Court-enabled Fraud in Action (Civil)


My Revisions Suggestions for McCarthy Tetrault’s Application to Delay Proceedings

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    1. 202304xx  I received an e-mail from psychiatrist Paule Kemgni‘s (“Kemgni”) new crooked lawyer, Céleste Perrault-Lévesque (“Lévesque”), requesting my consent to her Application for a Delay and her draft Protocol #2 for next steps in my civil action against Kemgni.
    2. 20230410  I replied to Lévesque’s e-mail with my evidence-laden, revised Application for Delay that contained the whole truth … something all lawyers avoid like the plague:
      1. Attachment #1 contained my revised 11-page Application plus Tabs A – G (REDACTED)
      2. Attachment #2 contained Tabs H – J (REDACTED)
      3. Attachment #3 contained Tabs K – R (REDACTED)
    3. 20230410  Levesque confirmed by e-mail that she was moving forward and stated that “we” required an additional 6-months to prepare for trial.
    4. 20230411 
      1. I alerted the RNC by e-mail on reasons for the delay in providing additional evidence to support NL Police Complaint #1
      2. I alerted Jack that I finally had started a page for him via Twitter: , sent to him a link to my 20230120, 30-minute testimony and added the Maximus Inc. page to the Ottawa Swimlanes page.
      3. I began to reproduce my revised Application here, so people could see how crooked McCarthy Tétrault LLP is…. in preparation for “Hockey Pool” #6. 
    5. 20230411  Lévesque served and filed her Application for Delay: this is her e-mail to the court and her Application will be posted on Twitter @CaeJak after people have a chance to use Hockey Pool #6.


  1. My Application contained 30 evidence-laden paragraphs so I could also use it as part of my imminent police complaint for court-enabled fraud. They are reproduced here for your convenience prior to placing a bet in “Hockey Pool” #6:
    1. On April 6, 2019, the Plaintiff instituted proceedings in Ontario (see page 10 of Tab A) against her estranged ex-husband Jonathan Kiska (“Kiska”) and the Defendant for multiple torts that contributed to the theft of her property and the loss of her children (see partial evidence at
    2. Soon thereafter, the Defendant brought a Motion to have the matter dismissed or moved to Quebec (see Tab B).
    3. The Plaintiff’s responding Motion Record contained an abundance of evidence of severe, pre- and post-separation domestic violence carried out by co-Defendant Kiska (see table of contents at Tab C) as did her verbal testimony (see transcript at
    4. Despite the Plaintiff’s evidence, Justice Heather Williams (“Williams”) appeased the Defendant by forcing the Plaintiff to re-start the process with two separate claims: one against the co-defendant Dr. Paule Kemgni in Quebec and one against co-defendant Kiska in Ontario.
    5. Accordingly, now it will be more difficult for any judge to identify who was most responsible for the damages that the Plaintiff and her children have suffered—and continue to suffer—as a result of the original defendants’ collective actions and/or inactions.
    6. Despite the Motion being heard in January 2022 and the urgency of her decision should the matter be permitted to continue, Williams’ endorsement was not released until April Fool’s Day (see Tab D).
    7. Despite the financial abuse that the Plaintiff endures to this day—as evidenced in her 20230221 Police Complaint (see partial details at Tab E and links to some of the evidence at—the Plaintiff managed to retain a Quebec-based lawyer—La Boite Juridique (“La Boite”)— by April 6, 2022 in order to re-initiate the proceedings prior to the deadline.
    8. By April 11, 2022, La Boite instituted Quebec-based proceedings against the Defendant (see Tab F); however, the Plaintiff was not permitted to review the document until after it was issued and it contained some mis-statements of fact.
    9. By the end of May 2022, the Plaintiff and Defendant agreed on a 1st Case Protocol (see Tab G) which scheduled the following events:
      1. 16-Sep-22 Examination of the Plaintiff for the Defendant
      2. 17-Oct-22 Filing of Defendant’s Defence
      3. 12-Jan-23 Examination of the Defendant for the Plaintiff
      4. 20-Jan-23 Expert Opinion for the Plaintiff
      5. 28-Mar-23 Expert Opinion for the Defendant
      6. 04-Apr-23 Deadline for filing transcripts, exhibits and affidavits for the Plaintiff
      7. 11-Apr-23 Deadline for filing transcripts, exhibits and affidavits for the Defendant
    10. On August 21, 2022, the Plaintiff provided 17 signed, witnessed consent forms for the complete, unredacted files to be received by all parties from the following organizations as each holds key information about and evidence of her endurance of years of emotional, psychological, psychiatric, financial, systemic and even sexual abuse[1] (see Tab H):
      1. Psychologist Dr. Iris Jackson (page 3).
      2. Ottawa Victim Services (page 4),
      3. Office of the Children’s Lawyer (page 5),
      4. Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa (page 6),
      5. Superior Court of Justice (page 7),
      6. Ontario Court of Justice (page 8),
      7. Ministry of the Attorney General &/or Ottawa’s Crown Attorney’s Office (page 9),
      8. Ottawa Police Service (page 10),
      9. Sûrété du Québec (page 11),
      10. Financial Responsibility Office (page 12),
      11. Canada Revenue Agency (page 13),
      12. Daniel Saul, Keith Anderson, Yoland Charbonneau, Gary Kay and Deanna Mercer of The Ottawa Hospital (page 14);
      13. Queensway Carleton Hospital (page 15),
      14. The Montfort Hospital (page 16),
      15. Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre (page 17),
      16. Judy Chow (page 18) and
      17. Hôpital du Suroît (page 19).
    11. Before 2022 ended, La Boite abandoned the Plaintiff (see Tab I); so, she chose to self-represent.
    12. Early in 2023, the Plaintiff received her legal files from La Boite: there was no Defence in the files so the Plaintiff has no idea if the Defendant served one or not.
    13. To the Plaintiff’s knowledge, none of the steps noted at paragraph 9 have occurred.
    14. As of April 6, 2023, the Plaintiff has not received a single complete, unredacted file from any of the organizations/individuals lists at paragraphs (a)-(q) above except for the file from l‘Hôpital du Suroît which she had already received in May 2021 and which was served on both defendants during the Motion noted at paragraph 2 (see pages 8-20—ie. tab A of her 20220111 Factum—included here as Tab J.)
    15. On April 6, 2023[2], the Plaintiff received an e-mail from the Defendant stating that they had received a copy of the l’Hôpital du Suroît “Medical Chart” (see Tab K); however, they did not forward a copy to the Plaintiff—what’s in that medical file is anyone’s guess.
    16. This April 6th e-mail did, however, include a draft application to request an extension (see Tab L) and a revised draft 2nd Case Protocol (see Tab M) with the following deadlines:
      1. declined Settlement Conference
      2. 05-May-23 Clarifications regarding Originating Application
      3. X-May-23[3] Examination of the Plaintiff by the Defendant
      4. deleted Authorization forms to access Plaintiff’s medical charts
      5. 30-Jun-23 Defence due[4]
      6. X-Jul-23[5] Examination of the Defendant by the Plaintiff
      7. 28-Jul-23 Filing of an expert opinion for the Plaintiff
      8. 29-Sep-23[6] Filing of an expert opinion for the Defendant
    17. With:
      1. Ontario Superior Court of Justice (“SCJ”) syndicate accomplices Justices Lederer, Matheson and Copeland denying the Plaintiff’s appeal to correct the court-enabled financial abuse continued by Justice Pamela MacEachern and initiated by Justice Julie Audet see
        1. Tab P,
        2. and
        3., respectively plus
      2. Kiska ceasing to pay his below-poverty-level, fraudulent, illegally-obtained, court-ordered spousal support of $1,230/month in January 2023

      the Plaintiff is in no position to pay for an “Expert Opinion” (see welfare application at

    1. This entire two-year delay has been facilitated by the Defendant’s various counsels and SCJ accomplices in order to convert the Plaintiff’s valid claim into a cost award for the Defendant: it is for this reason that they are not seeking a dismissal and have declined a Settlement Conference. That, and to assist Ottawa Police Services Board to arrange for the Plaintiff to be declared a “vexatious litigant” and denied access to justice in Civil court in Ontario as well (see
    2. Taxpayer-funder Domestic Violence and Child Abuse (#TDVCA) that views the crimes of #Torture, #HumanTraffficking and #DomesticTerrorism as sport is a fair description of the Canadian judicial system in the cesspool that is its capital city: all divisions, no exceptions. Anyone who believes otherwise is either complicit or as naïve as I used to be … before attempting to divorce a sociopath in 2013 (see
    3. All that has happened since the Quebec-based file was re-initiated April 11 2022 is:
      1. On May 26 2022, La Boite and the Defendant filed a 1st Case Protocol (as noted at paragraph 9), in which they requested that the delay for the filing of the Joint Declaration for Setting Down for Trial and Judgment be extended to April 11, 2023[7], which was granted;
      2. As of April 10, 2023, the Plaintiff’s Authorization Forms proved useless (as noted at paragraph 14) except to serve as another effective delay tactic employed by the syndicate[8].
      3. On October 18, 2022, the Plaintiff’s attorneys filed a Notice to Cease Representation—her lawyer allegedly left La Boite.
      4. On November 23, 2022, the Defendant filed a Notice to Appoint Another Lawyer or to Self-Represent;
      5. On December 14, 2022, the Defendant confirmed that she would be Self-Representing in the present matter;
      6. On March 29, 2023, the Plaintiff’s Medical Chart at the Suroît Hospital, of which the Defendant already had a copy as noted at paragraph 14, was allegedly re-received by the Defendant;
    4. Given the steps which remain incomplete, the Defendant submits that it is impossible for the parties to put their files in order by the current deadline of April 11, 2023, for the following reason:
      1. Like the Defendant and previous counsel, her new counsel is also an accomplice of Kiska et al.
    5. Consequently, the Defendant is requesting a delay of three (3) months for the parties to file the Joint Declaration for Setting Down for Trial and Judgment.
    6. The parties have agreed on a modified Case Protocol which will be filed and presented with the present Application (see Tab R).
    7. The Defendant feels justified in requesting an extension of the filing of the Joint Declaration for Setting Down for Trial and Judgment despite being well aware that these proceedings have been and continue to be, among other things, a farce.
    8. This additional delay is a malicious obstruction of justice; accordingly, the Plaintiff views the Defendant’s actions as a crime in progress.
    9. The Plaintiff continues to suffer from prejudice; however, she will use the present Application to extend the delay to have the case set down for Trial and Judgment as evidence of the Defendant’s new counsel also willingly harbouring crime; whether it be granted by this Honourable Court or not;
    10. It is in the best interest of justice that the perpetrators identified in this Application be arrested and denied bail; however, should this Honourable Court choose to grant the present Application to extend the delay to have the case set down for Trial and Judgment the Plaintiff will gladly embrace the opportunity so that “beyond a reasonable doubt” can be even more
    11. The Defendant has continued to be negligent, indifferent and/or lax (at a minimum) for the past two years; meanwhile, the Plaintiff has been terrorized by Kiska’s other criminal court-related accomplices (see evidence against both the Ottawa, ON Crown and the St. John’s, NL Crown at
    12. Aside from evading any consequences for their collective actions and/or inactions, the goals of the Defendant are:
      1. to delay progress long enough for Ottawa SCJ to have the Plaintiff declared vexatious so that she cannot proceed with the second half of this action, the Kiska component, noted at paragraph 1 (see,
      2. to assist with the Plaintiff’s eventual homelessness and/or inability to purchase ink, paper, internet access etc. in order to continue in her never-ending divorce against Kiska,
      3. to attempt to trigger hopelessness, depression, anxiety and/or psychosis so Kiska can finally arrange to have the Plaintiff institutionalized for an actual mental condition versus all of the ones he has orchestrated/fabricated since 2013 (see CAS Appeal files in dropbox account:[REDACTED for publication as ILLEGALLY, UNLAWFULLY ORDERED by Ontario’s SCJ Jonathan Brunet and accomplices, Mike Boyce and Alyssa Jervis. See current 20220524 Probation Order at Criminal Justice, NL-Style and 30-minute oral testimony here:] and
      4. to further abuse and gaslight the Plaintiff’s children, Sean Kiska and Cate Kiska, who have been denied their mother’s love and protection from their sociopathic father, Kiska, and his other child-targeting accomplices for over four years.
    13. The present Application to extend the delay to have the case set down for Trial and Judgment is well founded in fact and in law, as is S. 21(1) of the Criminal Code of Canada: Parties to Offense.

    [1] Effectively, evidence of the Torture, Human Trafficking and Domestic Terrorism as well as other related crimes and torts committed and/or utilized to commit same.
    [2] Note that the date of the e-mail, April 6th is exactly the same date that the Plaintiff’s original claim was issued. It’s almost as if some software has logged the date of origination and the Defendant’s counsel has a “push notification” system which serves as a central “to-do list” maintained by a central database which is used to #Gangstalk all of its #TargetedIndividuals. Looking back, the level of co-ordination that this crime syndicate accomplishes for its ultimate pleasure (ie. attempted murder via suicide—a modern day “snuf film”, so to speak—is quite remarkable. Likely, there are also side bets for the day-month-year that a target will be eliminated and how.) See Note 8.
    [3] This is simply a threat/promise of re-hospitalization: the Plaintiff receives “cant”-disguised threats and mockery all the time. Some are viewable at in the #gangstalking tab at More samples available upon request.
    [4] See how they drafted that the Defence is not due until after “Examination” by the Defendant? It’s straight up mockery; not only of me but of the entire legal system. Court-enabled Fraud against Canadian taxpayers enables white-collar criminals to bury innocent people. As police chiefs and City Councillors are also complicit, they get away with it.
    [5] Who knows what these sociopaths meant by this one: the Plaintiff married impossible-to-divorce Kiska on July 22nd; so, it’s likely supposed to be some sort of foreshadowing about him seeking a summary judgment for the divorce so that she is never in a position to seek the damages to which she is permitted (see excerpt from her Amended Application at Tab N and the precedent-setting decision at Kiska v. Moore, 2017 ONSC 6872 as referred to in “Let’s support victims of domestic violence” at Tab O or here:
    [6] September 29th is Kiska’s birthday. See how bold and fearless these sociopaths are? The April Fool’s Day decision by Judge Heather Williams? The NCR Opinion + Eviction Scam + CAS court-napping all completed on April 8, 2019 (ie. 666, see page 12 of 20220407 Affidavit used to defend a Rule 21 Motion ruled by syndicate accomplice Justice Ryan Bell at Tab Q and partial evidence linked at
    [7] The Plaintiff has no idea why La Boite agreed to an extension: she has a few hunches though.
    [8] It’s possible that software developer Bruce Hatt (also involved with “Pur Investing”: 


    01 20210406  A    Statement of Claim, Deirdre Moore v. Paule Kemgni A   5 – 1
    02  20210623  B    Notice of Motion, Deirdre Moore v. McCarthy Tetrault B   5 – 2
    03 20220111  C    Motion Record Table of Contents, Deirdre Moore v. McCarthy Tetrault C   5 – 3
    04 20220401  D    ENDORSEMENT Heather Williams D   5 – 6
    05 20230221  E    RNC Police Report, Court-enabled Fraud, Family_REDACTED E yes   5 – 7
    06 20220408  F    Quebec-based CLAIM, La Boite, Paule Kemgni F   5 – 8
    07 20220525  G    Protocol 1, La Boite, McCarthy Tetrault, Paule Kemgni G   5 – 9
    08 20220816  H    Authorization Forms McCarthy Tetrault, Paule Kemgni H   5 – 10
    09 20221212  I    Rejection from La Boite_McCarthy Tetrault, Paule Kemgni I   5 – 11
    10 20220111  J    Factum of Moore_Motion to Stay, Paule Kemgni, Gowling WLG, Anne Tardif J   5 – 14
    11 20230406  K    Celeste Perrault-Levesque, McCarthy Tetrault lies, provides Delay Application K   5 – 15
    12 20230406  L    Draft Delay Application_Celeste Perrault-Levesque, McCarthy Tetrault, Paule Kemgni L   5 – 16
    13 20220406  M    Draft Protocol 2_Celeste Perrault-Levesque, McCarthy Tetrault, Paule Kemgni M   5 – 16
    14 20180111  N    Amended Answer_Kiska v. Moore_excerpt, damages sought N   Note 5
    15 20180825  O    Ottawa Citizen Letter to Editor re Domestic Violence, Victim Support, Deirdre Moore O   Note 5
    16 20230222  P    MOTION DISMISSED, COST AWARD_Bell Baker, Cheryl Hess, Lederer, Matheson, Copeland P   5 – 17
    17 20220407  Q    20220407 AFFIDAVIT_Rule 21 Motion_Deirdre Moore, Habib-Allah et al. Q   Note 6
    18 20230411  R    Protocol 2 revised by Deirdre Moore_Celeste Perrault-Levesque, McCarthy Tetrault R   5 – 23


                                                                                                                                                 Deirdre Moore / Andeé Jak

    20190408 > 12,12 > 3,3 > 6: So, three events detrimental to Moore with a “condensed date” of 6 so the sick&twisted sociopaths who run Ottawa can mark the occasion with their “666” like the good little Satanists that they are. Ottawa has been infiltrated with these little beasts: 

    Matheson is also guilty of participating in the denial of my 2021 appeal of the scandalous, illegally-obtained and unlawful CYFSA orders against me—evidence available is under password protection here as required.

    Note that this syndicate has links to international human targeting and human trafficking as described in Moore’s evidence-laden, voiced-over video available here:  

    Note that Matheson and his two judicial accomplices responsible for the denial of my CYFSA appeal had all of the documents contained in this list prior to illegally denying Moore’s appeal, as noted at footnote #12 above. The reasons for their decision document their clear involvement in #TDVCA.