now “beyond a reasonable doubt”. This is court-enabled fraud, obstruction of justice, torture, etc. that’s been ongoing for years. It’s systematized, it’s horrific, it’s taxpayer-funded and it’s being evidenced here:

PS. My 30-minute introduction to the judicial corruption is available here:

PPS. Note that this syndicate has links to international human targeting and human trafficking as described in this evidence-laden, voiced-over video available here:  

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E.  POST 20230413 UPDATE

  1. On 2023xxxx, the fraudulently-obtained cost award for Kemgni’s benefit is planned for ?Cate’s 16th birthday? November 30, 2023?



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20190408 > 12,12 > 3,3 > 6: So, three events detrimental to Moore with a “condensed date” of 6 so the sick&twisted sociopaths who run Ottawa can mark the occasion with their “666” like the good little Satanists that they are. Ottawa has been infiltrated with these little beasts: 

SCJ Divisional Judge Matheson is also guilty of participating in the denial of my 2021 appeal of the scandalous, illegally-obtained and unlawful CYFSA orders against me—evidence available is under password protection here as required. He and his two judicial accomplices had all of the documents contained in this list prior to illegally denying Moore’s appeal. The reasons for their decision evidence their clear involvement in #TDVCA.