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pfc.ROCKS/WW3/ on August 23, 2021!

Last updated: August 24, 2021 at 10:41 a.m. EST 

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What did we SEE or REALIZE yesterday?

A. Australia could have its government overthrown (unless China steps in) (Yes, I just said that out loud.)

  1. Authorities: “If you don’t want [the injection], stay home. Don’t go out.
  2. They are killing rescue dogs
  3. They are torturing and poisoning children.
  4. This truckie has had enough: he wants to shut down the country
  5. Truckies Unite posters have been printed. Date is set for August 31st.
  6. This truckie has delivered the ultimatim gets the Covid-19 Vaccine?
  7. Member of Parliament George Christensen will stand behind them 

Australian child held in quarantine forced to endure multiple poisonous PCR tests that do ZERO to detect COVID

B. Protests continue throughout the United Kingdom as governments seek more control.

  1. Scotland wants to make lockdown measures permanent
  2. London reporter speaks up on  police-enabled rape of young girls
  3. London protesters against “covid passports” storm Google HQ
  4. GBNews interviews London  Extinction Rebellion (“XR”) Protestor (BBC covers nothing.)
  5. London XR protestors bring London traffic to a stand-still
  6. London XR protestors shut down a road 
  7. London police prepare to remove XR protestors
  8. British law enforcement and government mocked by its citizens


C. Pfizer’s injection formula was “approved” by the U.S. Federal Drug Administration (“FDA”) so we now have “beyond a reasonable doubt” on someone there.

    1. “The FDA should demand adequate, controlled studies with long term follow up and make data publicly available  BEFORE granting full approval to COVID-19 [injections]”, says Peter Doshiin.
    2. Pfizer’s injection formula has been “approved” by the FDA; but, only for those 16 and over
    3. Obvious  conflict of interest for those who approve drugs at the FDA.
    4. Disease and death count of those injected is being under-reported: fall ill or die within 13 days and 23 hours of being injected and you are deemed UNvaccinated
    5. A 2-minute video primer on Antibody Dependent Enhancement for those short on time.
    6. A curious study that needs to be vetted: Transmission of SARS-CoV-2 Delta Variant Among Vaccinated Healthcare Workers, Vietnam.
    7. CEO of Pfizer Albert Bourla says he won’t take the [injection] his own company made!
    8. Compare CDC statements over time? Just like my ex: nothing but lies & contradictions
    9. Meanwhile, California Bill seeks JAIL TIME for people who protest vaccination sites including hospitals.
    10. 90-minute interview: Reicher Fuellmich with Whitney Webb on re-designing healthcare using AI and much, much more

Who do you think funds

Click image to hear the Global Finance Network explained in  under two minutes 

“If you think that we were waiting for it to be approved, you’re an idiot.”

Click to hear 97 seconds of common sense. “We Don’t Trust ANY of You” 20210823 TikTok by [insert when known]


D. Miscellaneous

  1. My Tweet to a parent preparing to make a presentation to the school board
  2. Just my opinion on why people still want the injection: “their under-developed defense mechanism is preventing them from acknowledging facts
  3. RE-POST “Thing happened very slowly .. when we had to wear the yellow star… we started to worry.”
  4. RE-POST “So you think everyone who’s had the [injection] will die because of it?”  No, I do not believe that …
  5. Trailer for British Director Adam Mason’s new COVID-inspired film  Songbird



COVID-inspired Dance Moves

“Situational Design” TikTok Dance by [insert when known]

COVID-inspired Independent Film

“What’s Up Neighbour” Indie film by [insert when known]