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pfc.ROCKS August 20-21, 2021!

Last updated: August 21, 2021 at 10:56 p.m. EST 

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  1. CDC: Increased risk of disease if “vaccinated” (i.e. injected) early: HERE
  2. Doctors warned the CDC: HERE
  3. CDC’s Smoke & Mirrors: sick within 13 days and 23 hours of being injected? Counted as “unvaccinated” in the hospitals: HERE
  4. Houston nurses fired for refusing injection: HERE
  5. Another doctor says “the vaccinated are a threat to us all”: HERE
  6. Children are terrified, and rightfully so: HERE
  7. Children tortured: meanwhile, the robots get to play: HERE
  8. Australia: herding 24,000 high-schoolers for Pfizer injection: HERE
  9. Australia: Bigger fines & a 5-km limit from your home: HERE
  10. Lukas Lion’s excellent rap video 1984: HERE 


After Tweet Blast, more content was collected:

  1. 20210819: Trudeau confirms he hasn’t a brain in his head (or has ulterior motives): HERE
  2. 20210820: Canadian banks demonstrate that they are complicit by forcing trial injections on their employees: HERE
  3. 20210820: A “must watch” to understand what is really going on. Financial Expert and former White House Official, Catherine Austin Fitts, reveals how the central banking system has utilized economic turmoil during the #Covid19 pandemic  to advance a plan to centralize wealth, reengineer the financial system and what we can do to stop it: HERE
  4. “Silent War”, a song by Five Times August: HERE
  5. TikTok dance: waking up to rap of “Situational Design”: HERE
  6. Australia breaks through police line: HERE
  7. “In a real pandemic, nurses would be …” : HERE
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