Ottawa Police Services Board v. Deirdre Moore

CV-21-00087056 Civil Action by Moore & CV-23-00091267 Retaliatory Manoeuvre by OPSB 

OPSB Application to avoid liability and further torture Moore

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001 The Applicant, Ottawa Police Services Board (hereinafter the “Applicant”), make this application for:
   (a) An Order pursuant to section 140 of the Courts of Justice Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. C.43 prohibiting the Respondent, Deirdre Moore (“Ms. Moore” or the “Respondent”) from instituting further proceedings in any Court except by leave of a Judge of the Superior Court of Justice and an Order that any proceeding previously instituted by the Respondent in any Court not be continued;
   (b) An Order that the costs of this application be made payable by the Respondent to the Applicant in an amount to be fixed by this Honourable Court; and
   (c) Such further and other relief as to this Honourable Court may seem just.

Emphasis added: likely, they’ll be looking for another anti-Charter, unlawful, illegally-obtained gag order of which I’ve already collected several … including the one that I can’t shake from Newfoundland viewable here.

This evidences how OPSB intends to convert my valid civil action against them into a cost award in their favour via one of the many crooked judges that they have at their disposal at the Ottawa Courthouse. Some of them are identified in work-in-progress page here. So far, only Master Fortier who scheduled the 20231005 hearing. It’s possible she knows nothing of this scandalous situation (probable? hardly)      
002 The grounds for the application are:          
a The Respondent, Ms. Moore, married Jonathan Kiska (“Mr. Kiska”) in July 2000.
They have two children together (the “Children”).Ms. Moore began experiencing mental heath issues in February 2013, including psychotic episodes and a diagnosis of bipolar affective disorder.
MALICIOUS OBFUSCATION: Following several weeks of severe emotional and verbal abuse by her estranged husband John Kiska (“Kiska”), Deirdre Moore (“Moore”) suffered a massive nervous breakdown. Evidence of Kiska’s multiple forms of abuse is in every court file. In fact, even the 20181231 “Submission to Engelking” was scanned into Ottawa Police Service’s COPLOGIC database early in 2019.

Kiska simply lied to The Ottawa Hospital’s Dr. Daniel Saul* to cover his tracks. That’s how Moore ended up with the mis-diagnosis of bi-polar disorder and the incorrect “treatment” of Seroquel–a horrible drug that causes insomnia.

Defense mechanisms are not mental illnesses as was explained in the previous DSM. The psychiatric industry, in general, refuses to acknowledge this.

*Sadly, Daniel Saul chose to participate in the cover-up of Kiska’s many torts and crimes from 2018-2020.

Tracy Engelking

John Kiska

Dr. Daniel Saul

b Ms. Moore and Mr. Kiska separated in the fall of 2015.

Shortly thereafter, Ms. Moore was hospitalized due to her mental health status.

MALICIOUS OBFUSCATION: Moore separated from Kiska for the second time on September 26, 2015 after discovering evidence that Kiska lied to the psychiatrists to force lengthy hospitalizations during both 2013 (six weeks) and 2014 (eight weeks) as he secretly:

  • planned for a divorce behind her back (see Moira Moore) and
  • conspired to force her onto a Community Treatment Order for a disease that she did not have (see Eileen Moore).

For the next two weeks, Kiska’s emotional, psychological (i.e. gaslighting) and verbal abuse intensified to the point that Moore feared he would escalate to physical violence*. She fled to a place of safety with her two children Sean Kiska  and Cate Kiska (“Sean and Cate”) and attempted to find a shelter who would protect them. After a few days of being refused by shelters in both Ontario and Quebec, and filing a police complaint against Kiska, she had no choice but to return to the matrimonial home.

After extended family arrived for Thanksgiving, and worried about another nervous breakdown, Moore drove herself to The Ottawa Hospital (“TOH”) for safety. She chose to accept Dr. Gary Kay’s offer to sleep at TOH voluntarily for several weeks so she could seek assistance without being harassed and threatened by Kiska. She also attended their excellent program which focused on how to recognize and reduce the heightened anxiety that Kiska was so keen to perpetuate. 

Throughout this hospitalization, Moore continued to tuck her children in every night, work at Carleton University and attend Board meetings at the Canadian Mental Health Association where she was a Director. Dr. Kay changed her misdiagnosis and labelled her with “Psychosis, Not Otherwise Specified” instead.

*This fear is not paranoia: emotionally/psychologically abusive individuals do and have escalate to physical violence as documented in the late Anne Kingston’s article “We Are the Dead”.

Moira Moore

Eileen Moore

Dr. Gary Kay

c Mr. Kiska brought an application and eventually obtained an interim order for sole
custody of the Children in 2015 (“hereinafter the “Family Law Proceedings”).This litigation concluded in 2020 when Mr. Kiska received sole custody of the Children on an indefinite basis.
MALICIOUS OBFUSCATION: Moore made the mistake of alerting Kiska to the fact that she would be divorcing him on grounds of cruelty. As Ottawa’s legal community has been fully infiltrated by sociopaths, she wasn’t able to find a lawyer in time and Kiska served her first.

Kiska served* but never filed or pursued any order for sole custody until 2019; six months after the Katherine Bobula of Ontario’s Office of the Children’s Lawyer (“OCL”) concluded her 4-month investigation, documented some of Kiska’s abuse, interviewed all physicians involved and recommended to the court that sole custody be awarded to Moore.

This 2018 recommendation was fully ignored by SCJ Justice Tracy Engelking to the demise of Moore and the children.

The illegally-obtained sole custody order received by Kiska via the Child Youth and Family Services Act (“CYFSA“) in 2020 is unlawful as Moore and Kiska remain married and Canada’s Divorce Act has federal paramountcy.

All lawyers and judges involved in ripping Moore from the children’s lives for the past four years—rendering them completely defenseless against their father’s wicked ways and creating irreparable harm as illustrated here—had knowledge, or ought to have had knowledge, of this fact. Guilty parties include, but are not limited to:

  • Lawyers Gonen Snir, Cedric Nahum and FName LName,
  • Bell Baker LLP lawyers Wade Smith and Cheryl Hess,
  • CAS employees Tara MacDougall and Deborah Souder,
  • OCL employees Shuah Roskies, Patrick LName and Katherine Kassavalis,
  • OCL contract-for-hires Debra Scholey and Susan Galarneau
  • SCJ judges J.A. Parfett, Linhares DeSousa, Mark Shelston, Calum MacLeod, Tracy Audet, Marc Smith, Tracy Engelking, Mary Fraser, FName Matheson, FName Perrell and FName Lame.   

*The reason that Kiska served the Urgent Notice of Motion seeking sole custody was to frighten Moore into accepting the first lawyer she could find as the Notice has a return date of merely seven days: that’s how she wound up being stuck with syndicate participant Victor Vallance Blais LLP.

Katherine Bobula

Tracy Engelking

Michéle Blais


Gonen Snir
Cedric Nahum
FName LName
Wade Smith
Cheryl Hess
Tara MacDougall
Deborah Souder
Kelly Raymond
Shuah Roskies
Patrick LName
Katherine Kassavalis
Debra Scholey
Susan Galarneau
Julie Parfett
Linhares deSousa
Mark Shelston
Calum MacLeod
Julie Audet
Pamela MacEachern
Marc Smith
Tracy Engelking
Mary Fraser

d Since 2015, Ms. Moore has initiated at least 10 different civil proceedings,
stemming from the same series of events that are the subject of the above noted
Family Law Proceedings.She has commenced actions against a number of entities and individuals, including her former Family Law Counsel, Mr. Kiska’s counsel, medical professionals, the Ottawa Police Services Board, the Attorney General of Ontario, a Judge of the Ontario Superior Court, her former landlord, a real estate agent, and a paralegal.
FALSE: Moore’s Civil Actions each result from a different cause of action. They are listed in Ottawa Swimlanes under Column D: Methods.

* Note that the action against SCJ Justice Calum MacLeod was issued (as evidenced here) but never served as Moore learned that crooked judges cannot be sued in Ontario. After speaking with Twiddle-dee and Twiddle-dum, she realized that they likely won’t be arrested either.

See Ottawa Swimlanes under Columns E and F: Actors & Enablers.      
e In each of these civil actions, Ms. Moore repeats similar frivolous allegations
against Mr. Kiska and the individuals she refers to as his “accomplices”.Namely, she alleges that he has conspired with the other Defendants to form a “syndicate”, to cover up abusive behaviour, and to keep Mr. Moore from her children.Her allegations include that the named Defendants in the various actions are involved in an organized “crime ring”, the purpose of which is to facilitate, among other things, human trafficking and prostitution.These allegations, which are repeated in each of the actions Ms. Moore has initiated, are hereinafter referred to as the “Conspiracy Allegations”.


FYI: Demonic MBAs build wicked business models: blessed CFAs reverse-engineer them. 😇 


Is it time to reveal the title of that book yet? The one from 2013?

(Who knew I’d need to try to find an exorcist!)

See & the Ottawa Swimlanes



Ms. Moore has conducted herself in a vexatious manner in numerous respects:

  i. She continues to attack the integrity and outcome of the Family Law
Proceedings, including the child protections proceedings, through
concurrent civil actions, which is a collateral attack on both proceedings
and is an abuse of process;

  ii. She has brought numerous actions where it is obvious that she cannot
succeed and where the purpose of the action is other than to assert
legitimate rights;

  iii. She has demonstrated a clear attempt to misuse the administration of justice
to her own end, at significant cost to the various defendants and the system
of justice itself;

  iv. Based on the allegations in the Statement of Claim in Civil Action, CV-21-
000-87056, Ms. Moore has recently attempted to pursue civil recourse
against various Officers of the Ottawa Police Force in relation to the Family
Law Proceedings;

  v. She has persistently instituted vexatious proceedings and such proceedings
are without reasonable grounds, fail to disclose a reasonable cause of action
and are an abuse of the process of this Court.

FALSE: Moore has conducted herself with a significant amount of composure and self-restraint considering all that the syndicate has done to her and her children. Despite the non-stop torts and crimes (see Ottawa Swimlanes Column C: Syndicate Strategies) being committed by all of the afore-mentioned, she has also endured years of false allegations of:

  • severe, chronic mental illness
  • violence and/or threats of violence and
  • crime … including B&E on her own house where she stole nothing, had no criminal intent and was merely attempting to tell Sean and Cate the truth.

Syndicate participants involved in attempting to criminalize Moore include, but are not limited to:

  • lawyers Joe Addelman, John Hale, Cedric Nahum and Meaghan McMahon
  • Crown Attorney’s Office employees Vivian-Lee Stewart, Mike Boyce, John Ramsay, FName LName, Malcolm Savage, Moiz Karimjee, Brian Holowka and Willian Coyne.
  • OCJ employees Justice of the Peace Paul Harris, FName LName x 3, and FName Boxall.
  • SCJ employees …. and Jonathan Brunet

Specifically, Moore has clearly and consistently evidenced that:

   i. Family court has zero integrity and so-called child protection proceedings are taxpayer-funded domestic violence and child abuse (#TDVCA). Not simply an abuse of process, the goings-on by those involved in TDVCA meet the definition of terrorist activities as defined in the Criminal Code of Canada (“CCC“);

   ii. There are no remedies available for victims of TDVCA because the judicial services provided in Civil court are just as criminal as those provided in Family court. (see scandalous denial of appeal at Pamela MacEachern‘s page in due course.)

   iii. Ontario’s judicial system (all branches) is nothing more than a playground for sociopaths who earn inflated salaries or charge exorbitant fees to commit crime without consequence.

   iv. Ottawa Police Services Board (“OPSB”) are equally as guilty: they lie in police reports to condemn the innocent and ignore evidence to punish the guilty. Officers of note include, but are not limited to: Sebastien Paradis, Alexander Schock, Traci B., FName Hilton, FNameLName x 3, Lisa Beaucage, Alex Kirady, Daniel Gervais, Jean Benoit,  Cheryl Cross, (add all other officers involved who lied in their police reports and/or shredded mine) and Peter Sloly. As evidenced by accomplice Michelle Doody, OPSB is also comfortable committing extortion.

   v. Syndicate participants have thus far refused to permit her to get to trial on any matter because she has enough evidence to put Kiska away for life, rescue her children and receive millions of dollars in damages if any of her material were ever seen by a non-corrupt judge.

Joe Addelman

John Hale

Cedric Nahum

Meaghan McMahon

Vivian-Lee Stewart

Mike Boyce

John Ramsay

FName LName 

Moiz Karimjee

Malcolm Savage

Brian Holowka

William Coyne

Paul Harris

Julie Bourgeois

Catherine Aitken

FName Boxall

Jonathan Brunet

add names with links

Sebastien Paradis

Alexander Schock

Traci(y) B.

David Vishkini

Francois D’Aoust

Lisa Beaucage

Alex Kirady

Daniel Gervais

Jean Benoit

Cheryl Cross

Peter Sloly (at the request of Mayor Watson)

  The Family Law and Child Protection Proceedings          
g In November 2015, Jonathan Kiska (Mr. Kiska), commenced the Family Law
Proceedings, seeking sole custody of the Children, limited supervised access to the children by the Respondent and his interim, exclusive possession of the
matrimonial home.Ms. Moore and Mr. Kiska are also involved in a concurrent child protection matter (21-2627-DV) (the “Child Protection Matter”).
FALSE: See my response to your para. c above.


ALSO FALSE: That file references an appeal already denied by three crooked SCJ judges (Matheson, LName and Perell): among other things, they ignored all evidence to perpetuate the #TDVCA, fraud as well as committed the crime of Defamatory libel by stating that Moore was “[broke, homeless, mentally ill and without income]”: all of which were demonstrably false.

>>>How could she continue to expose your crime syndicate if she were any of those things, you sick&twisted little demon. 🤪 <<<

h On December 11, 2020, Justice Fraser granted custody of the children to Mr. Kiska,
pursuant to section 102(1) of the Child and Youth Family Services Act (“CYFSA”).He ordered that access to the children would be at Mr. Kiska’s discretion and in
accordance with the children’s wishes.He also granted a restraining order against Ms. Moore pursuant to section 137 of the CYFSA with respect to her contact with Mr. Kiska and the Children.
ERRORS, OMISSIONS & MALICIOUS OBFUSCATION: The custody award was illegally-obtained and unlawful as previously discussed at para. X

The access condition was illegally-obtained and malicious as previously discussed at para. X

The restraining order was illegally-obtained and malicious: Wade Smith piggy-backed the illegally-schedule Summary Judgment Motion and ignored all Rules to sneak in his Motion for a restraining order.

Nothing about any of it was remotely legal. Moore has “beyond a reasonable doubt” on all parties involved.


>>> Justice Fraser is a SHE: misogynists come in both sexes and this one is named … MARY. 🤪 <<<

i In the Child Protection Matter, Ms. Moore recently sought leave to appeal an
interlocutory order of Justice Pamela MacEachern (DC-512-21).Ms. Moore’s Notice of Appeal enumerated over a dozen grounds, including errors of fact, errors of law and bias. She also sought to introduce several pieces of fresh evidence. The Divisional Court denied MS. Moore’s motion for leave to appeal (2022 ONSC 152).
TRUE:  Moore exposed yet another crooked judge. (Details to be linked in due course but evidence available at Pamela MacEachern’s page, perhaps Cheryl Hess’s too.)        
j Prior to the Divisional Court’s refusal to grant leave to appeal, at a case
management conference which took place on February 25, 2021, Ms. Moore
requested that Justice MacEachern recuse herself from hearing the matter on the
grounds that she held a bias toward Ms. Moore.Ms. Moore stated that Justice McEachern’s previous endorsement dated August 7, 2020, had “illegally scheduled a civil matter to be heard by family court.” Justice MacEachern denied Ms. Moore’s request for recusal.
TRUE: MacEachern did illegally schedule a civil matter to be heard in Family court (see Gonen Snir’s page and soon Marc Smith’s page). She no longer has jurisdiction in Family court due to her obvious bias against Moore and should have recused herself. IT’S THE LAW.

Plus, she scheduled a case management conference when I was requesting a MOTION. Nothing about that hearing was legal: nada, zero, zip.

A case conference seven years after the start of a divorce? C’mon man.

k Ms. Moore has advised counsel for the Applicant that she intends to seek leave to
appeal the matter further to the Supreme Court of Canada.
TRUE: However, she is going to wait until all other matters can be appealed at the same time. One nice big package for the SCC.        
l Ms. Moore has initiated five actions against Victor Vallance Blais LLP, her former
counsel in the Family Law Proceedings.
This was already described in responses to paras. m-s. Whoever drafted this Notice of Motion is name-dropping to ensure the judge hearing the matter doesn’t forget to whom Michéle Blais is related. (This is extortion of a SCJ judge to rule against Moore.)        
  The Respondent’s Civil Actions Against her Former Counsel          
m In her first lawsuit, commenced January 5, 2018 (CV-1875050), she alleged a
number of causes of action, without making any allegations of material fact.She discontinued this lawsuit less than a month after having issued it, on January 29, 2018.
FALSE: Moore made multiple allegations of material fact; however, as this was her first civil action, she was unfamiliar with the format. Moore’s first civil action against Victor Vallance Blais (“VVB”, formerly Victor Ages Vallance) is here. Why a courthouse clerk accepted an Affidavit as part of the originating process suggests that they were either incredibly incompetent or part of the syndicate as well.        
n Ms. Moore filed a second lawsuit on January 12, 2018 (CV-18-75143). She claimed
the same damages as in the previous action, but added allegations of material facts
in support of her claim. Ms. Moore discontinued the second lawsuit on August 1,
MALICIOUS OBFUSCATION: Moore was forced to discontinue this action as her technology was so severely hacked soon after issuing that claim that she was no longer able to use it (as evidenced by her hand-written documents that she produced for the Family court proceedings, one example of which is here.

When she alerted Michéle Blais of this, her e-mail response was a 🙂 viewable here.

o Ms. Moore initiated two more actions in late June 2019, using the summary
procedure in rule 76. The actions bear court file numbers CV-19-80574 and CV-19-80656.In her Statement of Claim in these actions, Ms. Moore claimed damages for defamation, intentional infliction of emotional suffering and negligent infliction of emotional suffering. In these lawsuits, she alleged that Victor Vallance Blais LLP attempted to evade service, and that this had an impact on her mental health.Victor Vallance Blais LLP requisitioned the dismissal of the actions pursuant to
Rule 2.1.01 of the Rules of Civil Procedure.In July 2019, Justice Beaudoin dismissed the actions on the basis that the Plaintiff had not pleaded any material facts in support of her claims, and they could not possibly succeed.
VVB did attempt to evade service as evidenced in this 3-minute video. I was simply attempting to follow the Rules when serving CV-19-79074.

As they were aware that, in the past, heightened anxiety could trigger a psychotic break, they were hoping that by frustrating the service of my second attempt to sue their firm might achieve this goal for the benefit of their real clients—Bell Baker LLP and/or John Kiska. This vindictive, tortious behaviour resulted in claim CV-19-80574.

When I attempted to serve CV-19-80574:

  • Any Mayer refused to accept service as evidence in this 3-minute video,
  • Any Mayer asked the receptionist to phone OPSB and
  • someone lied which resulted in Suzanne Sviergula stating in an e-mail that I had:
    • tried to grab the receptonists computer, etc.
    • etc., etc. (insert link to SS e-mail)

This vindictive, tortious behaviour resulted in claim CV-19-80656. Moore was not being vexatious: Moore was seeking damages for their abusive behaviour which could have triggered a psychotic break if Moore hadn’t managed to de-escalate the heightened anxiety that they had intentionally orchestrated.

The dismissals of Now retired Justice Beaudoin* violated the Courts of Justice Act (“CJA”) by reviewing a small sample of evidence that VVB illegally provided to him along with their requests for a dismissal. They colluded to employ Rule 2.1.01 to dismiss Moore’s claim much in the same way that Suzanned Sviergula colluded with Sally Gomery to obfuscate the process for claim CV-79074 using Rule 21 (discussed below).

Moore attempted to have Beaudoin investigated via a Private Information Form; however, that went nowhere as the Justices of the Peace that manned that process were complicit as well.

Suzanne Sviergula

FName Beaudoin

p In the fifth action, Ms. Moore seeks more than $3,000,000 in general, special and
aggravated damages.She alleges that her former counsel gave her poor advice during the Family Law Proceedings and are responsible for, among other things, psychiatric and emotional damages to her and her children.
The fifth civil action alleges a lot more than that as evidenced by the Statement of Claim.        
q The Statement of Claim in the fifth action against Victor Vallance Blais LLP was
deficient and improper in numerous respects: it was replete with bald, scandalous
and inflammatory allegations and evidence, and failed to give rise to a reasonable
cause of action
Details regarding this ridiculous statement are available here.        
r On February 25, 2021, Justice Gomery struck the Statement of Claim in the fifth
action as disclosing no reasonable cause of action, and stayed the action pending
the final outcome of the Family Law Proceedings.
First of all, she struck the claim with permission to amend it which, in itself, was not unreasonable as I could have improved it. It was her delaying the entire process until after a never-ending divorce occurs that was scandalous.

Secondly, the Rule 21 Motion was illegally heard as Moore and VVB had begun the Discovery process in 2019. VVB even evidenced this in their cost submission and Moore highlighted in her 20210311 cost submission.

In true crooked-judge fashion, Sally Gomery ignored this crime (S. 126 Disobey a Statute) and awarded defendants costs anyhow … just like all the other judges involved.

“In Ontario, Superior Court judges convert legitimate civil actions into cost awards for defendants … without ever having the matter properly heard. FACT!”

Sally Gomery

(to be completed)

s In her decision, Justice Gomery stated “the fact that Ms. Moore has now sued Victor LLP on five separate occasions is a classic indication of vexatious litigation, as is the fact that she is suing her former lawyers for their perceived inadequacies in representing her in other litigation”. This is simply an example of how crooked judges pad their decisions with malicious statements and defamation so other judges can rely on them in their future victim-burying decisions.

Divisional Court judges Matheson, LName and Perrell did the exact same thing. Sociopaths are pathological liars and … LAZY.

  The Respondent’s Action Against Cedric Nahum (wow … how did OPSB know about this?)      
t On January 13, 2021, Ms. Moore initiated an action in the Ontario Superior Court,
Ottawa Small Claims Court (SC-21-158306), in which she seeks damages related to an alleged “apartment scam.”In this action, Ms. Moore has named Cedric Nahum and Cedric Nahum Law, her former counsel in the CYFSA custody proceedings, as defendants.
TRUE: Cedric Nahum was, among other things, complicit in another (attempted) orchestrated, breach allegation. Others complicit are listed as co-defendants in claim XXXXXXX. which also details their torts and the crime of S. 465(1)(b) Conspiracy to prosecute. Cedric Nahum

(list the others)

  The Respondent’s Action Against Mr. Kiska’s Counsel (LOL … Kiska is SO busted.)      
u On or about June 8, 2018, the Respondent commenced civil action CV-19-76442
against Bell Baker LLP, who are counsel for Mr. Kiska in the Family Law
Proceedings.In this action, Ms. Moore seeks damages from Bell Baker LLP for infliction of mental suffering flowing from their conduct during the Family Law Proceedings.
In 2018, Wade Smith lied to Julie Audet in order to prevent Moore from bringing Motions in Family court:

  • The Statement of Claim is here.
  • Bell Baker’s Statement of Defence is here.
  • Moore’s Reply is here.
  • The Affidavit of Documents that were being served as part of Discovery were:
    • x
    • x
    • x
    • x
  • As noted at para. X above, Moore experienced a ongoing, disabling, technology-related hacking so she had to discontinue the claim in order to focus on Sean and Cate … all while enduring persistent emotional, psychological and financial abuse by Kiska.
v The Statement of Claim repeats the Conspiracy Allegations against Mr. Kiska, Dr.
Kemgni, and Mr. Kiska’s former counsel and the Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa.

How could a claim originating in 2018 include allegations against Dr. Paule Kemgni whom Moore didn’t meet until 2019?

(How typical of a pathological liar > Item #4 here.)

(I am convinced that Kiska drafted this Notice of Motion. Sociopaths use all of their resource capacity to maintain a false persona and have little left over for storage. That is, he likely can barely remember anything. This is why they never want him on the stand. I could cross-examine him to Hell and back and he wouldn’t stand a chance.)

w The Statement of Claim in this action was deficient and improper in numerous
respects: it was replete with bald, scandalous and inflammatory allegations and
evidence, and failed to give rise to a reasonable cause of action.
FALSE: This action was proceeding normally with Moore providing documents to the defendant after responding to their Statement of Defence and Bell Baker’s lawyers INSERT NAME evidencing their complicity in organized crime and gang-stalking (insert evidence plus sample: coy address re: Venison Avenue … #16 here.)         
  The Respondent’s Action Against Dr. Paule Kemgni        
x On or about April 6, 2021, the Respondent commenced a civil action in the Ontario
Superior Court, in which she seeks $1,000,000 in damages from Dr. Paule Kemgi
and Jonathan Kiska for negligence, defamation, intentional infliction of mental
suffering.This action alleges that Dr. Kemgi’s independent psychiatric assessment
“was based on hearsay evidence, showed a reckless disregard for the truth,
contained an abundance of false information and “maliciously obfuscated materials facts”.
y In the Statement of Claim, Ms. Moore specifically states that Dr. Kemgni has
contributed to the parental alienation and child alienation that she has experienced
due to Mr. Kiska’s alleged emotional, psychological and financial abuse.
TRUE: Kemgni also contributed to the emptying of  Moore’s 3-bedroom home (see Ryan Bell or Andrew Reesor) and another false NCR opinion being produced in 2020:

  • at the request of Malcolm Savage
  • for use in Kiska’s divorce/child abduction proceedings and
  • facilitated by Shyster Joe Addelman.

(Evidence soon to be completed at pfi.ROCKS Exposure!)

z Dr. Kemgi has brought a motion to have this action dismissed on jurisdictional
grounds.The outcome of this motion is pending.
FALSE: The outcome is not pending and the action was not dismissed: it was split into two cases by another crooked SCJ judge Heather Williams to ensure it would cost me more to seek damages.

Details of the torts and crimes committed by the parties involved will be detailed here: as well as copied over to the individual perpetrators’ pages in due course.

The newly issued Quebec action is here and her lawyer is supposedly waiting on some close-to-non-existent hospital file; the nearly blank one that I already provided which is here (and which everybody had, including skank Williams, as it was contained in my Motion materials).

Kemgni produced a false document, swore to it and provided it to the court in order to assist Kiska in the burying of me. It didn’t work as I committed no crime and was acquitted, despite Kemgni’s unlawful NCR Opinion–the original (in French) of which is here and the English translation here.

SCJ’s Heather Williams

Dr. Paule Kemgni

FName LName (Ottawa lawyer #1)

FName LName (Ottawa lawyer #2)

John Kiska

Charlotte Watson

aa The Statement of Claim in this action was deficient and improper in numerous respects: it was replete with bald, scandalous and inflammatory allegations and evidence, and failed to give rise to a reasonable cause of action. FALSE. Here is a copy of Moore’s original Statement of Claim. It was pretty damn good considering she could no longer afford a lawyer and had to draft it herself. 

What’s scandalous is how many of you are protecting and the Ottawa Swimlanes.

Dr. Paule Kemgni

John Kiska

  The Respondent’s Action Against Jonathan Kiska in Small Claims Court          
bb Ms. Moore commenced an action against Mr. Kiska in the Ontario Small Claims Court, in which she seeks damages for outstanding spousal support amounts.

In  his action, Ms. Moore alleges that the court order for spousal support of Justice  Audet, dated September 10, 2018, was “fraudulent”, and that Justice Audet performed her duties in a way that was “incompetent”.

Ms. Moore further alleges that the attempts by Mr. Kiska to pay his support through the Family responsibility Office are a “scam”.

TRUE: More than incompetent, however, Justice Julie Audet enabled Kiska’s de-frauding of Moore in multiple ways.

Awarding below-poverty-level support with shared expenses was the manner in which Kiska intended to convert Moore from a dependent into a revenue stream. When Kiska stopped paying his piddly $1,230/month, Moore was to become so desperate that she would have sought the assistance of the Financial Responsibility Office to enforce it. The hope was that I wouldn’t figure out this scam*.

This form of fraud was well documented in Moore yyyymmdd case conference materials (see pages x-y) as well as articulated verbally in court: see yyyymmdd transcript (see pages x-y). It has been listed as Method 1 (d) at Ottawa Swimlanes.

*Maybe next time don’t be stupid enough to target a CFA with over two decades of solid risk management and business model training. 🤪  

cc The parties agreed to a settlement of this matter on October 8, 2021. LOL. “Settle”. The judge stated that he had no jurisdiction. Kiska paid the overdue amount. There was no “settlement” you lying piece of garbage.        
  The Respondent’s Action Against the Attorney General of Canada          
dd On or about April 6, 2021, the Respondent commenced a civil action bearing court file no. CV-21-00086201 against the Attorney General of Ontario.

In this action she  seeks $1,000,000 in damages “due to Justice Calum MacLeod’s negligence,  defamation, intentional infliction of emotional suffering and/or malice”, as a result of a Final Order issued by Justice MacLeod in the above noted child protection  matter.

Specifically, the Statement of Claim alleges that there were no materials properly before Justice MacLeod when he made the order.

TRUE: There weren’t any materials properly before Justice Calum MacLeod. This is obvious by the dates of the materials submitted as well as the court stamp on when materials were filed … April 8, 2019.

As Moore was being illegally detained by accomplice Paule Kemgni in Quebec, Kiska and his multiple accomplices didn’t bother with any of the Rules of Civil Procedure specified by the CJA.

Moore did not receive any materials. Moore was in no position to produce any materials and Moore was unjustly denied an adjournment as requested. MacLeod’s order was not only illegally-awarded, it was unlawful as it sub-delegated minimum access to the CAS.

Calum MacLeod      
ee The Statement of Claim repeats the same Conspiracy Allegations against Mr. Kiska, Dr. Kemgni, and Mr. Kiska’s former counsel and the Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa. TRUE: For context, Moore included allegations against the syndicate in each of her Statements of Claim.        
ff The Statement of Claim in this action was deficient and improper in numerous respects: it was replete with bald, scandalous and inflammatory allegations and  evidence, and failed to give rise to a reasonable cause of action. FALSE. Here is a copy of Moore’s original Statement of Claim. It was pretty damn good considering she could no longer afford a lawyer and had to draft it herself*. 

What’s scandalous is how many of you are protecting and the Ottawa Swimlanes.

*Note that once Moore realized that judges could not be sued, she didn’t bother to serve her Claim.

  The First Civil Action Against the Ottawa Police Services Board          
gg On or about April 6, 2021, the Respondent commenced a civil action, Court File No. 21-86203 (the “First OPS Action”) seeking damages in the amount of
$700,000.The named defendants are her former landlord, a real estate agent, a paralegal, Mr. Kiska, and the Ottawa Police Services Board.
TRUE: This action resulted from a 2019 Eviction Scam when the contents of her well-appointed, 3-bedroom were stolen. The value of Sean’s, Cate’s and Moore’s possessions (~$500,000) were part of the Syndicate’s payment for “gang-stalking services” rendered.

The named defendants were:

  • Khaldoon Habib-Allah*,
  • paralegal Diego Fernadez-Stolls (who now works with the Ministry of the Attorney General … like many other career criminals),
  • RE/Max agent Lamah El-Rayes,
  • Kiska and
  • OPSB.

*Moore believes that “there is no Allah”. It’s a sick&twisted name for this Eviction Scam where there isn’t even a landlord, just a licensed real estate agent that sets up the who event.

Diego Fernandez-Stolls

Lamah El-Rayes

Andrew Reesor

Alex Bender


hh The Statement of Claim alleges that the defendant landlord, real estate agent and paralegal conspired with Mr. Kiska to conduct an “eviction scam”, and deprive Ms. Moore of her possessions.

The Statement of Claim further alleges that her eviction was part of “new age domestic violence and/or domestic terrorism”.

TRUE: If Moore were robbed in the Spring of 2019, it would be far more difficult for her to win sole custody and access during a divorce proceeding scheduled for September 2019 now wouldn’t it?

Let’s not forget: Kiska:

  • violated the illegally-obtained, unlawful, child-abusing 20190408 CYFSA court order for five months by denying Moore any communication with Sean and Cate and
  • lied to OPSB to arrange for her arrest, detention and cancellation of that divorce trial in July 2019.

Why? Because Moore won a precedent-setting Motion in 2017 that permitted her to seek damages of Kiska’s multiple torts and crimes … in a Family Court settting!

That’s why. He would have lost everything.

This isn’t rocket science, people. It’s covert, court-enabled, organized crime designed to ensure a fresh flow of bodies keep the sick&twisted happy. See pinned tweet:


Ms. Moore reported the alleged “evictions scam” to the Ottawa Police Service (the “OPS”).

The OPS reviewed her report and determined that it constituted a civil  matter. The Statement of Claim alleges that the OPS were negligent in failing to launch a criminal investigation into the matter.

TRUE: They were negligent and Andrew Reesor lied in his police report: if OPSB weren’t complicit in organized crime then there would have been no reason for Reesor to lie as well as violate S. 134(1) of the CCC by submitting a false sworn statement to the court during the scandalous Rule 21 Motion to have Moore’s Claim struck.

Evidence of Reesor’s torts and crimes is viewable in Moore’s Victim Impact Statement (“VIS”) against him as well as in the Motion materials filed under the VIS relating to Justice Ryan Bell (yet to be completed by identifying the number of torts and crimes that she committed to assist in the cover up).

Andrew Reesor

Ryan Bell

jj The Statement of Claim in the First OPS Action repeats the same allegations against Mr. Kiska, Dr. Kemgni, and Mr. Kiska’s former counsel and the Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa. TRUE: For context, Moore included allegations against the syndicate in each of her Statements of Claim.        
kk On or about July 29, 2021, Ms. Moore sent an email to all parties requesting their consent to file an Amended Statement of Claim.

The Amended Statement of Claim contains further bald and inflammatory allegations of conspiracy between the parties, to create an “eviction scam” to deprive Ms. Moore of her personal belongings.

The Defendants consented to the amendment.

Interestingly, none of the parties prepared an amended Statement of Defense.

Why? They knew that their Rule 21 Motion was a slam dunk.

(The number of errors in law and errors in fact intentionally made by Justice Ryan Bell to ensure Moore remained without remedy will be revealed in due course.)


On or about March 8, 2022, the Defendants in the First OPS Action brought a motion for summary judgment to dismiss the action, on the grounds that it was a matter for the Ontario Landlord and Tenant Board, was barred by the applicable limitation period, and that the action was frivolous and vexatious.

The motion was ultimately adjourned to June 7, 2022 to allow Ms. Moore to prepare responding materials. One week before the scheduled motion date, Ms. Moore requested an adjoumment because she had not prepared or submitted any materials.

The Court allowed Ms. Moore’s request, and adjourned the motion to June 7, 2022.

MALICIOUS OBFUSCATION: All parties piggy-backed the first Notice of Motion and bombarded Moore with pages of garbage at the last minute.

There was nothing legal about that Rule 21 Motion as the defendants submitted evidence which is not permitted pursuant to Rule 21.01(2).

mm The Motion was in the First OPS Action was heard on June 7, 2022 before Justice Ryan Bell.

A decision was given on September 16, 2022 striking Ms. Moore’s claim in its entirety, without leave to amend.

Judge #1 Stanley Kershman backed out because he knew I would ask him to recuse himself for his scandalous endorsement regarding timing and submission of Motion materials which was unlawful and heavily biased against Moore.

Judge #2 Sally Gomery recused herself on June 7th after Moore informed her that she violated S. 126 of the CCC Disobey a Statement when she illegally heard the VVB Rule 21 Motion (discussed about a para. X)

Judge #3 Ryan Bell was stupid enough to strike Moore’s claim without leave to amend. Her decision will be appealed in due course, if only to reveal more crooked Ontario SCJ judges at the Divisional level.


Chris Moore

Michael Swindley

Kelli Day

Charlotte Watson 

Michelle Doody


Stanley Kershman

Sally Gomery

Ryan Bell


The Statement of Claim in the First OPS Action was deficient and improper in numerous respects: it was replete with bald, scandalous and inflammatory allegations and evidence, failed to comply with the Rules regarding pleadings and failed to give rise to a reasonable cause of action.

FALSE. Here is a copy of Moore’s amended Statement of Claim. It was pretty damn good considering she could no longer afford a lawyer and had to draft it herself. 

What’s scandalous is how many of you are protecting and the Ottawa Swimlanes.

“Sociopaths are screened into the legal and judicial system via the LSATs.”

~Deirdre Moore, (former CFA), BBA

  The Second Civil Action Against the Ottawa Police Services Board          
oo On or about July 26, 2021, the Respondent commenced a civil action, Court File No. 21-000-87056 (the “Second OPS Action”).

The Statement of Claim names the Ottawa Police Services Board, and three Ottawa Police Services Officers as Defendants.

TRUE: Moore was advised by pro-bono lawyers to name employees in a Civil Action as well as their employer so the employer has an opportunity to claim that they were “rogue employees” and seek damages from them in return.

The OPSB employees initially listed were:

  • Alex Kirady
  • Daniel Gervais
  • Jean Benoit
  • Cheryl Cross
pp In the Second OPS Action, Ms. Moore seeks $5 million in damages for negligence, negligent investigation, defamation, complicity to arbitrary detention, torture, false imprisonment, assault, battery, accessory to mischief, conspiracy to prosecute, accessory to fraud, knowing assistance of breach in(sic) fiduciary duty, deliberate ignorance, malice, intentional infliction of emotional suffering, negligent infliction of emotional suffering and abuse of public service”. TRUE: I missed a few torts.        
qq Ms. Moore alleges that OPS officers assisted Mr. Kiska in “illegal child apprehension” by removing the Children from Ms. Moore’s home. TRUE: As per the CYFSA, children may only be removed if children are in “imminent danger”. There was no danger, imminent or otherwise as evidenced in admission by interview* with Mohammed Said of the CAS available here:

Other crimes committed by Mohammed Said for the benefit of John Kiska to the demise of Sean, Cate & Moore will be available in her VIS.

*Note that my recollection of the exact dates were wrong as my notes/agendas were stolen while I was unlawfully detained in Laval Prison … while my home was being emptied … following the Eviction Scam.

Mohammed Said

OPS #1 LName

OPS #2 LName

OPS #2 LName

rr The Statement of Claim also pleads compensatory damages under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms in the amount of $3 million, and punitive damages in the amount of $5 million. TRUE        
ss The Statement of Claim sets out the same allegations against Mr. Kiska, Mr. Kiska’s counsel, Ms. Moore’s counsel, the CAS regarding the circumstances of the Family Law Proceedings. TRUE: For context, Moore included allegations against the syndicate in each of her Statements of Claim.        
tt The Statement of Claim in the Second OPS Action repeats many of the same bald and improper allegations of misconduct on the part of the Applicant set out in the First Civil Action.

In particular, the Respondent alleges negligent investigation, arbitrary detention, defamation, torture and false imprisonment.

Who’s the Applicant? Do you mean the Defendant?

Who’s the Respondent? Do you mean the Plaintiff?

(LOL. Which of Kiska’s many scandalous Family court documents is all of this BS copied and pasted from?)

uu The Statement of Claim in this action was deficient and improper in numerous respects: it was replete with bald, scandalous and inflammatory allegations and evidence, and failed to give rise to a reasonable cause of action. FALSE. Here is a copy of Moore’s original 20210726 Statement of Claim. It was pretty damn good considering she could no longer afford a lawyer and had to draft it herself. 

What’s scandalous is how many of you are protecting and the Ottawa Swimlanes.

“Sociopaths are screened into law enforcement via a psych test; whereas empaths are screened into our fire departments.”

~Deirdre Moore, (former CFA), BBA

vv The OPS served and filed its Statement of Defence on September 14, 2021.

On the same day, Ms. Moore sent an email to counsel for the OPS, critiquing the Statement of Defence.

The email was replete with sentences in in all capital letters, highlighted terms, holding and underlining.

In the email, Ms. Moore requested an in-person meeting, where she could explain how the OPS was “actively participating in this “dispose of a spouse crime ring”.

This was OPSB’s 20210914 Statement of Defense.

On that same day, Moore sent an e-mail which identified that their Notice of Intent to Defend violated the Rules of Civil Procedure: it is here. This should mean that their Statement of Defense is inadmissible. Alas, this is Ottawa where the CJA is fully ignored by anyone in the legal and judicial systems. Not sure where the “all cap” is and the highlighted, underlined terms are links to legislation.

At some point Moore did offer to further evidence the crime ring as Elgin Street refuses to accept her formal complaints.

Note that OPSB failed to mention that Moore improved her claim on March 1, 2022 by serving a Fresh Amended Statement of Claim to which they consented.

Interestingly, OPSB did not serve any amended Statement of Defense: they must have felt that a dismissal would be a slam dunk … just as the Eviction Scam defendants did.


ww On or about October 18, 2021, Ms. Moore sent an email to counsel for the OPS in which she threatened to initiate a third civil action against the OPS, should they fail to investigate a police report Ms. Moore planned to file.

In the email, Ms. Moore stated that the police report would outline “the multiple crimes committed by the white-collar, blue-collar, thug-collar crime ring that eliminated me, a devoted mum, from the lives of my children in the wickedest of ways”.

TRUE: Evidence that OPSB:

  • refused to receive evidence that supported a complaint,
  • closed a file for “lack of evidence” and
  • refused to accept a complaint

will be made available in due course. For now, simply listen to OPS Officers Twiddle-dee and Twiddle-dum who dispatch sent when I called to request a way to file a report against this syndicate (as advised by Matt Peggs of the RCMP).

xx In the same email, Ms. Moore suggests that counsel for the OPS may become a “criminal’s accomplice” pursuant to section 21(1) of the Criminal Code. TRUE: And, as expected, Michelle Doody has. If this Motion continues as planed, so will Crystal Murphy.        
yy Section 140 of the Courts of Justice Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. C.43;            
zz Rules 1.04, 14.05, 38 and 57 of the
Rules of Civil Procedure.
aaa Such further and other grounds as the lawyers may advise.          
003 The following evidence will be used at the hearing of the application: (List the affidavits or other documentary evidence to be relied on.)

   (a) The Affidavit of Crystal Murphy,

   (b) Such further and other evidence as the lawyers may advise and this Honourable Court may permit.

LOL. Say your prayers, Crystal Murphy!

PS. The COVID19 injections are a multi-pronged bio-weapon. You level 1-2 sociopaths were too busy grifting to realize it. You all think you’ve buried me? Good luck with 2023-2025.

PPS. Need help understanding the level 4-5 sociopaths who are simply using you like the stupid pawns that you are? Start here: and spend a little time in here:

Crystal Murphy      

Why? Because it’s been  Years in the Making!