Shelene Crawley

Enter stage left: “The Landlady”

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Shelene uploaded this picture to her Facebook account on September 8, 2023; the day I moved to The Gathering Place emergency shelter. Pleased with her accomplishment, she could not resist updating her “friends“.

September 6, 2023: the note Shelene wrote on the first page of my five-province tour book … before she learned that I had found a buyer for my mini-office furniture & accessories.

Compare ↑that note↑ she wrote to her ↓text↓ on 20230913 as she confidently keeps the last of my money and belongings and 

… threatens police action …


… and tell me that Shelene isn’t just as much of a covert, malignant narcissist as my impossible-to-divorce husband, John Kiska.

The $5,600 Balance

I fled from Ottawa in July 2022 and headed east hoping to find a safe place to whistle-blow on Canada (see #Mummygate, the Darkumentary). I was “guided” to head to the Maritimes and settled on Newfoundland & Labrador (“NL”), a province I had always wanted to visit.

I answered an advertisement posted on Kijiji: room for rent, $700, Paradise NL and forwarded to the homeowner, Shelene Crawley (“Shelene”), the $700 last month’s rent to secure the room prior to beginning my four-day journey. Items I sold in order to fund the trip were:

  • an awesome home gym from Fitness Depot for $1,500+ and
  • an awesome apartment-sized piano from Steve’s Music for $1,000+.

Everything that didn’t fit into the rented SUV, I gave away (insert pictures of water cooler, bookshelves, bunkbed, etc). (Link to Enterprise car dealership who were spectacular, spectacular!)

As of September 15, 2023, 13.5 months later, I can confidently state that NL is no better than the cesspool of Ontario.

Meet Shelene

For Part I: see full 20230628-20230913 thread with printable pdf version and additional resources regarding narcissists and the narcissistic cycle of abuse.

Part II: After my announcement that I had found a buyer for my furniture, the demon managing Shelene revealed a little more of itself:


DM (20230912) Never indicated any such thing as I am not a gang-stalker, a common thief or a pathological liar. Kindly return them to the top of my coffee cart, take a photo & send it to me. Once they’re removed (along with all of my other belongings), I will deduct the $100 from the $4,800 (less the $800 to replace your old bed) that you owe me; and, only sue you for $3,900. I’ll await the photo and then arrange for the removal of all items as you requested. Then, I’ll need to turn off my phone: big meeting tomorrow & I need to work on a new article. Sorry. Verily, Deirdre Moore

DM (20230913) Sorry. Forgot to deduct the $395 = tax that I was going to pay to have the room treated properly before you asked me to cancel the appointment, $454.25, and began your hilarious self-incriminating performance. Assuming ALL of my items are in the condition I left them when they’re collected, $3445.75 + costs will be the amount of my claim. Or, you can keep it all, e-transfer $4,000 to me andn absorb anything else from the extra $1,200 I paid to you in rent voluntarily from August 2023-July 2023. What’s your opinion on fraudsters/thieves being permitted to be landlords? (This will be an excellent addition to out “Understanding Predators” page.)

SC This is crazy. I’m contacting the police now. For harassment1. You are out of my home due to multiple reasons. Including bed bug infestation. You may be accustomed to this way of life as you stated , but I certainly am not. Do not contact me again!!

1 If true, Shelene is also guilty of violating S. 465 (1)(b) of Criminal Code of Canada: Conspiracy to Prosecute … as well as the Fraud (bed bug-related) and Theft (mini-office related). (An organized stalking & harassment participant aka gang-stalker? Only legitimate law enforcement could prove that. Sadly, it seems that Newfoundland doesn’t have any of that either: meet John Goss.


Next Steps

RNC Report #5 re SC’s violation of S. 334 (b) of the Criminal Code of Canada (“CCC“): Theft under $5,000

Anti-social Personality Disorder

Small Claims Court in NL: a simple process

Of course, I already suspected that Shelene was a gang-stalker and even reported her to RNC on 20230125.

20230915 I responded to another RNC cop who refuses to investigate organized crime: Sgt J.W. Goss. Not only did he ignore my testimony and evidence, Goss effectively threatened police action for my exposure of his involvement in crime (see 20230919 thinly-veiled threat). Clearly, Goss isn’t familiar with S. 21(1)(b) of the Criminal, Parties to Offense, which dictates that I must attempt to expose this taxpayer-funded crime syndicate.

This woman’s father was well-respected and wealthy: he passed recently and now her mother must deal with his estate. If Shelene is so cold, heartless and conscience-free that she would enjoy forcing me onto the streets, what are the odds that she will covertly contribute to the early demise of her mother? My $20? 100%. Welcome to preventable elder abuse, Sgt. Goss. 

My mini-home office that Shelene effectively stole (excl. the tech which I managed to pack).

My breakfast cart that Shelene effectively stole

Two sapphire cushions & faux leather breakfast tray that Shelene effectively stole (picture not currently available as Shelene wouldn’t provide one.)

Sociopaths are excellent at mimicking compassion: some have been doing it their entire lives. On the surface, they present as “normal”:

That which lies beneath the surface, however, is incredibly wicked:

For more information on sociopathy and other related materials, see Understanding Predators.