Another “Case Management Conference” 

20230919’s Continuation of Taxpayer-funded, court-enabled, cop-complicit Torture, Trafficking & Terrorism

Event: Case conference for OPSB’s CV-23-91267 Vexatious Application

Time: 12:00 noon, e.s.t. via Zoom

SCJvirtual courtroom214 is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Associate Justice Fortier – Daily Hearings

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or 1 855 703 8985 Canada Toll-free

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Meeting ID: 649 9110 3097 Passcode: 995123

Presiding Judicial Official: Marie T. Fortier

Opposing counsel: BLG’s Michelle Doody



Required Counsel Slip (Doody didn’t submit one: they’d prefer this hearing didn’t occur either. So, I submitted one on 20230919. Now, the powers that be will decide whether or not they will continue to double-down on their bet that I am working alone … and prevent the matter from being heard.

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My speaking notes*

OPSB Factum para 2 > “OPSB provided Affidavit of docs & Schedule A” FALSE (see:
20230830 Factum 14-SEP-12 para. 19 (where is their evidence that they properly served any such accurate document? They didn’t. Also, other docs are NOT privileged NOR irrelevant, they simply evidence OPSB guilt)
20230803 Affidavit #2 para. 3 exhibits D:
p 234 re Paradis,
p 295 re assault by Schock,
p 471 re Kiska & Kemgni collusion,
p 473-477 Kiska & CAS collusion
p 479-480 Kiska & Crown collusion (tiny sample)
p 487 Eviction Scam & OPSB collusion (crime deemed civil)
*Another* crime deemed civil this year! See 20230719 Affidavit #1 ex B p 895-904
220230808 Affidavit #4 exhibit B p 18-50 re Gomery decision, cost award
220230808 Affidavit #4 exhibit D re cross examinations … which never occurred despite my best efforts

OPSB Factum para 9 > Failed to mention OPSB &/or BLG attempted extortion (ie. Drop this action against us or we’ll bring a motion to have ALL of your actions discontinued AND prevent you from bringing further actions): this is why BLG records are required. Who initiated the extortion? See BLG’s 20220519 e-mail in Affidavit #2 Exhibit D p552

*left over from 20230914’s obfuscated hearing that never happened as I was locked out of court via technology games (see promoted-crooked-lawyer-who-now-has-immunity Narissa Somji)

Doody’s lies

to be completed

Fortier’s bias

to be completed