Psychiatry: the Good, the Bad and the really, really Ugly

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Questioning current beliefs

  1. Understanding Predators
  2. 2020 Canadian Domestic Violence Conference
  3. (draft assessment template) Common Characteristics of Narcissists & Malignant Narcissists (i.e. high-functioning sociopaths)
  4. (outline) Descending into Sociopathy
  5. Defence Mechanisms from the DSM IV
  6. (outline) Employing “Socratic Questioning  to assist family & friends in unwinding a delusion (or complete psychotic break: See #4 for spectrum of defence mechanisms)
  7. Defending yourself against psychological operations by EX-Twitverse user @Kairon01 
  8. Interviews with Jerry Marzinsky:
    1. 2022 “Psychic Parasites, Pharma & the Fraud of Psychiatry” by Eyes Wide Open (01:41:04)
    2. 20220729 “Psychiatric Whistleblower & Truth about Schizophrenia” by XtremeRealityCheck    (01:58:41)
  9. Epiphany regarding Canadian LSATs & MCATs
  10. Terrifying PhD dissertations collected from Wayne State University (see pages 3-9)
  11. (Draft article from 2019: pre-knowledge of Christ): The Myth we call Psychiatry
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Local Weaponization of Psychiatry

  1. NCR Opinions to:
  2. Use of psychotropics to:
    • drug children to enable endoctrination
    • gaslight empaths+ to disable spiritual awareness
    • perpetuate otherwise unnecessary “social services”/government bureaucracy/dependency
    • reduce life expectancy 
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Acknowledging “Sick-mind Fraud”*

*Really, the parasitic, predator class couldn’t have made it more obvious.

Karaoke Cover “50 Ways to [***] You Over“!

True horror under the guise of “research” for the American Psychiatric Association (2019)

SAQOTU Inc. attended this event in 2019 and was mortified by that which was being planned by the demonic field of psychiatry.

Sadly, I wasn’t able to explore the research being celebrated as much as I would have liked as the organizer insisted that I remain at my booth the entire time. This prevented me from attending Keynote presentations by the likes of Dr. FName Nordstrum who, I believe, was responsible for the suspension of my second LinkedIn account as I could easily refute her so-called leading edge protocol for Emergency Psychiatric Wards. (Insert link to 2017 Factum that was used to obtain precedent-setting decision for victims of domestic violence.)

Insert scrollbox to link to number of crooked psychiatrists of which I am currently aware including Dr. Paule Kemgni and Dr. Zeynep Selaman.

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Special Section

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New Research

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