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pfc.ROCKS/WW3/ on August 22, 2021!

Last updated: August 23, 2021 at 10:10 a.m. EST 

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U.K. woman knew this was worth saving! Even has Gates’ mug on it.

What is important?

A. Understanding what is being OBSERVED seems important.

  1. If it was a real pandemic, they would be hiring nurses, NOT firing them. Also, …
  2. Another nurse speaks out
  3. Dr. Malone: “There’s a whole lot that just doesn’t make ANY sense.
  4. Pregnant? Why was the CDC recommendation released one day before Pfizer’s acknowledgement?
  5. Bloomberg: “Growing concern that vaccinated people may be MORE vulnerable to serious disease”
  6. The reason why authorities are so desperate to make sure every man, woman and child  gets the Covid-19 Vaccine?
  7. The reason why authorities were procuring a 4-year body storage service in the U.K.  in June 2021?
  8. Click on the image to the right to see cardboard hospital beds/coffins being produced in Colombia.

Cardboard Hospital Beds that convert to coffins if the patient dies …

B. France’s weekly mass protests and Australia on the brink of a coup on a government that is clearly mad seems important.

  1. On August 21, 2021 France again came out in numbers
  2. On August 21, 2021 Australia broke through police barriers
  3. On August 22, 2021, Prime Minister Scott Morrison literally threatened Australian citizens with police brutality
  4. OLD RELEASE: More on the madness of Scott Morrison is available HERE
  5. On August 22, 2021n: Aussie protester takes to horseback to rally the troops
  6. In Australia, testing positive for COVID now leads to a warrant for your arrest (even though we already know that the tests don’t work and were actually a carcinogen)
  7. After the senseless murder of dogs over the weekend, one has to ask: “Is Australia a Milgram experiment?”


C. That masks do not work and are possibly making us sick seems important.

  1. What did the parents learn when they sent their children’s masks in for  ANALYSIS?
  2. “Respiratory pathogens on the outer surface of the used medical masks may result in  self-contamination
  3. OLD RELEASE: George Christenson, Member of Parliament, Queensland Australia:  “Masks don’t work!”
  4. OLD RELEASE: As vaper demonstrates: “Masks don’t work!”


D. Other previously unimportant people, practices &/or facts now seem important.

  1. “My real specialty is Artificial Intelligence, robotics and re-defining what human beings will be in the future.”
  2. If a person becomes ill within 13 days and 23 hours of being injected, they are deemed to be UNVACCINATED and their illness and/or death is reported as such.
  3. That in April 2021, the United Nations elected  IRAN for a four-year term on the Commission on the Status of Women!
  4. It’s official: despite evidence that the Pfizer injection should have been pulled long ago,  FDA approved it today. They are also complicit.
  5. “Things happened very slowly .. when we had to wear the yellow star … we started to worry.
  6. “So you think everyone who’s had the [injection] will die because of it?”  No, I do not believe that …



The fact that many of us are becoming more aware of the agenda? Also important.

COVID-inspired Dance Moves

“Situational Design” TikTok Dance by [insert when known]

COVID-inspired Independent Film

“What’s Up Neighbour” Indie film by [insert when known]