Court-forced Case Conference: OPSB & Addelman Snir

20230509 Fortier decision: schedule everything via Canderly (& this info required a Case Conference? How to drive up costs for the perpetrators 101: What. A. Racket).

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Status of the Case pre-20230509 3:30 e.s.t.:

  1. SCJ has decided that OPSB should piggy-back the Addelman-Snir Case Conference (see insert #1):
    • the former has brought an application to have me declared vexatious in order to avoid Discovery that would evidence their torts (and crimes) and
    • the later is intending to have my case dismissed via another Rule 21 Motion laden with errors, omissions, malicious obfuscation + a crooked judge.


  1. The OPSB Application schedule issued by Master Fortier is:
    • 20230707 OPSB Motion Record is due
    • 20230806 My responding affidavits are due
    • 20230925 Factums (limited to 20 pages) are to be exchanged
    • 20230928 Confirmation of Motion due by 2:00 p.m.
    • 20231005 OPSB Motion to be heard
  2. The OPSB is already well aware that they’re lying.: they don’t care as the Mayor of Ottawa would like to bury me & I know why: I’m exposing #HumanTrafficking & #OrganHarvesting as well as other court-enabled crime occurring throughout Canada.
  3. I attempted to bring an Express Motion so I could obtain complete, unredacted 3rd party records to further evidence the degree to which OPSB is lying; however, I was denied an express Motion (see insert #2).So, I’ll try to schedule a regular Motion today. My motion materials were already done, served & filed 20230419 & simply need to be re-printed, served & filed.
  4. As everything is digitized, provision of unredacted files should be simple; however, career criminals who operate as child protection, law enforcement, Crown prosecution and judicial services will not want to this evidence to see the light of day.


  1. 20230213  Snir served his Statement of Defense: it was full of lies and allegations about my mental health as partially evidenced in this work-in-progress EO&MO.
  2. Addelman missed the deadline for filing his Defense (with no reasonable excuse, only delays due to vacations); but, revealed that he intends to have my case dismissed via a Rule 21 Motion (see para. #   of 2023mmdd illegally served Defense).
  3. Rule 21 Motions are the way in which lawyers convert valid civil actions into cost awards for the perpetrators:
    • Inserted image #3 highlights how ridiculous some SCJ decisions can be. More details under subheading 2021 at Justice Sally Gomery‘s VIS page.
    • 20231005 OPSB Motion to be heard
  4. I requested a Summary Judgment (redacted version here and online version is here) against Addelman as permitted by the Rules and Snir as permitted with judges discretion. My request was, however, rejected and converted into this Case Conference.
  5. Meanwhile, O’Brien threatened that I must either set aside the default or he’d bring a motion to have it set aside … with costs payable immediately … so he could bring a Rule 21 Motion (as admitted at paras. 10-18 in his late, illegally-served, EO&MO-laden Statement of Defence). Proving that Addelman is lying is simple, as evidenced at work-in-progress SAQOTU Documentary.
  6. I don’t respond to threats (see OPSB extortion evidenced on page 2 here).
  7. O’Brien’s Motion is scheduled to be heard 20230608 at 10:00 as per their 20230404 Motion Record.
  8. I was prevent by the court from filing any Summary Judgment-related documents for this forced Case Management Conference. For justice to be remotely possible, a Summary Judgment decision should be made well in advance of Addelman’s scandalous 20230608 Motion.

Statute-barred? Hardly.

  • Snir was not “self-released” until 20200827 during an illegally heard, unlawful motion in Family Court.
  • The Addelman-coerced, scandalous ROMHC psych assessment was not released to me by co-accomplice Malcolm Savage until I was re-arrested September 2020.
  • The Statement of Claim originated 20220729.
  • This same game was played by co-Defendant 
    Lamah El-Rayes who, like all of the c-defendants who stole all of my and my children’s treasured possessions, lied in order to argue that my claim was statute-barred (see insert #4 and click to see excerpt from Justice Ryan Bell’s scandalous decision). 

Insufficient pleading?

  • Obviously, if court-enabled Fraud is never remedied, it’s impossible for me to hire a legitimate lawyer, if any exist, for assistance. 🙄 

See work-in-progress Michele Blais‘ for evidence that lawyers are simply sociopaths, demons and/or simulants without any conscience left whatsoever.

Excerpt from scandalous 20211220 decision from Ontario’s Divisional Court’s Perell, Matheson and Kristjanson, JJ:

“[268]  Apart from the divided success, in any event, I would not have awarded costs against D.M. In her pursuit of access to justice, she is impeded by her mental illness and a costs award against an impecunious, homeless and impeded litigant is not in the interests of justice and would just be cold-hearted, meaningless, and just mean.”

Who’s going to haul these demons from Ontario’s Superior Court of Justice? Anyone? You think they’re just enabling fraud? Nope. #HumanTrafficking #Torture #OrganHarvesting Who will be there when they come for you & yours? No one.

#1  2-in-1 Case Conference

#2  Rejection of Express Motion

#3  Justice Sally Gomery

20210224 Pure SCJ Evil which continues as evidenced 20230508 perpetually at pfi.ROCKS

For more evidence against the Eviction Scam component of this crime syndicate, view Justice Ryan Bell‘s VIS page.


Moore’s first book idea “How I Bullied the Bully out of my Husband” + an excerpt from Moore’s 2013 experience with the industry that is “Sick-mind Fraud”.