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The Ottawa Ticket is, essentially, a service that one can utilize to remove someone from their lives, be it a: 

  • Spouse, so you can avoid a fair divorce
  • Sibling, so you keep more of an inheritance 
  • Child, so you no longer need to feel [?]
  • Colleague, so you will be the next in line for a promotion
  • Superior, so that there will be a new opening
  • “Frenemy”, so there is less competition for “the one”
  • Competitor, so there is less competition whatever one wants
  • etcetera

An empath would never utilize such a service; however, sociopaths LOVE it! The Ottawa Ticket enables them to terrorize their victims with little-to-no chance of ever being caught. GSI-mal participants and their paying customers are so sick, that they “laugh” at their targets’ demise via updates to thinly-veiled websites such as this one, And who would operate such a site? Covert malignant narcissists (i.e. high-functioning sociopaths) like my ex.


I equate GSI-mal participants to the same type of beasts that would enjoy snuff films; essentially, that is exactly what they are doing.


This is accomplished by identifying and leveraging the incompetent, negligent and/or criminal elements that one can find in every profession including, but in no way limited to:

  • lawyers
  • police officers
  • teachers and principals
  • CAS workers and lawyers
  • OCL lawyers
  • physicians/psychologists/psychiatrists
  • Crown prosecutors and
  • judges

There are also, many “blue-collar” workers involved: Bell Canada technicians named “Mark”, bankers, locksmiths, security guards, cashiers, etcetera.) In addition, an organized stalking and harassment (“GSI-mal”*) campaign is developed to assist in a full-blown character assassination of the targeted individual (“TI”). The strategies employed by GSI-mal include:

  • directed conversation and many other techniques described in this article found on Facebook at
  • Technology-assisted Stalking and Harassment (“TASH“) at (a WIP)
  • Piranha-inspired Stalking and Harassment (“PfISH“) at (a WIP)

They torture pets, destroy property and invade your home … just to let you know that they can.

I am fairly confident that Kiska turned his “demolition of me” into a service-for-hire business model that he could franchise out to other sociopaths internationally. To understand these beasts a little better, here is an brief article “Why do Narcissists Destroy their own Families?”, by Frank Gallagher.

*WIP means work in progress.




(last updated 20221110 12:00 e.s.t.)


Several evidence-laden emails/documents incrimining the Crown, OPS and others were posted in the pfi.ROCKS Archives! section on March 29, 2021 and March 30, 2021 .


WIP* Rap sheet for
family lawyer, Wade Smith

My response to Smith’s assistant Hammond’s 20201103 14:32 e-mail turns the spotlight back onto judges. Sorry Smith,
I can no longer take you remotely seriously!!

He wrote:
“Good Afternoon,
Please see attached Mr. Smith’s letter to you and the following attached documents:
1. Notice of Motion.
2. Affidavit of Jonathan Kiska with Exhibits A-K.
3. Factum for the Motion for Summary Judgment returnable November 10, 2020.
which we serve upon you pursuant to the Family Law Rules”


WIP* Rap sheets for

Crown prosecutors Mike Boyce, Malcolm Savage, Moiz Karimjee and John Ramsay

My 20201105 21:03 e-mail to the CAS, OCL and Smith highlights the fervor with which  Ottawa’s Crown Attorney’s Office has attempted to
keep me incarcerated

as Engelking-CAS-Kiska-Scholey continued to march over ALL of my rights!

I wrote
“Good evening,
Please find attached motion materials for the hearing scheduled for Tuesday, November 10th at 10:00 a.m.
For the record, beyond criminal, you people are incredibly annoying:
– Crown prosecutor Malcolm Savage: kindly do not orchestrate yet another false arrest for alleged breach of bail conditions, and denial of bail, so that I cannot be heard by the court next week.
– Crown prosecutor Mike Boyce: your performance from October 13th is going to be expensive for me to have
transcribed: four hours to argue that I be denied bail? (Sir, you should also be relieved of your duties.)
– Crown prosecutor Moiz Karimjee: you have zero defence. (How much, exactly, does the Ontario taxpayer pay to have you unlawfully deny victims bail?)
You now all have knowledge, or ought to have knowledge, of the severity of abuse which has been forced upon my
children and me by John Kiska and his allies and/or accomplices since 2013.
Attachments: Affidavit with exhibits A-V, Factum with exhibits A-C”


WIP Rap sheet for

OPS Detective Daniel Gervais

My response to Gervais’ allegations which began at 20201105 14:39—while I was both receiving and preparing legal documents for my upcoming CYFSA hearing—: in a nutshell, he is threatening that he will

arrest me AGAIN for a false alleged breach!!

He wrote:
“This is a reminder that you are required to report every Wednesday by phone between 9:00 a.m. and
5:00 p.m. Our records indicate you failed to report on the 21st and 28th of October, 2020. If you continue to miss reporting dates you may be charged with further criminal offences.”


WIP* Rap sheet for

Office of the Children’s Lawyer lawyer, Deborah Scholey

My 20201106 00:04 to Detective Gervais (whom has received all of my recent CAS court documents laden with evidence) represents my best efforts at securing for Scholey the …

retirement plan that she truly deserves.

I wrote:
“Good morning,
Please see attached document as just one piece of evidence, though I have much, much more.
Can we start with these two after Kiska has been apprehended? These are taxpayer-funded lawyers whom abuse women and children and are very guilty of violating Section 23 of the Criminal Code of Canada. Once we flip it over to the Crown Attorney’s Office, I am sure someone will be able to come up with many more charges that are appropriate.
When can I come in to do my Victim Impact Statement? Should Sean, Cate and I seek restitution through the criminal court: or, should we bring a Civil Action?
PS. Shuah operates out of Toronto”


WIP* Rap sheet for

Detective Alex Kirady

My 20201106 03:12 e-mail to Detective Gervais about fellow Detective Alex Kirady

still remains unanswered.

I wrote:
“Can Detective Kirady make the top 10 list?
I could not have been more clear during our interview:[link redacted because me posting certain evidence against OPS has been criminalized by Crown’s Mike Boyce & SCJ’s Jonathan Brunet]; however, he refused to retrieve the documents with which I was intentionally arrested and he failed to check your own database COPLOGIC for the document that I arranged to have scanned into it during January of 2019. (20181231 Submission to Engelking) His report was disgraceful.

Regarding Kiska, attached is a super simple example of defamatory libel: at paragraph 5 he claims that I was admitted to the Royal Ottawa vs. attached letter which verifies that I had never been admitted to the Royal. That is one count of defamatory libel: I can provide you with 100 more by Monday, if you like. What is the sentencing like on 100 counts of defamatory libel? Also, are you sure you do not want to investigate the fraud (where he and his buddies arranged to have the contents of my home emptied)? (Oh, I have evidence against Andrew Reesor too: he lied in his police report before closing my complaint and deeming it “a civil matter” and Alex Bender backed him up. I had provided to him an abundance of evidence. I guess it ended up in his shredder.)

What about Malcolm Savage? I would like him on the top ten list too: a Crown prosecutor (whom is always under oath in court as per the Crown Attorney’s Act) should not be committing perjury. As per attached, Savage misinformed the court that, among other things, the illegally-obtained, CAS-constructed, child-abusing 20190408 court order PROHIBITED me from contacting Kiska when we were ordered to co-operate!

Are you hiring? I am broke and could prepare some fantastic disclosure that practically guarantees a conviction rate on several individuals. (Seriously, the community needs and deserves protection from CAS employees Mohammed Said, Jenn Campbell, Isabelle Guindon, Kelly White, Deborah Souder, Tara MacDougall, Kristen Moir and others. Crown prosecutor Moiz Karimjee could finally put his “talent” to good use. This place has bedbugs and cockroaches and while I tell myself that “it’s just like camping”, it is actually incredibly disgusting. So, if you wanted to hire me on a contract basis I would offer a reduced rate from my previous $125/hour consulting fee.

Deirdre Moore, CFA, BBA
President, SAQOTU Inc. II President, AdvisorOnTrack Inc.

Making Change Happen! at!
Coming Soon: a fully functional website with resources and support for victims”


WIP* Rap sheet for

Justice Tracy Engelking

To my divorce “case management judge”: no comment.

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