Ottawa’s Superior Court of Justice

Justice Heather Williams

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In a nutshell:

  • En route to a CAS hearing on March 14, 2019, I was falsely accused of “Flight from Peace Officer” in the Province of Quebec.
  • Though being released by QPP initially, crooked RCMP officer FName LName simply re-handcuffed me and brought me to a different QPP station that would press charges.
  • During my Bail Hearing, crooked Quebec Crown Patric Cardinal requested a “Fitness to Stand Trial” assessment, alleging I was mentally ill—the popular go-to for this crime syndicate given the number of crooked psychiatrists that exist. (See work-in-progress article “Can….” ).
  • So, I was shipped off to Suroit Hospital for an “Independent Psychological Evaluation” and assigned to Dr. Paule Kemgni, fresh out of med school.
  • She chose to ignore me for the full 21-day period during which:
    • My house was emptied without my knowledge in an eviction scam & I lost everything I owned which was worth about $500,000 although most of my wardrobe was irreplaceable and my art, jewelry and memorabilia from motherhood …. priceless. Sean’s theatrical mask collection and his favourite clothes were stolen as well all of Cate’s treasured belongings, clothes and art supplies. (see SCJ Judge Ryan Bell) (Demented ex, John Kiska of Ottawa, was well aware of the theft & even gloated about it after the fact.)
    •  Kiska & his other accomplices at the CAS and the Superior Court of Justice (see SCJ Judge Calum MacLeod) illegally jammed through a “Final Protection Order” in favour of abusive parent & fraudster Kiska.
  • Then, instead of a Fitness to Stand Trial Assessment, she produced an NCR Assessment based ENTIRELY on the hearsay of Kiska (and his now-deceased companion sister) … even though I had not been found guilty of any crime.
  • Judge Joey Dubois ignored the NCR opinion, I self-represented at my criminal trial after six weeks of detention.
  • Without access to the internet, a copy of the Criminal Code of Canada or even a copy of my charges OR any disclosure from the Crown whatsoever, I cross-examined crooked RCMP FName LName and was acquitted.
  • As of 20221213, no one will provide me with ANY details of that arrest or trial. My only evidence that I was ever imprisoned is contained in these memos which I managed to smuggle out of Laval Prison.

Photograph of Justice Heather Williams is currently unavailable.

“Can a woman be a misogynist? Absolutely. Ontario’s Superior Court of Justice is loaded with them. Liberal Cabinet Minister #DavidLametti makes sure of it!” 

   ~ Deirdre Moore, business owner, (former) CFA, BBA) & childless mother of two.


  • My Quebec-based lawyer left the firm and let me know that my next hearing would be in January.
  • I decided to save some cash by self-representing until all of the third-party documents that were requested arrived: they are listed here and would contain massive amounts of evidence against the entire Syndicate.
  • Of course, the CAS refused to obey the request, sending only my medical files (redacted) and not the full, incriminating, child abuse/abduction file (unredacted).
  • I alerted opposing counsel immediately of their error but received no reply.
  • At some point, I received a Notice of Protocol from them .. but was busy with the Crown Attorney’s Office branch of the crime syndicate.
  • As of 20221213, I am attempting to provide Notice that I am self-representing. Coincidentally, Kemgni’s lawyer contact me about next steps: this was my reply.


For details the other two crimes committed on April 8, 2019 (4+8,2+10>12,12>3,3>6) so crime syndicate could chuckle at the “666” see:

  • Calum MacLeod
  • Paule Kemgni

Feel free to request a copies of any and all court documents by sending to me an e-mail at


Guidance for Law Enforcement


  1. S. 21(1) > Parties to Offence (link to page that lists each criminal he has assisted to commit a crime)
  2. S. 23(1) > Accessory after the fact (X counts: link to page that lists each criminal she has assisted to commit a crime)
  3. S. 380(1)(b) Fraud (X counts)
  4. S. 300/301 Defamatory Libel (X counts)
  5. S. 366 Forgery (0 counts)
  6. S. 137 Fabricated Evidence (X counts)
  7. S. XXX False Affidavit (X counts)
  8. S. 131 Perjury (X counts)
  9. S. 126 Disobeying a Statute (X counts)
  10. S. 264 Criminal Harassment (X counts: link to page that lists each criminal she has assisted to commit a crime)
  11. S. 139(1) > Obstruction of Justice (X counts)
  12. S. 465(1)(b) Conspiracy to Prosecute
  13. S. 83.18 > Terrorist Activities || See also S. 83.01 (1) for definition/clarity

Guidance for Other Victims of Taxpayer-funded Domestic Violence & Child Abuse (#TDVCA)


  1. Negligence: _.
  2. Defamation: _.
  3. Breach in fiduciary duty: _.
  4. Knowing assistance in breach in fiduciary duty: _.
  5. Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress against me: _.
  6. Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress against me: _.
  7. Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress against Sean and/or Cate: _.
  8. Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress against Sean and/or Cate: _.
  9. Malice
  10. Unjust Enrichment


    1. ________:
    2. ________:


It will be difficult to itemize the irreparable harm that this judge has caused me and my two children by ignoring my evidence and testimony regarding the 2019 unlawful psychiatric detention & Mis-diagnosis: we are still paying the price today.

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Justice Heather Williams – Transcript
Justice Heather Williams – Decision (April Fool’s!)
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